co-operative Xest’s New Range of Low Energy Radiators and Heated Blankets Ensure Comfort and Safety as Winter Approaches

co-operative Xest’s New Range of Low Energy Radiators and Heated Blankets Ensure Comfort and Safety as Winter Approaches.

co-operative Xest’s range of helpful home accessories and products to make everyday life easier has now expanded in time for the onset of winter, with low-energy heated blankets and radiators to keep people warm without the increased heating bills.

With the winter months fast approaching, household products retailer co-operative Xest has expanded its own range of heated blankets and radiators that are low-energy usage and perfect for frequent use without causing worry about heightened heating bills.

In the winter, many people feel the cold more than other months and it can lead to discomfort when trying to get to sleep or simply being in the home. There has been a reluctance to use some heating products in the past due to their increased energy use, which can make the winter one of the most expensive periods of the year.

The elderly, in particular, are often affected by the cold and it can lead to health complications if their homes are too cold.

Speaking about the new range of low-energy heated blankets and radiators, Andrea Dipple, marketing manager at Southern co-ops, said “One of the key concerns many of our customers have had is the additional cost incurred by using helpful items such as Luxury Heated Blankets.

“On particularly cold nights these items may need to be left on for many hours, leading to an increased electricity bill. With these new low-energy usage versions now available at co-operative Xest, it will surely prompt many more people to buy and enjoy a more comfortable and safer winter.”

The Intelliheat Luxury Heated Over Blankets, for example, have six intelligent temperature settings that adjust automatically to ensure maximum comfort when in bed, throughout the night.

co-operative Xest also sells a wide range of Mobility Aids and other products which can help around the home, all available to purchase online and with free delivery on orders over £30.

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co-operative Xest Says Essential Regular Exercise Is Accessible To All

Following a recent report by health experts stating that even just 15 minutes of exercise a day can significantly improve your wellbeing and life expectancy, co-operative Xest has spoken out to remind people that exercise is possible for people of all abilities and ages.

The results of research published by medical journal The Lancet, which reviewed the activities, behaviours and health of more than 400,000 people in Taiwan, revealed that 90 minutes of moderate exercise per week can help people to live for three years longer.

Similar data in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine hinted that a lazy lifestyle, including six hours a day sitting motionless in front of the television, can reduce life expectancy by five years.

It is therefore important for people to incorporate exercise into their daily routine wherever and whenever possible – even if it is during that time spent watching television. It is especially vital that those with limited mobility take note of this, as such exercises can also improve problems with circulation and related conditions.

co-operative Xest Managing Director, Andrea Dipple said: “There are numerous exercises that can be done while sitting down, using equipment such as a Seated Pedal Exerciser. This allows the user to secure their feet into pedals and rotate in a cycling action, with variable resistance. Minimal assembly is required and it is easy to move around into convenient places.

“For those at risk or suffering from circulation problems, we recommend the Deep Vein Thrombosis Airogym Exerciser, which has a simple design created by an airline captain for use during long flights. It consists of two air compartments which can be inflated orally and can be used to exercise the calf muscles.”

According to updated advice offered by the UK government, a couple of 10-minute sessions of this kind of activity per day – or a 30-minute session on five days each week – could have a very positive impact on a person’s health. It may also gradually encourage them to be more daring with their exercise regime and build it up as they become stronger.

co-operative Xest also supplies shower seats for those with mobility difficulties, alongside a wide range of other products designed for people who want to make their everyday lives easier.

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co-operative Xest Supporting International Left-handed Day with A Number of Lefty Product

On August the 13th the world celebrates everything left-handed and this year the Co-operative Xest site is lending a hand to lefties with a number of left-handed mobility aids and home products.

International Left-handed Day is the one day of the year where left-handed people are recognised and appreciated in an arguably right-handed biased world. Left-handed products can be difficult to find in most common high street stores and can make many tasks uncomfortable or unnatural for the average left-handed person.

This is where co-operative Xest has stepped in to highlight the many products that can make being left-handed easier and more comfortable from left-handed walking sticks to specialist cutlery designed with the left-handed person in mind.

The company that specialises in helpful products that make every day life easier understands many situations where difficulties could arise from something as seemingly small such as opening jam jars, to providing support and stability via walking sticks and walkers for those who are unsteady on their feet.

As Andrea Dipple, Managing Director at co-operative Xest mentions, left-handed people are much less of a minority these days and there is a definite call for left-handed products;

“There is much more demand these days for left-handed products whether they are left-handed scissors that are less laborious to use or left-handed walking sticks that help to support the body’s weight comfortably.

“There are many high profile left-handed personalities ranging from US President Barack Obama to author Lewis Carroll and actor Robert DeNiro. But as well as the more famous left-handed people it is estimated 10% of the world’s population is left-handed.

Andrea added, “this is why here at co-operative Xest we have made sure to stock a wide range of left-handed products that ensure left-handed people are not inconvenienced or have to adapt to right-handed products that may not feel natural or even comfortable to use”

With a number of left-handed and multi use products that suit left and right-handed people available on site as well as one handed products for those with disabilities or dexterity issues then it makes co-operative Xest a welcome resource for many different people.

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