Foodstuffs North Island: New Zealand summer stonefruit season is here!

The summer stonefruit season is only 10 weeks long, from mid-December to March, but New Zealanders certainly make the most of it.

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Dec-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — Figures from Summerfruit NZ show that in the 2016-17 season, New Zealanders consumed 4,064 tonnes of nectarines; 3,579 tonnes of peaches; 2,366 tonnes of plums; 1,737 tonnes of apricots and 1,683 tonnes of cherries.

Export volumes are much lower – apart from cherries, which do well in Asian countries. Around 66% of New Zealand’s cherries are exported – some 3,396 tonnes last year.
“Stonefruit is very much a summer product, and there’s a sense of urgency about it, because by the end of March it’s all gone,” Chairman of the Yummy Fruit Company John Paynter says. “When the weather is warm, people love summerfruit, it sells so well.”

Over those 10 weeks, the Yummy Fruit Company produces 2 million kilos of stonefruit from its Hawkes Bay orchards. Of this, 70 percent is sold through Foodstuffs’ supermarkets – New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the Yummy Fruit Company,” Foodstuffs North Island’s GM Merchandise David Stewart says. “The quality of the stonefruit they provide us with is superb – our customers really look forward to it,” he says.

John Paynter and his sons are the fourth and fifth generation of Paynters to be involved in this family business.

“My family started growing fruit in Nelson in 1862, so that’s 155 years. I founded the Yummy brand in 1974. It’s a story of survival really. You don’t do this for the money – if you didn’t enjoy it, it would be really hard work. I have 100 people on my role of honour, who’ve been with the company for five years or more. There are some who’ve been with us for 40 years. The corporate knowledge is immense. You learn it on the job, it’s not something you learn at university. They are unbelievably dedicated people, and I want all of them to treat the business as if they own it.

“Our staff work six days a week over the summer, and long hours. The vagaries of the weather affect the dynamics of the business. You can have the best-laid plans, and then it’s wet in the morning. So our staff have to be very dedicated.

“During the harvest we have up to 600 people working for us, and 300 in the off-season. Some come back to work for us every season.

“Most of my friends are retired, but I still enjoy what I do. I still do a lot of store visits myself. Last year, we did 100 around Auckland. I know all the produce managers and they know me.

“A stonefruit tree lasts 15 years, so every year we produce new trees in our company nursery.

The company has eight orchard operations covering some 600ha of the Heretaunga Plains.
“When I started in the business, we only had five hectares,” John says.
“We are always combing the world for new varieties of nectarines from Europe and America to bring to New Zealand. It takes 10 years to get it into production from when we first see it. We’re always looking for better taste, bigger fruit and nicer colours – all the things that appeal to consumers.

“In the last few years we’ve introduced nectarines with different flavour profiles and colourings. We have a range of yellow and white flesh nectarines. Some of them taste like the nectarines of old – these are our Classic range. Then there are our sweeter nectarines – our Hunny range – which are not as tart. They have a broad appeal and are now our number one stonefruit product. We also have white flesh pearl nectarines.”

Schoolchildren know the Yummy brand well, because they can collect the Yummy stickers from their fruit on behalf of their school. The schools then exchange the stickers for new sports equipment every year.

John Paynter and his team are hoping for a long, hot Auckland summer.
“When the weather is warm in Auckland, summer fruit sells really well. It’s such a great feeling when you can’t keep the retail shelves full.”


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Foodstuffs North Island Limited appoints David Stewart as General Manager Merchandise

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Jul-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island Limited has announced the appointment of David Stewart as General Manager Merchandise – a transition that follows six successful years as Chief Financial Officer with the co-operative.

Foodstuffs North Island’s CEO Chris Quin says Stewart has done an “outstanding job” as a CFO, first for Foodstuffs Auckland Ltd, and most recently Foodstuffs North Island.

“Our co-op is in excellent financial health,” says Quin. “Our auditors have confirmed to the board that the performance of our commercial operation’s team is right up there with the best, and there’s no doubt that David’s leadership has been a key factor in this.”

“We’re now entering an exciting time for the merchandise team, and under David’s direction we will continue to employ effective and integrated merchandise practices that will enrich our customer’s retail experience.”

“David’s strategic thinking, commercial acumen and strong leadership will be hugely beneficial in making shopping easier for customers, saving them time while innovating to provide inspiration about what to buy via the channel that’s most convenient for them.”

For his part, Stewart says he’s enjoying the shift in focus away from raw figures to consumer trends.

“In essence, my new role is all about ensuring we’re stocking the products our customers want,” says Stewart. “That means identifying early on where they may be shifting their spending habits to, and working with suppliers on new product innovations.”

“We know, for example, that shoppers are thinking more about healthy options and increasingly looking for products that have been sourced sustainably. We’ve got to respond to those demands while at the same time continuing to offer great value and range.”

Stewart’s appointment is effective immediately, though his last official duty as CFO won’t be until 11 August 2016, when he delivers the Foodstuffs North Island Group’s financial results at its AGM in Wellington.

In the meantime, the hunt is on for a new CFO for an organisation with more than $7.5bn in annual store sales, assets worth over $2.5bn, and current capital expenditure in excess of $100m.

“David Ison, currently the business’ Group Financial Controller, will be our acting CFO until the recruitment search is over. He has very strong financial expertise and has played a critical role in steering the financial integration of the legacy businesses.”

Quin praised outgoing GM Merchandise Baden Ngan Kee for his hard work and dedication.

“Under Baden’s leadership, the merchandise team has excelled, keeping on top of consumer trends and delivering innovative solutions across our banners at a time of increasing focus on e-commerce.”

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Foodstuffs announces launch of national product information management project, One Data

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-May-05 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island Ltd and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd are pleased to announce to the grocery industry the launch of a national product information management project. Phil Lemon, General Manager Merchandise, Foodstuffs South Island and Chief Financial Officer and Acting General Manager Merchandise, Foodstuffs North Island believe the project will transform Foodstuffs’ product information management processes.

“Traditionally, the Foodstuffs companies have operated their regional activities independently. Project One Data will create a single source of truth for product data across the Foodstuffs group – nationwide. Although, the project will initially require extra effort by Foodstuffs, our stores, and our vendors, the long term pay off makes it worthwhile,” says Lemon.

The project, One Data, will create a single system and shared team which will be responsible for the companies’ national product information management. The team will ensure that national product master data is clean, up to date, and fit for use across the business. This will lead to;

  • Consistent data nationwide
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Increased visibility of vendor product range as all product data submitted will be retained in the national catalogue
  • Better consumer insights for targeted marketing
  • Support for current and future initiatives

“As with any major change it is understandable that there must also be changes to the business’ processes,” says Lemon. “We are pleased to announce that we will no longer require vendors to submit product changes and new products on the Universal Buying Form (UBF) or Non-bar coded Buying Form (NBF) after 30 June 2016. These documents will cease to exist for Foodstuffs and our stores.”

Instead there will be two options for vendors to keep the business up to date with new products and changes to existing products, these are;

1. Product Flow which is a service offered by GS1 that will provide product information via the National Product Catalogue, as well as bar code and image verification. This is the best option for vendors who have bar coded products and make changes regularly.

2. Data express an interactive online form located within Foodstuffs exchange that will easily step vendors through the data we require to list, purchase and sell products through the entire Foodstuffs group. This option is best for vendors who have non-bar coded products and/or hardly ever make changes to their range.
Stewart points out that the sheer magnitude of this change is significant for Foodstuffs. With over 100,000 products in the combined catalogue, there will be a transition period to complete the data merge and set up the new system with all of these products. To assist this process, Foodstuffs will have a moratorium on product and price changes during July 2016. The moratorium is scheduled to run from 1 July 2016 – 25 July 2016. Price changes should be submitted prior to the moratorium to ensure customers receive any savings in time. After the moratorium, products and changes will only be accepted if they have been submitted first via Product Flow or Data express.

Stewart is looking forward to the new system. “Foodstuffs has a massive range of products, and we know that our current maintenance process is not efficient. We are really looking forward to the new national Product Information Management system and having one team responsible that sets the data quality standard for our business will give both us and our suppliers’ massive benefits in terms of consistency nationwide.”

At this stage lead times to present new products and changes will not change. But in the future, the new process is expected to bring greater efficiency and should allow for a review of these requirements.


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