DESPAR Italia’s canned tuna products earn the Friends of the Sea and Dolphin Safe certifications

DESPAR canned tuna olive oil

ITALY, 2017-Sep-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Friends of the Sea and Dolphin Safe certifications given to DESPAR’s canned tuna products are well known in Italy and a perfect fit in terms of DESPAR’s environmental commitments.

The certification standards given to DESPAR’s canned tuna are a positive addition to the SPAR Partner’s environmental initiatives. These initiatives promote nutritious food and sustainable choices, and the newly certified tuna products are available in every DESPAR store in Italy.

The Friends of the Sea label and Dolphin Safe certifications promote full transparency about the origins of the DESPAR Own Brand canned tuna range. DESPAR assures customers that its tuna is caught sustainably, stating that only adult tuna are used, no dolphins were hurt or killed in the process, and the tuna is caught in accordance with FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) approved areas of fishing, which combats the effects of overfishing in certain areas.

In addition to full transparency, full traceability is also provided by the Friends of the Sea and Dolphin Safe certifications. The product packaging provides customers with information about the species of tuna used, the area the tuna comes from and customers are also able to request extra information be provided to them such as the type of boat used to catch the tuna.

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Penny van der Kaars
Communication Manager
SPAR International

DESPAR support earthquake stricken areas in Italy with €20,000 donation to Italian Red Cross

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 2016-Oct-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — In the aftermath of the earthquake, DESPAR Partner Maiora promoted a fundraising initiative named ‘Our hearts do not tremble, they beat’.

On 27 September, the president and managing director of Maiora, Mr Pippo Cannillo, officially handed the donation to Ms Consiglia Margiotta, president of the Bari Committee of the Italian Red Cross.

The sum was raised by Maiora’s employees and independent SPAR retailers who run stores trading under the DESPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR formats, as well as by employees of another division of the Cannillo Group.

“We do not raise the funds to be seen by the public as we believe that charitable work is best carried out silently,” Mr Cannillo explained. “We have been a channel for this initiative and we have come here to represent all those people who have chosen to donate part of their salaries to this noble cause. We feel that it is our duty to make a public announcement about it” he concluded.

“Keeping in mind that the mission of the Red Cross is a humanitarian one” said president Consiglia Margiotta on the occasion, “we wish to thank DESPAR for their great willingness and sensitivity towards other people’s needs. We hope that this initiative will be the first of a series of common projects undertaken jointly by DESPAR and the Italian Red Cross.”-

DESPAR has always believed in the importance of increasing the value chain, as sharing values generates successful adherence to those values for the company, its people, and the whole community. DESPAR is always an active player of the communities where it operates daily and feels responsible for as a retailer.

DESPAR Italia Partners have become known for their support of earthquake stricken areas in the past few weeks; with recent support being given by DESPAR Nordest (Aspiag Service), our partner in the North-East of Italy.


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