Discount Drug Stores announced new initiatives and technological advancements at its 10th national conference

Discount Drug Stores announced new initiatives and technological advancements at its 10th national conference


Rowville VIC, Australia, 2017-Jun-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — Amid the picturesque waters of Noumea, New Caledonia, Discount Drug Stores announced a host of new initiatives and technological advancements at its 10th national conference that took place May 27 – 31. Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas, General Manager of the discount pharmacy retail group, says its investment into new initiatives will allow the brand to adapt to the challenging times of the industry and better serve their customers.

Amongst the announcements at the themed ‘The Future is Now’ conference, Discount Drug Stores unveiled its new pain management program, the launch of a health food and organics project, partnerships with script reminder service MedAdvisor and the implementation of its Next Generation Retail Platform powered by FRED NXT.

Leading the way in new customer service developments and dispensary workflow innovations, the pharmacy brand continues to remain at the forefront of the industry, with a 2.09 percent growth in GP for total pharmacy despite PBS reforms and a stagnant retail market. In 2016, Discount Drug Stores performed above the national Pharmacy Professional Incentives average for the second year in a row, achieving 30 percent more cases than the average Australian pharmacy and 32 per cent higher patient adherence, additionally contributing $372,000 for their charity partners Free2Be and Assistance Dogs Australia to date.

Focusing on the delivery of the highest standard of healthcare advice and delivery of industry-leading professional services, the brand revealed its newly launched pain management program – an offering not currently available from any other pharmacy group – in conjunction with the newly introduced diabetes management program. The diabetes management program promises to help pharmacists tap into the 6 CPA funding, assisting in meeting community healthcare needs. In addition to the new initiatives, the brand will continue to further leverage its Dispensary program, introducing new training programs to help stores improve workflows, freeing up time for pharmacists that is better spent serving customers and helping patients.

Discount Drug Stores are no strangers to the ever-changing requirements and demands of customers, additionally introducing a new health food and organics category. The integration of the new category into its network of existing stores will see the brand move towards its goal of becoming a comprehensive, holistic healthcare destination, widening the pharmacies’ ability to support customer wellness all year round through means beyond simply dispensing pharmaceuticals and health clinics.

Set to launch in the coming months, Discount Drug Stores has worked in partnership with FRED NXT to deliver its Next Generation Retail Platform, offering the capability to go paperless with many existing processes. The platform will be integrated into the pharmacy networks existing systems and promises to create operational efficiencies, giving stores the ability to better manage their front-of-shop operations. Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas, General Manager of the Discount Pharmacy Retail Group, says “We continue to invest in new technologies to ensure we stay ahead in a constantly changing industry”.

During the conference, the pharmacy brand additionally announced its newly formed partnership with MedAdvisior, driving the development of a white-labelled app for Discount Drug Stores. In line with the brands multi-channel marketing approach, the app will offer customers a script reminder service amongst other valuable features, serving as another means to help customers better manage their health.

“We are delighted in the potential these new initiatives and technologies will bring to our company and stores in easing business processes and supporting their ability to provide excellent service to our customers.” says Mr Kuskopf-Dallas.


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Discount Drug Stores honours Johnson & Johnson with Supplier of the Year award

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 2016-Jun-09 — /EPR Retail News/ — Johnson & Johnson was awarded Supplier of the Year at the Discount Drug Stores (DDS) National Conference in Sydney last week.

Discount Drug Stores Executive General Manager said the award recognises the strength of the partnership which has been built between Discount Drug Stores and Johnson & Johnson.

“The retail industry is forever changing, which means strong supplier partnerships are necessary in order to meet changing market trends and maximise business opportunities. This award in particular honours and highlights the commitment the J&J team has to working with our team to deliver results, every single day.”

Johnson & Johnson also won the Health & Lifestyle Supplier Award and Medicines Supplier Award.  L’Oréal was named Beauty Supplier of the Year, while Proctor & Gamble took out the General/Front Shop Supplier Award.

Mr Kuskopf-Dallas said the awards are a way to recognise and thank suppliers for their role in the great results the business achieved in 2015, which saw DDS grow their sales and dollar GP well ahead of the market.

“Discount Drug Stores prides itself on our strong partnership approach with all our suppliers, which sees benefits to all of our businesses and maximises sales as a result. We look forward to working with all our supplier partners and continuing to build on those results in 2016.”

The evening was themed “A Splash Of Colour”, and took place amid the Vivid Festival Of Lights in Sydney.

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Discount Drug Stores announce customer service transformations to maximise their professional services offering

Rowville VIC, Australia, 2016-Jun-09 — /EPR Retail News/ — Discount Drug Stores (DDS) announced a host of customer service transformations at their 2016 national conference in Sydney this week. These included new initiatives to maximise their professional services offering, and dispensary workflow innovations allowing pharmacists to spend more time with customers.

Having achieved year-on-year growth in its dollar GP, against a market trend of decline and despite PBS reform, DDS sees improvements to customer service as an opportunity to build on their success in 2015.

Discount Drug Stores Executive General Manager Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas says it has been a challenging year for the pharmacy industry but DDS is adapting its service offering and embracing innovation and technology to better serve their customers.

“We have always placed significant emphasis on our professional services to deliver strong healthcare advice to our customers, and with the recent PBS reforms putting more focus onto professional services, we will continue to help our pharmacists find new ways to spend more time with our customers,”

The company is investing in a Nostra Data analytics platform to help report store performance, and announced a partnership with Next Level, which offers dispensary workflow training and innovations, designed to enable pharmacists to spend more time on the shop floor with their customers.

The company also announced an extensive marketing push to be rolled out this year, offering franchisees a strong pharmacy brand with both buying power and media spend backing their investment.

“Discount Drug Stores is one of a handful of true retail pharmacy brands who are comprehensively marketing to consumers. This is a distinct difference to the many banner groups who are either not marketing to consumers at all, or are actually pulling back on what little marketing spend they do invest in. We continue to invest heavily not just in traditional avenues like our new TV campaigns, but are also diversifying our marketing mix and introducing new channels such as YouTube, magazine, and retargeted advertising.” Mr Kuskopf-Dallas said.

Mr Kuskopf-Dallas said with the strength of Sigma behind them, they have also been able to explore innovative marketing opportunities such as their successful InfoHealth TV campaigns, and provide franchisees with access to a host of new business services.

“Sigma’s backing enables us to provide corporate services including financing, human resources and learning and development expertise to Discount Drug Stores franchisees, providing vital business support so franchisees can spend less time in the books and more time on providing excellent service to customers,”
“We’re also delighted through the Sigma corporate strength to launch a new sleep apnoea service to members, in partnership with APSS.” Mr Kuskopf-Dallas added.

As well as transforming customer service, DDS donated over $37,000 to charity and announced the sponsorship of two new puppies for Assistance Dogs Australia, having already raised over $237,700 for charities since 2012.

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Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas presents at the conference

Douglas Kuskopf-Dallas presents at the conference