The ellenlondon Studio SS2019 collection previews at International Couture Runway DC Fashion Week on September 23

The ellenlondon Studio SS2019 collection previews at International Couture Runway DC Fashion Week on September 23

Washington, D. C., 2018-Sep-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — With the introduction of her printemps/été 2019, Ellen London strives through her wearable art collection to emerge from the daily complex incongruities we experience and to rise from the ground with beauty and grace as does a flower – “de la sol une fleur doit grandir”.

Her collection challenges the audience to emerge with hope and possibilities from the shadowy confines of our internal and external walls, and to work towards inclusion rather than exclusion. Focusing on connection, understanding and respect, Ellen London translates these ideas through fabric art – utilizing vintage and new – textiles and techniques – from a myriad of global cultures and countries. Hand painted cities on palettes of silk, and designer felted pieces interpreting color and light are highlights of the collection.

The ellenlondon Studio SS2019 collection previews at the finale International Couture Runway at DC Fashion Week runway on September 23 2018.

Ellen London


Carrefour hosted series of initiatives to celebrate diversity and equal opportunities

Carrefour celebrates inclusiveness with its 384,000 employees and takes stock of its progress in equal opportunities

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, 2017-Jul-03 — /EPR Retail News/ — On 30 June, for the 2nd year running, Carrefour celebrates diversity and equal opportunities with a series of initiatives across 10 different countries. The company is also celebrating the daily commitment of its 384,000 employees to inclusiveness. With 12,000 stores which are reflections of the neighbourhoods and communities in which they trade, Carrefour has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter since 2004. All year round, it implements initiatives specifically designed to tackle various local issues, ensuring that diversity is a key feature of all the company’s professions and at all levels.

A balanced gender mix at all levels of the company and across all professions:
+10.7% increase in women in managerial roles since 2011 – women now account for 39.2% of management

Carrefour supports the professional development of its employees and attaches particular importance to the role that women – who make up 57.5% of its staff – play within the company. In a bid to help them get promoted to senior management level, Carrefour launched the “Women Leaders” programme in 2011. While embodying an ambition shared by all countries where the Group operates, this programme is also tailored to cater to specific local situations, encouraging people to share examples of best practice. These initiatives have a tangible impact: there has been a 10.7% increase in the numbers of women in managerial roles – they now account for 39.2% of the Group’s management. Female representation on the Board of Directors is 42%.

  • The Women Leaders programme is implemented on various fronts in various countries with the support of UN Women, with mentoring schemes in France, Italy and Argentina, and the appointment of careers committees whose job is to identify female talent, create women’s networks (France and Italy, Brazil) and enterprise crèches, and prevent gender violence (France, Italy, Argentina, Spain).
  • Carrefour Argentina has introduced a flexible shift scheme incorporating a salary lock with phased return from maternity leave, allowing women to work part time for a full-time salary for up to 6 months after their return to work. Carrefour has also extended its paternity leave allowance to one full week (the law stipulates just 2 days). Carrefour Argentina has doubled the amount of female employees in managerial positions in just two years, with women now accounting for 40% of managerial positions (against 23% in 2014).

Disability, inclusion and keeping people in employment:
+28% employees with disabilities working at Carrefour since 2011, and +8.3% since 2016.

To promote the employment of people with disabilities and keep them in their jobs, Carrefour has implemented initiatives in all the countries where it operates. Carrefour meets and exceeds all legal requirements on this matter, and in countries where no such legal provisions exist, implements action on an ad hoc basis. As a founding member of the ILO’s Global Disability Network, Carrefour employs 12,200 people with disabilities (end 2016). Some examples.

  • In France, employment of people with disabilities in hypermarkets is above the 6% legal threshold, with disabled staff accounting for up to 14% of the workforce in certain hypermarkets. The “Mission Handicap” agreement was launched in 1999 and has been renewed six times since. Agreements and initiatives have also been launched in Carrefour Market stores over the last 10 years, as well as across the supply chain. Carrefour also helps those with mental disabilities, working with the French armed forces to provide immersion traineeships to wounded military personnel. Carrefour also promotes the professional integration of young adults with Asperger’s syndrome (coaching sessions, simulations etc.).
  • In Belgium, Carrefour launched the “Duo Day” programme in 2015, organized in partnership with AWIPH (Walloon agency for the integration of disabled persons). Under this scheme, employees are asked to work in tandem with a disabled person for several days. The campaign is an opportunity for people with disabilities to find out about life in the workplace, and to raise people’s awareness of how these people – who are full of potential – can be employed.
  • In Poland, Carrefour has been working with the Ekon association since 2010 on the professional integration of people with disabilities. Created in 2003, the scheme gives disabled people the chance to take vocational training and helps them join or return to partner companies (of which Carrefour is one). Ekon also provides social supervision, allowing people with disabilities to regain their self-confidence and learn their rights. Carrefour employs 600 people with disabilities, which is 5% of its total workforce.
  • In Brazil, all Carrefour stores employ people with disabilities. Carrefour has deployed the “Eu pratico a inclusão” (I support inclusion) programme, together with the “Meu amigo e especial” (My friend is special) scheme to help them integrate into the company. This volunteer-based policy has increased the number of disabled employees to over 2300.

Youth employment:
34% of Carrefour’s employees are under the age of 30 – that’s 130,500 people. The Group supports employment of young people from all backgrounds, with or without qualifications.

In all the countries where Carrefour operates, it supports initiatives to integrate and include young people through apprenticeship schemes and training programmes.

  • In Brazil, 2700 apprentices have been recruited under Carrefour’s Young Talents programme. And 2000 young people living in shanty towns have been given the opportunity to visit stores, find out about the various jobs available in retail and attend workshops on food-related professions through the Rede Cidade association.
  • In Argentina, Carrefour’s Jovenes con futuro (Youths with Future) programme is designed to provide job opportunities to young people from deprived areas who have had to abandon their studies.
  • In France, Carrefour hired 20,000 young people under the age of 26 in 2016. 6000 of these were on permanent contracts, and 5500 on work/study programmes, with some of them awarded professional qualifications and hired by the Group on completion of their courses. Every year, the retailer holds a Youth Employment Day and a competition to find the best apprentice butcher or baker. Carrefour also supports initiatives to integrate vulnerable young people via its own Employment Centre, in collaboration with training and integration bodies, such as Apprentis d’Auteuil, Tremplins des Restos du Cœur and Ecole de la Deuxième Chance.

Carrefour is also implementing wide-ranging initiatives aimed at young, high-potential graduates. Its Graduate Programmes in France, for example, enable 40 young graduates every year to take on fully-fledged roles at international level, while at the same time receiving customized support. This quickly equips them with the managerial and commercial skills they need. These Graduate Programmes are available for various job functions: managers, digital professions, logistics, hypermarket manager, supermarket manager, etc.

Promoting diversity with labour representatives
Every year, Carrefour enters into nearly 200 agreements with its labour representatives in France and other countries on issues such as employment, disability and gender equality. These include an international agreement formalized in 2015 with international union federation UNI Global Union on the promotion of social dialogue, diversity and respect for basic human rights.

Carrefour joins the Alliance for Apprenticeships
In 2017, Carrefour joined the European Commission’s Alliance for Apprenticeships. In signing the pledge for apprenticeship, Carrefour undertakes to employ young people on work experience programmes and apprenticeships, improve recruitment opportunities on the completion of these initiatives and offer young people international appointments. Carrefour has also introduced an international mentoring charter designed to cultivate the talents of young recruits and their trainers.

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Walmart’s Open Call to showcase American entrepreneurship and celebrate ingenuity and diversity on June 28

Fourth Annual Event Showcases American Entrepreneurship, Ingenuity and Diversity

BENTONVILLE, Ark., 2017-Jun-23 — /EPR Retail News/ — Walmart is inviting more than 500 businesses from across the nation to present their Made in the USA products June 28 to the world’s largest retailer in Bentonville, Ark., giving entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to potentially reach millions of Walmart customers.

Now in its fourth year, Walmart’s Open Call is one way in which the company continues to invest in American jobs by accelerating the growth of U.S. manufacturing. This year’s event will showcase American entrepreneurship and celebrate ingenuity and diversity. Nearly half of all businesses attending Open Call self-identify as diverse, including 25 percent identifying as women-owned.

“We are thrilled that entrepreneurs from across the country, including many diverse-owned businesses, continue to respond so strongly to the opportunity to participate in Walmart’s annual Open Call,” said Cindi Marsiglio, Walmart vice president for U.S. Sourcing and Manufacturing. “While finding products our customers want is a year-round focus for our buying teams, Walmart’s annual Open Call is a special opportunity to connect our buyers with companies that are manufacturing products in the U.S. and to identify new and unique product solutions.”

Attendees this year represent 47 states and Puerto Rico. States with some of the largest representation include California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.1

With some companies pitching multiple products, more than 750 meetings have been scheduled with Walmart buyers representing a broad range of product categories.

From secret sauces and pocket-sized hair gel, to photographic mouse pads and bowls designed to keep cereal crisp, this year’s diversity of new, innovative products represent a broad range of categories such as food and beverages, home décor and apparel. While some businesses are larger, many are “kitchen-table” companies, vying for a chance to work with the world’s largest retailer and earn a place on the shelf. Some of this year’s Open Call attendees include:

  • Oceans 97 (Baton Rouge, LA.) – Oceans 97 has a goal of bringing restaurant-quality shrimp and seafood to the customers of Walmart. Founder Jarvis Green is a former New England Patriots football player who says that if his company reaches its goal, it would be a greater achievement than playing in three Super Bowls and winning two of them.
  • Micah Specialty Foods (Cleveland, OH) – Imagine starting a company from your kitchen with just your mother’s marinade sauce recipe from Ghana and a dream. That is exactly what Micah Specialty Foods did. It is the company’s goal to bring more African-American products to the shelves of Walmart through the help of Open Call.
  • The Blonde Italian (Cleveland, OH) – The Blonde Italian is a woman-owned business that carries a line of seasonings to spice up the lives of people from all walks of life. Their goal is to get the unique blend of spices in their Garden Garlic Seasoning on the shelves of Walmart and into the cabinets and recipes of customers.
  • Haven Sales & Marketing (Ontario, CA) – When two Texas A&M college students began to jazz up soy sauce in their college dorm room, no one thought there would be an opportunity to have their Gourmet Orange Chili Soy Sauce sold in Walmart stores. Manufactured and marketed by Haven Sales & Marketing, the company has already created 70 jobs manufacturing this product and other flavored soy sauces.
  • Nuts & Cows (McAllen, TX) – When Elizabeth Davis started Nuts & Cows with $84 and a dream, she never imagined that one of her products would be considered by Walmart. Buttery Pecan Butter is an all-natural product that is made with love in her own kitchen. Elizabeth is passionate about her products and the idea that anyone can follow their dream, no matter who they are.
  • 51 Club (Spokane, WA) – It all began when one person thought there had to be an easier way to change a flat tire. 51 Club is bringing their product, the Spare Me 5-in-1 Rescue Tool, to Open Call in the hopes of getting every Walmart shopper with car troubles out of a bind. The “all purpose, all weather and all terrain” tool is manufactured in Spokane, where the creator lives.
  • Mary’s Kitchen (Richmond, VA) – Some people may think that their Sweet Potato Pie is the best, but Mary Lee truly believes her pie takes first prize. When she was a child, people would line up to get her mother Dorothy’s sweet potato pies; and now Mary is bringing the same recipe to Open Call. This is a chance for her to share her family’s tradition with Walmart shoppers.
  • Kid Ease (Dallas, TX) – Kid Ease was created by a mom looking for a safe, lab-tested cleaning spray to clean up sticky little fingers and faces. Owner Jessica Gore is excited to bring her product to families shopping at Walmart. She hopes that she can ramp up production and create more jobs, if she receives a deal.
  • Forever Fit (Minneapolis, MN) – Soggy cereal is no way to start the day, according to Forever Fit. That’s why they created the Perfect Cereal Bowl uniquely designed to keep cereal crisp before you get to the bottom of the bowl. The product is manufactured in the same Minnesota town where it originated.
  • Photos to Design (Woodland, CA) – Just like the phrase “pretty as a picture,” Photos to Design has a desire to share beauty captured through a photo. The product, Be-U-Ti-FUL, is a special mouse pad with floral images taken by owner Janet Jones. She hopes Open Call gives her a greater ability to share her images.
  • Anndori Outdoor Art (Greensboro, NC) – Have you ever tried to create a large Christmas ball from chicken wire and stringed lights? It’s not easy. Sandra Alexander made a simple craft solution that creates beautiful holiday décor that won’t leave scratches from chicken wire. She hopes that the Craft Lover’s Holiday Light Ball Kit brings consumers joy, but that the product also allows her to create more jobs.
  • Disaster Supply Warehouse (Fairfield, OH) – Disaster Supply is a woman-owned business that brings two products to Open Call. The first is a disposable utensil stand that ensures your silverware is clean even when dining outside. The second is Buxom Betty’s Button Stays. A product that helps prevent ladies’ shirts from gaping open around buttonholes.
  • C & C Foods (Charleston, SC) – Sweet Savina Surprise is a sauce with a little heat and a little sweet. A unique pepper discovered on an African mission trip inspired the one-of-a-kind recipe made with locally grown ingredients in the Charleston area. C & C Foods hopes to bring this surprising sauce to the shelves of Walmart through Open Call.
  • Pocket Gel, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) – If you have gotten caught in the wind, rain or snow and wished you had some hair gel, Pocket Gel believes it has the product for you. Founder Nathan Failla began putting hair gel in foil to carry to the gym when he realized he couldn’t be the only one with this need. He continued to refine the packaging until he created Pocket Gel Instant Hair Gel.

1 States represent location where business has self-reported that their product is manufactured.

About Walmart

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) helps people around the world save money and live better – anytime and anywhere – in retail stores, online, and through their mobile devices. Each week, over 260 million customers and members visit our 11,695 stores under 59 banners in 28 countries and e-commerce websites in 11 countries. With fiscal year 2017 revenue of $485.9 billion, Walmart employs approximately 2.3 million associates worldwide. Walmart continues to be a leader in sustainability, corporate philanthropy and employment opportunity. Additional information about Walmart can be found by visiting on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Source: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Carrefour Market earns AFNOR Diversity Label for its commitment to diversity and equal opportunities

Carrefour Market earns AFNOR Diversity Label for its commitment to diversity and equal opportunities

Boulogne-Billancourt, 2017-Apr-03 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour Market has been committed to diversity and equal opportunities for more than 10 years now, and was awarded the AFNOR Diversity Label on 27 March in recognition of its commitments and its concrete initiatives to promote diversity and gender equality and tackle all forms of discrimination.

Diversity and equal opportunities: one of the mainstays of Carrefour’s HR commitment
As the leading private employer in France, Carrefour is keen for its 115,000 employees to reflect the society in which the group operates. This aim is part of the company’s very DNA. Carrefour advocates diversity in all its forms (origin, age, physical appearance, gender, disability, etc.) so that the country’s population is represented in the teams in stores, warehouses and even the head office.

This long-standing commitment resulted in the AFNOR certification in 2014, awarded in recognition of the initiatives implemented by Carrefour Market for its employees. Carrefour has now been awarded the Diversity Label which rewards and encourages diversity among employees in terms of profile, origin and expertise, as well as initiatives designed to promote social mobility.

Concrete initiatives to promote diversity and equal opportunities
Under  the Diversity Charter that Carrefour signed in 2004,  Carrefour Market has been implementing major, innovative initiatives for more than 10 years, all designed to promote diversity and equal opportunities for its 30,000 employees in all its 500 consolidated stores.

Since 2005, an agreement promoting professional equality between men and women has brought the share of women managers up to 34% in 2016 (vs. 22% 10 years ago), and increased the number of women store managers to 131.

As of the end of 2016, 6.71% of Carrefour Market employees have some form of disability. The retailer celebrated the 10th anniversary of the signing of the “Mission Handicap” agreement which is designed to raise employees’ awareness of disabilities and provide disabled employees with support on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks to the action plan for the over-50s that was implemented in 2010 and the first intergenerational agreement entered into in 2014, Carrefour Market employees over the age of 50 accounted for 19% of employees as of the end of 2015 (vs. 17% at the end of 2012).

Helping young people establish a foothold on the job market is also one of the priorities of the retailer’s HR policy. For many years now, it has been creating ties with partners involved in helping young people who have had difficulty finding employment. These include the Restos du Cœur, Permis Sport Emploi, the Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion, l’Ecole de la 2ème Chance (“Second Chance School”), the Fondation des Apprentis d’Auteuil and the Nos Quartiers ont du Talent (“Talent in our Neighbourhood”) association. For example, 14 beneficiaries of the Restos du Cœur interested in working as butchers joined Carrefour Market to train for their Professional Qualification Certificates in butchery.

SOURCE: Carrefour

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