Four Square Ellerslie wins Foodstuffs North Island’s 2017 Store of the Year award

A small Four Square store in suburban Auckland has pipped its bigger brand brothers to win Foodstuffs North Island’s 2017 Store of the Year.

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Aug-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — Four Square Ellerslie won top honours at the cooperative’s annual awards dinner at Auckland Museum on Friday, 11 August. Around 200 owner-operators, support staff and partners attended the awards, after the cooperative’s annual meeting earlier in the day.

Four Square Ellerslie’s owner-operator, Lin Guo, took to the stage twice, first to accept the award for best Four Square, then to receive the grand title.

Doug Cochrane, General Manager Retail, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd, says the 200 square metre store at the heart of a popular suburban town centre, was the judges’ clear favourite.

“From the incredibly high standards to its impressive range, all driven by what will help his customers get more out of life, Four Square Ellerslie is a store run by an owner who understands that the culture Lin creates with his team is what will set his store apart,” says Cochrane.

“Lin also understands there is great opportunity from being part of our co-operative, and takes every opportunity to get involved and learn. Despite being involved in lots of training outside his store he has managed to keep up the high standards that have helped him clinch this prestigious award.”

Lin Guo accepted the award on behalf of his team and suppliers, without whom he says there would be no store, “I know it sounds a little cliché but this award really belongs to everyone at Four Square Ellerslie.”

“I was shell shocked on the night to receive this accolade in front of so many senior industry leaders. Being part of such a successful organisation keeps me driven.  And the support we receive is enabling a new generation of grocers to ensure we always do our best for the communities we serve,” says Guo.

Other award winners for the separate brand banners in the North Island are:

  • PAK’nSAVE Store of the Year 2017: PAK’nSAVE Albany (Auckland)
  • New World Store of the year 2017: New World Eastridge (Auckland)
  • Gilmours Store of the year 2017: Gilmours Central (Palmerston North)

“Our six-step judging process includes scoring stores on service, quality, fullness, cleanliness, price and performance, before the finalists are visited by judges. It is of the utmost integrity,” says Cochrane.

“That said, I’m pleased Auckland didn’t take all the big awards, with Gilmours Central being recognised for its consistent delivery of operational excellence. Feedback from customers is great and this store is a standout example for the Gilmours banner.”

Six store’s fresh food departments were also recognised for exemplary standards and service:

  • Bakery: New World Wellington City
  • Butchery: New World Whakatane
  • Produce: New World Eastridge
  • Seafood: New World Howick
  • Delicatessen: PAK’nSAVE Westgate

And two special awards recognised supplier relationships and commitment to the co-operative.

“The Supplier Relationship Award went to New World Matamata, based on feedback provided by 325 sales reps from over 40 suppliers. New World Matamata topped the scoring on eight attributes ranging from Health and Safety through to commitments to maintain stock levels throughout promotions.”

“The final gong of the night was the Co-Operative Spirit Award, which was given to Peter Anderson for his outstanding service as the Board Chair, a position he has held since the merger. Before that he was on the Wellington Board and has owned PAK’nSAVE Kapiti with Glen Taylor since 2005.”

“Both Peter Anderson and Lin Guo represent the best of our business and the industry at large, giving 110 percent to all they do, for the benefit of their customers, staff, community and cooperative.”

“I commend them and all of this year’s winners for earning the recognition they undoubtedly deserve,” concludes Cochrane.

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Source: Foodstuffs NZ

New World and dietitian Sarah Elliott to raise awareness of digestive health

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-Jul-07 — /EPR Retail News/ — New World is partnering with well-known Registered Dietitian, Sarah Elliott from FoodSavvy, to raise awareness of the important role that food plays in bowel health.

Sarah will do this by sharing practical advice with consumers, in-store at the five New World stores located in the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa, during the first half of July 2017.

The timing and location coincides with the roll-out of the National Bowel Screening Programme, starting with those living in the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa DHBs, from July.

“What we eat and drink plays an important role in the health of our bowel,” says Sarah. “A healthy diet can help prevent bowel cancer, which kills more than 100 Kiwis every month. It can also help alleviate some of the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis, which an estimated 15,000 Kiwis suffer from and which can lead to bowel cancer, as well as the far more common set of symptoms known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is thought to affect one in seven people.”

Sarah was herself diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 21 years ago, and today specialises in the dietary management of digestive issues such as IBS.

“IBS is something that affects so many Kiwis on a daily basis – it appears about 70% of them women – with symptoms that include abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation. Yet it’s been proven that diet can alleviate it.”

She says there’s now medical proof – and growing public awareness – that IBS can be exacerbated by foods that are high in FODMAP compounds (Fermentable, Oligo-Di-Monosaccharides, Polyols).

“These are carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed by the intestine and affect those of us who are susceptible to IBS by creating an over-production of gas which causes their intestines to bloat, and unfortunately, some of our most favourite foods are high in FODMAPs: apples, pears, peas, onions, garlic, cow’s milk, yoghurt and ice cream, and wheat-based bread, biscuits, cereals and pasta.”

Sarah will be available to answer queries about the FODMAP diet and food choices in general that can improve bowel health and overall wellbeing, from 10 am – 2 pm, on these dates at these stores:

• Tuesday, 4 July at New World Hutt City
• Friday, 7 July at New World Silverstream
• Wednesday, 12 July at New World Stokes Valley
• Friday, 14 July at New World Carterton
• Tuesday, 18 July at New World Masterton

Her advice will not constitute a formal consultation, and people with IBS symptoms or an interest in a low-FODMAP diet should first have a private appointment with a registered health professional.

“A low-FODMAP should ideally be trialled for 2 – 6 weeks, followed by review, and then a structured re-introduction of FODMAP-containing foods into the diet, to determine which can trigger IBS. For those who don’t suffer from IBS, FODMAP-containing foods can actually benefit the gut flora.”

Doug Cochrane, General Manager Retail, Foodstuffs North Island, says bringing a registered dietitian into select stores ties in with New World’s commitment to providing a quality shopping experience.

“That commitment includes helping shoppers make healthy food choices, and having someone of Sarah’s calibre providing in-store advice in the same areas where the Bowel Screening Programme will begin was a way of showing our support for the programme and our care for our shoppers.”

“We are looking forward to see the outcome of Sarah’s appearances at those five stores in the Hutt Valley and Wairarapa. We may also consider the same activity in other stores.”

For more information on the National Bowel Screening Programme, see

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Foodstuffs opens New World store on Auckland’s North Shore

Foodstuffs has opened a fresh New World store on Auckland’s North Shore.

Auckland, New Zealand, 2017-May-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Customers of the former Nosh store in Constellation Drive will soon see a New World logo on the building. With this change comes New World’s excellent standard of service, and an expanded range of products at great prices.

But the changes this week are just the beginning, Foodstuffs North Island’s General Manager Retail Doug Cochrane says.
“We have exciting plans for this site which will pilot an innovative New World brand experience. Customers can expect to see changes and improvements over the next few months as we keep refining and adding to this offer.

“So, we’ve started what will be an exciting journey at Constellation Drive, and I think our customers will enjoy what is to come.”

Foodstuffs North Island was keen to retain the expertise of Phil Mead, who was the owner of the former Nosh store.

“Phil has the same entrepreneurial spirit as all our owner-operators and we’re pleased to have him as part of the co-operative. He enjoys all aspects of the business, both behind the scenes and out on the shop floor helping his customers. He’s proven this through the two successful Auckland businesses he owned before buying this store, which were highly regarded and nominated for several awards during his tenure.”

Mead says he’s looking forward to what lies ahead.

“Being part of the Foodstuffs co-operative is great for my business and I’m excited to be part of this new concept that New World is developing.

“I’m really keen to become part of the local community as more of the locals get to know me and my team,” Mead says.


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New World encourages customers to be more environmentally friendly with new reward scheme

New World stores in the North Island are taking the lead in an attempt to reduce the number of plastic bags used at checkout. 

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Oct-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — From Monday the 24th of October North Island New World customers will receive 5 cents off their shop for each reusable bag used at checkout – up to a limit of 50 cents per visit. The gentle incentive will help New World customers to develop more sustainable shopping habits and help to significantly reduce the volume of plastic bags used.

New World is dedicated to being a more sustainable business and has a constant focus in this area. The idea behind the scheme is to reward customers positive behaviour and encourage everyone to be just a little bit more environmentally friendly.

Doug Cochrane, General Manager Retail, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd says that as a company we have a number of initiatives in place that are really making a difference in terms of environmental impact such as Soft Plastics recycling collections and recyclable meat trays. These sustainable solutions are setting the bar for how the business will operate in the future.

“Billions of plastic bags are used globally, causing a devastating impact on the environment; this issue needs to be addressed. We can help by encouraging customers to begin changing their shopping habits,” says Cochrane.

“Reusable bags are the most sustainable option for carrying groceries and we want to help our customers take positive steps towards more sustainable shopping behaviours by rewarding them. We know our customers are passionate about protecting their environment, and this incentive in a way for us to say thanks for helping to reduce plastic bag numbers.”

Cochrane says the movement towards reusable bags is gaining momentum in Europe, so it is clear this incentive can help influence people’s shopping routine and ultimately reduce plastic in landfill.

The anticipated popularity of this initiative is attributed greatly to the fact that New World Newlands, New World Churton Park, New World Karori and New World Pioneer have all been trialling the 5 cent rebate in their stores for a number of months with great success. All of these stores have experienced strong customer engagement in the initiative, and a significant reduction in plastic bags distributed – New World Karori has reported using approximately 15,000 less plastic bags and dishing out 7,800 rebates each month with this number continuing to increase.

To help motivate customers, New World stores will offer a selection of reusable bags to cater to a range of occasions and lifestyles. Although we would obviously rather see New World bags, customers can use which ever reusable bag they please to receive the discount.


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Foodstuffs North Island Limited to close its Write Price store in Wairoa after 29 years

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016-Jun-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island Limited has today announced its Write Price store in Wairoa will close after 29 years.

“It is always a difficult decision to close a store, but following the announcement by Trevor Wong, the owner-operator of Write Price Wairoa, that he is planning to retire, Foodstuffs has taken the decision that the store will not be sold to another owner,” says Doug Cochrane, General Manager Retail, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd. “Trevor’s announcement in conjunction with an extensive review of our offer in Wairoa has lead us to believe this is the right decision and one which will ensure we can continue to provide the Wairoa community with the best possible supermarket offer for the long-term.”

“We currently have one Write Price and one New World supermarket in Wairoa however, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain two supermarkets in the district. We feel our New World store is best placed to meet the community’s everyday shopping requirements,” adds Cochrane. “New World has the best range, great prices and customer rewards through Fly Buys so we really believe it is the best fit for our Wairoa customers.”

“After almost 35 years in the supermarket industry, Trevor is looking forward to retiring from the supermarket business to spend more time with his family and four grandchildren. Trevor began his Foodstuffs career in 1987 with the purchase of Write Price Wairoa and is a respected member of the Wairoa community.  During his 29 years at the store, Trevor has contributed significantly to the people of Wairoa through the sponsorship of many local schools, clubs and community events,” says Cochrane. “On behalf of Foodstuffs I’d like to thank Trevor for his tremendous contribution to Foodstuffs North Island and the Wairoa Community and wish him all the very best with his retirement.”

“I’d also really like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Write Price Wairoa who have been doing a great job. This decision is absolutely no reflection on them,” says Cochrane. “We are supporting staff at Write Price Wairoa through this challenging time.”

The last day of trading for Write Price Wairoa will be Sunday, 3 July 2016. The store will continue to trade as normal right up until the closure date. Trevor and the team would like to thank all their customers for their loyal patronage at Write Price Wairoa, and they are confident Brookes Stuart and the team at New World Wairoa will continue to meet all their needs into the future.

Foodstuffs is committed to serving the Wairoa community for many years to come and the plan for the existing Write Price site is to build a brand new supermarket for the Wairoa community.  The new store will offer the full supermarket range and fantastic fresh offer that New World is known for and will be a much lighter and brighter shopping experience for customers delivering more product choice, great value and fantastic service.

Foodstuffs North Island has purchased the Write Price property and the business is currently evaluating redevelopment options of the site.

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New Zealand: Foodstuffs North Island consolidates a number of its wholesale Cash’n Carry stores

Auckland, New Zealand, 2015-6-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs North Island Ltd has today confirmed that as part of an extensive review of its wholesale business and following consultation with affected staff, it is consolidating a number of its wholesale Cash’n Carry stores – resulting in the closure over the next couple of months of Toops Napier, Toops New Plymouth, Gilmours Panmure, Gilmours Henderson and Gilmours Rotorua.

Doug Cochrane, General Manager Retail, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd says, “We need to meet the evolving needs of our customers and to do this we need to have a network of well located, large format stores, offering a consistent customer experience and product range across the North Island. Unfortunately, these five wholesale stores due to their size or location were not suitable to be turned into the large format stores customers will require for the future.”

The store closures will affect a total of 128 full and part time employees.

“The decision to close these stores was not taken lightly,” says Cochrane. “We are absolutely committed to helping our staff during this tough time and providing all the support we can. With the support of the local community and our wider co-operative, we will be working hard to find our people job opportunities within the Foodstuffs network of stores, in particularly in the 60 businesses across the regions these stores are located in.  We have identified over 100 job opportunities currently available within the Foodstuffs network and we are confident that many more job opportunities will be found in the coming days.”

“We recognise that financially this decision will have an impact on staff so a ‘Care Programme’ has been developed so we can provide all affected staff with financial and other support at the conclusion of their contracts.  Our staff have great skills and we are confident they will be an asset to anyone who takes them on. Concentrating on facilitating this process is a top priority for us right now and we have enlisted the support of external HR advisors to provide staff with CV writing and interview skills.”

“The teams at all these stores do a great job and our decision to close the stores is absolutely no reflection on them,” says Cochrane. “We have been proudly servicing the wholesale market for many years, and we remain totally committed to delivering the best possible offer we can to our wholesale customers.  These changes are a direct reflection of us listening to our customers’ needs and our desire to provide the right offer to meet their long-term business requirements.”

Cochrane adds that while the decision to close the stores is a difficult one, he believes it is the best decision for customers.  “We will be investing in our seven remaining stores in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North and Wellington so that our wholesale business will provide a better store offer and help our customers run their businesses more effectively.”

Customers will continue to get great service throughout this period of change and service delivery customers of the affected stores will still be able to shop via the Service Delivery offering and have their products delivered direct to their premises.


Foodstuffs announced it will be re-developing its New World Milford store

North Island, New Zealand, 2015-1-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — Foodstuffs has, today, announced it will be re-developing its New World Milford store. As part of a review of the long-term plans for the store, it was determined the best way the brand could continue to serve the Milford community was through the creation of a brand new store.

“New World has been serving the community of Milford on Auckland’s North Shore for 50 years and we constantly review our stores in the communities we serve. Our New World Milford store is one of our oldest in the group and it’s time we gave the Milford community a brand new store” said Doug Cochrane, General Manager Retail, Foodstuffs North Island Ltd.

“We determined a renovation of the old building simply wasn’t the best option,” added Cochrane. “We want to ensure we are able to be here for many years to come, so we have decided that due to the existing store already being in the best location, a rebuild and creation of a new generation New World is the best way forward.”

“We realise this will cause some disruption to our loyal customers as the current store will need to close for an extended period of time,” says New World Milford Owner Operator Sarah Aston. “We think the result will be well worth it in the long-run as the rebuilt store will have 40% more retail space than the current store with a full supermarket offer and a fantastic fresh range. It’ll be much lighter and brighter with more choice and value. Add to this the great service customers enjoy at New World Milford and we are confident the new store will bring a fantastic new shopping experience to the Milford community.”

The last trading day for the current New World Milford store will be Sunday, 15 March 2015 and the new supermarket will be built and opened before Christmas 2015.

During the rebuild New World Milford customers can shop at nearby New World stores including; Browns Bay, Birkenhead, Albany and Devonport. New World Victoria Park is also just minutes away by car over the Harbour Bridge. All of these stores have the same great value prices and Fly Buys.

New World Milford currently employs 29 full-time staff, 17 part-time and 5 casuals. Foodstuffs will be working with staff to redeploy them to surrounding stores, including their new Browns Bay store which is due to open on Tuesday, 17 March 2015.