Colruyt: Eoly sponsors the Belgian Solar Team for the World Solar Race in Australia

Colruyt: Eoly sponsors the Belgian Solar Team for the World Solar Race in Australia

Halle, Belgium, 2017-Sep-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — October 8 will see the start of the World Solar Race in Australia. This is a biannual race for solar-powered cars. The international race is approximately 3,000 kilometres long and crosses Australia. This year Eoly, Colruyt Group’s green energy manufacturer and supplier, is one of the official partners to the Belgian Solar Team. And with good reason, because the solar car and Eoly share the same ambitions: to stimulate, promote, and actively use solar power in useful ways.

Solar car from Leuven

Belgium has been represented by a team of engineering students from the University of Leuven since 2005. This year, the team consists of twenty-one students, who have built ‘Punch Two’. This solar car is smaller, lighter, and faster than its predecessor, ‘Punch One’. Joachim Verheyen, Solar Team’s team manager, explains: “In order to qualify for the world championship in Australia, the cars have to meet several standards, which change every year. This year, we’re only allowed to use 4 m² of solar panels. This forced us to adjust the design, which is why the Punch Two is smaller than the Punch One.” And although there are fewer solar panels on the car, this has not diminished its speed.

Working together with Eoly

Eoly, a green energy manufacturer and pioneer in new sustainable technologies, is especially proud of this collaboration. Stephan Windels, Eoly’s business unit manager, says: “It was these students’ entrepreneurial drive and dynamics that pushed us over the edge. We support them in this great adventure, which shows what renewable energy sources can do in the future. We at Eoly are all hoping for the first Belgian winner of the Solar Challenge.”But that’s not where the story ends: Eoly wants to help the students improve the solar panels’ cooling system in time for the 2019 World Solar Challenge.


Before leaving for Australia, the Punch Two was exhaustively tested at the Ford racetrack in Lommel. Under ideal circumstances, the solar car reached a top speed of 120 km/h. “We’ve been working on the car for more than a year, and we dreamed of reaching speeds like this. The maximum speed in Australia is 120 km/h. Going faster is entirely pointless”, says team manager Joachim Verheyen .During the Solar Challenge, the car will have an average speed of 80 km/h and speed up when it needs to overtake other solar cars. With 1,500 kilometres on the odometer, the car, as well as the Leuven students, are ready to claim their spot in the top three. That is their ambition. They have failed at winning the race six times so far, and winning it this year would be amazing. Eoly is a proud partner, believing in the Punch Powertrain Solar Team and wishing them good luck.

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Colruyt Group’s internal energy producer and supplier WE-Power renamed itself Eoly

Colruyt Group’s energy producer and supplier chooses cooperations

Halle, Belgium, 2015-11-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — Colruyt Group’s internal energy producer and supplier renamed itself Eoly instead of the former WE-Power. Eoly will continue to develop the production of green power by means of wind turbines and solar panels. In this way, Colruyt Group will be able to meet its own energy needs and reduce its market dependence. Eoly will also start participations allowing citizens to become co-owners of a wind turbine. The name Eoly appears for the first time on the turbines in Lot (Laekebeek) that were inaugurated today.

Partnership and participation
Eoly wants to expand the production farm and invest in innovative forms of energy production and storage. The energy expert wants to guarantee its internal customers a stable sustainable energy supply at the lowest cost. Eoly also wants to help them use energy sustainably, a/o by measuring consumption and making suggestions to save energy.
Finally, Eoly wants to give citizens the opportunity to invest in future wind turbine projects. It will be possible for neighbours as well as co-workers and customers to buy shares and become co-owners of a wind turbine, and receive an annual fee for it.

11 turbines early 2016
The new turbines at Laekebeek supply their power directly to the adjoining distribution centre. With 2 MW each they produce enough electricity to cover the consumption of 2,900 households, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 3,100 tonnes a year. Eoly will presently start to use another new turbine in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, near the Brussels-Charleroi canal. At the beginning of 2016 another turbine will be added on the Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat site in Halle. This one will supply electricity directly to the meat-processing plant. Eoly’s wind farm will then include 11 turbines. Permits to build 8 turbines in the Hainaut province were also applied for.

Solar panels and cogeneration
Apart from the wind turbines, Eoly also operates solar panels on 43 sites, the recently started cogeneration installation and the hydrogen station at Dassenveld. Eoly supplies to different companies and production departments in the group and to independent Spar and Alvo stores. Today, the production covers about 15 % of Colruyt Group’s consumption, the rest is bought on the wholesale market. In time, Eoly wants to produce sufficient green energy to cover the whole group’s power needs.

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Colruyt Group’s internal energy producer and supplier WE-Power renamed itself Eoly

Colruyt Group’s internal energy producer and supplier WE-Power renamed itself Eoly