Colruyt Oudenaarde reopens following months of renovation work

Halle, Belgium, 2016-Dec-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — On Wednesday 14 December the renovated Colruyt Oudenaarde will open its doors after a few months of renovation work. The former store was completely demolished and rebuilt into a new-generation Colruyt store with a brand-new butcher’s department. Mayor Marnic De Meulemeester will attend the festive open evening on 13 December.

New-generation store
Store manager Evelyne De Vos: “During the closure, we demolished the old store and built a brand-new one on the same location. Customers will be able to shop even more efficiently in this new store. For instance, near the fresh market we replaced the plastic flaps by an air curtain.”

The renovated store is built on piles. So the car park is covered for the most part. Customers can take the lift or moving walkway to access the store. “When making renovations, we always aim at simplicity and the lowest costs, as our customers expect of us”, says the store manager.

Brand-new butcher’s department
For fresh quality meat, customers can visit the brand-new butcher’s department. Head butcher Annelies Regnart: “Our customers have a nice overview of the range of meat, cold cuts and salads. And they can see the butchers at work in an open workshop. Customers can easily talk to them if they have questions or special orders.”

Collect&Go shops for the customer
The Collect&Go pick-up point at Colruyt Oudenaarde has been enlarged. It is located at level 0 in the covered car park. Evelyne De Vos: “Collect&Go is the handy Colruyt service where we shop for our customers. They send their shopping list to or via the app, and the Collect&Go employees have their products ready at the pick-up point on the day and time of their choice. Handy!”

Special open evening
As from Wednesday 14 December, store manager Evelyne De Vos, head butcher Annelies Regnart and their 59 co-workers will be on hand to welcome their customers in the renewed Colruyt Oudenaarde.
Evelyne De Vos: “The evening before, on Tuesday 13 December from 17 to 20 p.m., everyone is invited for a store preview. During this special open evening, attended by mayor Marnic De Meulemeester, we will gladly offer our customers a snack and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!”

Practical information:

Colruyt Oudenaarde
Tacambaroplein 3
9700 Oudenaarde

Opening hours:
Mon – Sat:8.30 – 20.00
Fri:8.30 – 21.00

Open evening:
Tuesday 13 December from 17.00 to 20.00

Filip Ghillebaert
(regional manager)
02 345 2345 40

Silja Decock
(press officer Colruyt Group)
0473 92 45 10

Source: Colruyt Group

Colruyt opens temporary store during Oudenaarde closure 11 January to December 2016

Colruyt opens temporary store during Oudenaarde closure

Halle, Belgium, 2016-1-7 — /EPR Retail News/ — From Monday 11 January to December 2016, Colruyt customers in Oudenaarde can shop in a temporary store (Meersbloem-Leupegem 24). The current store at the Tacambaroplein will be closed during that period. It will be completely demolished to make room for a new-generation Colruyt store, where customers will be able to shop even more efficiently.

Lowest prices in the store …

“We made sure our customers can keep shopping easily and close to their home at the lowest prices while the store is closed”, says store manager Evelyne De Vos. “That is why we open a temporary store where customers can find all their familiar products.

… and at Collect&Go

We also provide a Collect&Go pick-up point. It is larger than the current one, which means the employees will be able to help more customers. Evelyne De Vos: “Collect&Go is the handy Colruyt service where we shop for our customers. They send us their shopping list over the Internet or using their smartphone, and we have their products ready at the pick-up point on the day and time of their choice. It’s a handy service, and customers save time!”

Tasting during opening week

During the temporary store’s opening week, from Monday 11 to Saturday 16 January 2016, customers will be given a special welcome. Evelyne De Vos: “During that week, we will serve a nice breakfast from 8.30 to 11 a.m. And from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., they can try delicious snacks and a tasty drink. Everyone is most welcome!”

For more information, please contact:

– Filip Ghillebaert (regional manager) at 02 360 10 40
– Jan Derom (press officer of Colruyt Group) at 0473 92 45 10

Practical information:

Temporary Colruyt Oudenaarde

Meersbloem-Leupegem 24
9700 Oudenaarde

Opening times:

Mon-Sat:  8.30 – 20.00
Fri:      8.30 – 21.00

Jan Derom
+32 (0)2 363 55 45
+32 (0)473 92 45 10


SOURCE: Colruyt Group