Ace Sheds Are Made In Kent For The People Of Kent

Ace Sheds are one of the cheapest and best shed manufacturers in the UK with a superb range of buildings for all the best possible applications. However it is a bonus for the people of Kent because Ace Sheds are based in Bethersden near Ashford in Kent right in the heart of the county. This is a lovely part of the South East of the country but Ace Sheds have developed a business for the whole of the UK. Ace Sheds have a proud tradition in the building of sheds and have developed their present range over many years so that the refined product of today not only meets the best design characteristics of the modern shed but is also one of the cheapest if not the cheapest on the market at the present time without losing any of the quality expected of the Company. Ace Sheds have designed all their sheds themselves so the process starts and finishes within the company at Bethersden.

Kent has had a great influence on the designs of Ace Sheds and several have been named after the towns, city or county. The designs are taken from the buildings, which are part and parcel of the Kent countryside. This area is a lovely part of the country and whilst it is a busy commuter area for London it is also a very important agricultural area of the country.

Probably one of the best known of the Ace Sheds range is the Kent Apex Wooden Garden Shed and this fine building is one of the cheapest of the Ace Sheds range. The design is a simple apex type with a door at the front and a good side window that allows a good deal of daylight into the shed. This is a typical garden shed and is a favourite among the Ace Shed customers both in terms of design and cost. There is a large range of sizes for the building from a typical 8 ft x 6 ft to a massive 14 ft x 8 ft shed, which will hold a large amount of stuff or act as a good workroom.

The Ace Sheds Romney design is reminiscent of the county of Kent having a large heart and big double doors to allow the world to enter. The double doors are the major feature of the building making it ideal for a large storage that may include ride on motor mowers. Again this building has the same list of shed sizes but is a more flexible shed for storage of large items.

The final Ace Sheds design, which is Kent based in name is the Canterbury design, which is a large summerhouse designed shed with an apex roof and a central door flanked by two windows. This is an excellent design for the good garden and as its name suggests is one of the stars of the Ace Sheds portfolio.

Ace Sheds are extremely proud of their whole range and are extremely proud to run their business from the middle of the great county of Kent.

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Ace Sheds Secure The Family Jewels

Ace Sheds have developed a great range of differing wooden buildings from the common or garden shed to the summerhouse range and finally to the full purpose built self design building. All these buildings have the quality and design characteristics, which make them superb for the job they have been built to do and at a price, which is excellent, and at a fraction of what any brick or breeze block building would cost. As the name suggests Ace Sheds started life as major shed builders and whilst they supply other buildings the shed market is still a major part of the business of garden sheds in Kent.

Ace Sheds tailor make each shed to satisfy a certain part of the market and one of the best sheds that is produced is the Reigate Security Shed which is one of the strongest sheds on the market. Shed crime has become a major problem and the losses from these buildings have been very high over the last few years. This has been mainly due to the fact that criminals have not had to bring along tools to break in and therefore cannot be charged with possession of such tools, also the standard shed is usually at the bottom of the garden and in the quietest place and the darkest place so that the burglar can break in without waking the family or the neighbours.

Ace Sheds have taken this on board and produced a superb shed that is ideal for this application the Reigate Security Shed. The frame is a 52 mm x 25 mm with extra diagonal supports for extra strength, the cladding is tongued and grooved boarding throughout and the floors and the roof are also made of 12 mm tongued and grooved boarding. The windows are small and very high in the building, the standard fitting comes with plastic safety glass but toughened glass is a recommended option. There is a substantial door, which is 750 mm wide and fitted with security hinges and a 3 lever mortice door lock. The security on this Ace Sheds building is excellent and to break into the building requires some excellent tools to be used and the sensible burglar is not going to be caught with those. Even with the right tools the Reigate Security Shed is going to resist the burglar totally or cause the person to take a long time in the operation, which will deter all but the hardened criminal.

Ace Sheds have not just made this shed to be a safe but primarily as an excellent garden storage area and the Reigate Security Shed has a good storage area. The Sheds can be sourced in sizes from 8 foot x 6 foot to a large 14 foot x 8 foot which will cover most needs. This shed is ideal for keeping garden mowers and hedge trimmers as well as the children’s cycles safely and securely. Ace Sheds also recommend using a burglar alarm in certain cases and a no window option is also available to reduce any chance of seeing inside the building.

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