Ace Sheds Design The Thanet Summerhouse With A Hint Of The Georgian Look

Ace Sheds build all sorts of wooden structures from garden sheds to exotic summerhouses in all different sizes and variations. They supply directly from their manufacturing facilities to the customers in a “Flat pack” delivery for erection by the customer or Ace Sheds can arrange the erection if required. The result of this type of sales is that Ace Sheds can supply these buildings to the customer at an excellent price for the amount of work that goes into the design and construction of these buildings, This means that there is something for everyone when it comes to a good summerhouse at a price that is affordable by the majority of home owners. They also provide luxury summerhouses for the top end of the market.

Ace Sheds is pleased to promote their Thanet range of summerhouses which is a good low cost summerhouse with a fairly standard rectangular building with a standard apex roof with the centre of the apex in the middle of the long side of the summerhouse. The building can be bought in many different sizes and this enables the user to get just right size for the garden concerned. Ace Sheds have designed this building with a touch of the Georgian architecture in it by putting all the windows and doors in Georgian small paned windows. This gives the building a touch of character and looks very good among the trees and flowers of a standard garden.

As in all Ace Sheds ranges of summerhouses the Thanet design can be tailored to suit each individual customer and this design particularly suits some of Ace Sheds more interesting extras. The Thanet summerhouse will stand very well on its own and looks good with no additional extras but there are some extras that can change the look significantly in the right location. Ace Sheds have been producing red cedar tiles for the installation on both sheds and summerhouses for some time now and these do look excellent when fully installed on the Thanet summerhouse roof. These tiles have a natural protection within them to keep out the worst of the winter ravages but they can also be pressure treated to give them virtual indestructibility from rain and damp. The cedar tiled roof on the Thanet summerhouse turns this building into an extremely fashionable building and will look as if it has cost a lot more than the bill charged.

Ace Sheds note that the Thanet summerhouse has two large double doors for front entry and in the Georgian design they look particularly attractive, when these are open they provide a lovely atmosphere inside the summerhouse and make it a lovely place to sit and while away some time on a summer’s day even when the weather is mixed. There are matching Georgian windows on either side of the door to balance the design and another lovely large window in one side wall. This makes the unit very light and airy and is one of the best-selling designs within the Ace Sheds portfolio.

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Ace Sheds Showcases The Croydon Workshop

These days many more people are deciding to set up a business at home, yet often to do so you need more space, and many of us do not have a suitable room to hand to use. Even if we do have some free space in the form of a spare room if you are starting a business building a product to sell then often it is just not practical to do it in the house due to noise, smells etc.

So why not do the right thing and buy a garden workshop? One such as the Croydon Workshop available from Ace Sectional Buildings is ideal for most home based businesses offering both enough room to get started and still leave room for expansion.

It is ideal for those just wanting to use it for garden purposes for storing tools and equipment such as lawnmowers. Indeed it is very well suited to use in a larger garden as whilst it has one single door as standard it can easily be fitted out with a double door option allowing a large ride on lawnmower to be driven in and out of it with ease. The large internal space means there is plenty of room to access garden tools and work on machinery, as well as having enough space to encompass a potting table under the window.

Yet where the Croydon workshop comes in to its own is when it used as intended as a workshop. The interior features full head height virtually throughout, with nominal intrusion by roof beams, this means that it enables you to maximise the working area thus avoiding bumping in to the rafters like you might do in a shed.

This wooden workshop is available in a wide range of sizes from 8’ by 6’ to a mighty 20’ by 10’, indeed the larger model will easily suffice as a small industrial unit.

All of Ace sectional buildings wooden workshops are all built to an extremely high standard with many customisable workshop options including: –

The ability to select your door position – Ideal if you wish to add double doors or need the door in the end of the workshop and not the side.

The ability to select the number and size of your windows as well as their placement in the workshop. This is great if you want a lot of natural light if you cannot fit power to the building. Failing that, maybe a summer house design which lets more light in would be something worth looking into as well.

Other options include security grills, which are ideal if you want to protect your business and prevent opportunist theft, as well as insurance standard locks and heavy duty fixtures and fittings.

Ace sectional buildings has a policy in place of using Scots Oine, a slow grown Redwood that is brought in from Sweden. Every tree is felled within a 25km radius of the sawmill, with every tree felled being replaced with a new sapling to ensure that all foresting is sustainable.

All of the above factors combine to make the Croydon workshop one of the best pound for pound wooden workshops on the market today.

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