Colruyt Group’s “Recycle” Tricycle Designed To Collect Litter at Events

Halle, Belgium, 2017-Jun-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — Event organisers who want to ban litter, can borrow an electrical ‘Recycle’ tricycle from Colruyt Group’s environment service free of charge. This Belgian novelty was designed to clean up waste separately at events. The tricycle was used for the first time at the children’s art festival SuperVliegSuperMouche in the Park of Forest. “With the Recycle we want to stimulate people not to leave litter behind”, says Goedele Daems, environment co-ordinator at Colruyt Group. “And we take another step in our more general action plan ‘Joining hands for less street litter’.”

Containers and accessories

The Recycle is equipped with containers for PMD, residual waste and glass and has the necessary accessories for the volunteers on board: brush, dustpan, grabbers, vests and gloves. Today Colruyt Group has 5 bikes freely available to event organisers who want to ban litter and commit to collecting the waste separately. Goedele Daems: “We also loan the Recycles to associations that organise a clean-up action, deliver them for free and collect them afterwards. The organiser has to provide the bike-riders.”

First time at children’s art festival at Forest

The Recycle had its official premiere during the free children’s art festival SuperVliegSuperMouche last Sunday in the Park of Forest. “Ideal surroundings”, says Goedele Daems, “since the organisation wanted to make it a green festival and make the young visitors conscious about litter while they play.” The organiser was also enthusiastic about the new carrier tricycles.


Organisers and associations interested in booking the Recycle can send a mail with subject ‘Recycle’ to, at least 14 days

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Source: Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group installs rubbish bins, PMD and smokers’ poles in Halle as part of ‘Joining hands for less street litter’ campaign

Halle, Belgium, 2016-Sep-16 — /EPR Retail News/ — As part of the ‘Joining hands for less street litter’ campaign, Colruyt Group is starting a two-year test project to reduce litter in the vicinity of some of its headquarters buildings in Halle. Extra rubbish bins for general litter and PMD (plastics, metals, drinks’ containers) have been placed in four parking areas, plus several new smokers’ poles and bins for paper goods. The test is the second visible initiative in a wider campaign which runs until the end of 2020. This autumn, there will be a similar test in the parking areas of 11 Colruyt stores. Colruyt, Okay and Bio-Planet are also joining the Belgian Retail Clean-up Day in November.

In consultation with the town council
Colruyt Group will tackle the litter around the parking areas on Edingensesteenweg and Zinkstraat in Halle. This involves about a dozen ‘litter islands’ with at least two large bins for general litter and PMD. There will also be a number of smokers’ poles on Demesmaeckerstraat, as well as bins for paper goods. This initiative along the public thoroughfare was first discussed thoroughly with the town council.

The bins will be emptied every four weeks by the company EcoSmart, who will clear up any other litter at the same time and keep an accurate record of the quantity. “By doing so, we’ll have the correct data for evaluating the results and making any adjustments to the infrastructure before we roll the project out to other locations,” says project leader Goedele Daems.

Trying to change behaviour
Colruyt Group believes that it is possible to change behaviour through raising awareness and providing the appropriate infrastructure. That’s why, through the test projects, we will be looking at which types of rubbish bin work and which don’t, and where best to place them. We will also provide banners to make the locations highly visible and create internal communication to tell our staff about it and to raise their awareness.

“We’re beginning with our own company and leading by example, to inspire local residents and customers as well as our employees. A dynamic can develop through which, together, we can reduce litter and even actively clear it up. By doing so, we create a pleasant environment which remains clean and where people can dispose of their litter responsibly,” continues Goedele Daems.

A 5 year commitment
The test project will run for two years and is the second visible initiative in the ‘Joining hands against street litter’ campaign which Colruyt Group launched in 2015, and which runs until the end of 2020. The group is committed to tackling litter, together with employees, customers, hauliers, etc. In 2015, the retailer took action immediately with a clean-up involving some 200 employees who picked up almost 1.500 kg of litter in Halle.

The group was also the driving force behind the agreement between the business community and the Flemish government in early 2016. Amongst other things, the businesses committed themselves to giving additional support to the Flemish government’s litter policy with an investment of €9.6 million per year. In February 2016, a similar agreement was reached with the Walloon government, worth €3.9 million of extra investment. Through this, Colruyt Group is strengthening its social commitment and supporting the government in its fight against litter.

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Colruyt Group installs rubbish bins, PMD and smokers’ poles in Halle as part of ‘Joining hands for less street litter’ campaign
Colruyt Group installs rubbish bins, PMD and smokers’ poles in Halle as part of ‘Joining hands for less street litter’ campaign


Source: Colruyt Group