Tesco: demand for leafy salads rocketed by nearly 300 per cent

CHESHUNT, England, 2016-Jun-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — A record number of Brits are forgoing the traditional lunchtime sarnie and are choosing a salad option instead, latest retail figures can show.

In the last year demand for leafy salads has rocketed with Tesco sales rising by nearly 300 per cent.

Across the UK market that’s an extra 3.1 million leafy salads bought by shoppers in the last 52 weeks compared with the same period the year before.

As a result of the growing demand for foods with health benefits Tesco have revamped their ready-to-eat-salad range this week.

Tesco food to go buyer Helen Dwyer explained:“In the last year we’ve seen a major change in the dining habits of lunchtime shoppers with increasing numbers now looking for a more balanced, nutritious light meal.

“Customers are attracted to the vibrant colours of green lettuce and broccoli, yellow peppers and purple beetroot as a signifier of freshness and health.

“They are looking for a balanced dietary offering and the health benefits you get from seeds like chia and spelt, and ancient grains as well as good protein.

“Interestingly, we are also seeing a change in the salad buying demographic with customer research revealing that more male shoppers are now seeking out a healthier lunchtime snack.”

Tesco has worked with top chefs to revamp our range and have brought in delicious and nutritious salads such as salmon and wheat berry; superfood grains; Thai chicken with spiralised vegetables and Moroccan inspired cauliflower couscous.

Despite the growing demand for leafy salads Britain’s favourite lunchtime snack is still the sandwich which accounts for nearly 80 per cent of ‘on the go’ retail sales in the UK.

But in the last three years demand for healthy salads has virtually doubled every year and it is now the fastest growing area in the food-to-go market.



Note to editors:

The full list of new Tesco salad lines is as follows:

Bagel Thins – Chicken and Red Pepper Pesto £2.20
Bagel Thins – Houmous & Harrissa Roasted Vegetables £2.20
Spelt Flatbreads – Goats Cheese with Roasted Butternut £2.60
Spelt Flatbreads – Habenero Chicken Salsa & Sour Cream £2.60
Five Spice Duck & Crunchy Vegetable Flatbread £2.60
Omelette Wrap – Wiltshire Ham and Egg £2.35
Emerging Health Salads
Flatbread Salad – Tandoori Chicken and Lentil £2.80
Grain Salad Pots – Superfood with Nuts Grain Salad £2.50
Grain Salad Pots – Moroccan Cauliflower Cous Cous and Wheatberrry £2.50
Spicy Chicken, Butternut Squash and Giant Cous Cous Salad Bowl £3.00
Chargrilled Chicken with Roast beetroot & Wheatberry Salad Bowl £3.00
Italian Mozzarella & Bean Salad bowl £3.00
Spiral Veg – Carrot & Courgette with Chicken & Vietnamese Dressing £3.00
Pulled Beef, Kale and Broccoli Salad £3.00
Feta & Nut Salad £3.00
Salmon and Wheatberry Salad £3.00
BBQ Blackened Turkey, Bean Salad £3.00
Super Green Plain Chicken Salad £3.00
Finest Salads
Finest Persian Chicken & Pomegranate Salad £3.50
Finest Smoked Mackerel & Beetroot Salad £3.50
Healthy Living
HL Sandwich – Chicken and Hickory BBQ Sauce £2.20
HL Thins – Cottage Cheese and Chive with Smoked Ham £2.00
HL Thins – Chicken with Middle Eastern Dressing £2.00
HL Turkey and Pastrami Sandwich £2.20
HL Italian Chicken with Peppers and Basil Sandwich £2.20
HL Japanese Tuna Raman style salad £2.80
Indulgence Street Food
Big Eat – Sweet Potato & Mixed Bean Tortilla £2.60
Big Eat – Mexican Chicken & Red Pepper Slaw Tortilla £2.60
Brazilian Spicy Pork Folded Flatbread £2.60
Lebanese Shawarma Chicken and Houmous Folded Bread £2.60
Pulled Beef Salad Flatbread £2.80
Mexican Chicken Salad Flatbread £2.80
Indulgence Smokehouse
Smokey Sticky Chilli Beef & Chipotle Slaw Brioche Bun £2.60
BBQ Whole Hog Brioche Bun £2.60
BBQ Beef Burrito Bowl Salad £3.50
BBQ Pulled Pork Mac ‘n’ Cheese £3.50
Free From Rolls
Free From Chicken & Bacon Roll £2.35
Free From Egg Mayo Roll £2.35
Finest Rolls
Finest French Brie & Red Grape Chutney Roll £3.00
New Flavour Sub
Chicken Tikka Sub £2.35
Tuna Crunch Sandwich £1.00
Corned Beef Sandwich £1.00

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Tesco: demand for leafy salads rocketed by nearly 300 per cent

Tesco: demand for leafy salads rocketed by nearly 300 per cent

Tesco: Latest retail sales data reveals exotic salads are growing in popularity as a new lunchtime favourite

Cheshunt, England, 2015-6-9 — /EPR Retail News/ — Move over sandwiches – exotic salads are growing in popularity as a new lunchtime favourite for office workers and those on the go.

Increasing numbers of shoppers across the UK are now choosing a salad over a sarnie, wrap or roll and it’s the healthier end of the salad market that is growing the fastest.

Latest retail sales data* reveals that in the last year demand for leafy salads across all retailers have grown by nearly three times the rate of sandwiches.

At the same time demand for ‘light’ salads have grown at nearly four times the rate of sandwiches.

The growing trend has prompted Tesco to completely overhaul and more than treble its ‘on the go’ salad range to nearly 50 lines.

Included in the new range are such exotic salads:

  • finest* Crayfish and Mango Salad
  • finest* Coconut Asian Chicken Salad
  • finest* King Prawn, Spicy Charlotte Potato Salad with Sour Cream and Lime Dressing
  • Salmon and Edamame Sushi Rice Salad
  • Yakitori Chicken Sushi Salad

Tesco salad buyer Helen Dwyer said: “The quality and range of ready to eat salads has improved so much in recent years that they are attracting shoppers who might otherwise have bought a sandwich, roll or wrap.

“Traditionally, sales of prepared salads would rise during the summer months and drop again during the winter.

“Now, because of the exciting number of new gourmet salads available that demand is not only sustained throughout the year but is bringing in plenty of new customers who might otherwise have chosen a sandwich as a lunchtime snack.

“This current boom has prompted us to launch what we believe to be among the most sumptuous and wide-ranging ‘on the go’ salad range available on the high street but at equally mouth-watering prices.

“We’ve included something for everyone – from our finest* top of the range lines to lighter sushi rice salads and Healthy Living range for those looking to maintain a balanced diet.”

The new Tesco ‘on the go’ salad range also includes four new first to market lines that can be eaten hot or cold.

The full range of new Tesco salads can be seen here.


Note to editors:

*Latest IRI data shows that in the last 52 weeks demand for leafy salads has grown by 13 per cent whilst demand for lighter, healthy salads is up by 19 per cent.

*Latest Nielsen data shows that in the last 52 weeks the sandwich market has grown by 5 per cent.

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