PetSmart expert Dr. Kemba Marshall provides helpful tips for your pets to also achieve a healthier lifestyle in the New Year

With Renewed Focus on Healthy Lifestyles Front and Center, PetSmart Wants to Ensure Pets are Not Forgotten

PHOENIX, 2016-1-5 — /EPR Retail News/ — As holiday focus shifts to New Year’s resolutions, health and wellness are top-of-mind, but this year PetSmart is extending the trend to involve our pets, too. PetSmart veterinarian and pet care expert Dr. Kemba Marshall provides some helpful tips to ensure our pets also achieve a healthier lifestyle in the New Year.

First things first, exercise is critical. Pets, like humans, need physical activity in order to be healthy. The good news is giving your pet adequate daily exercise is easy. For some dog breeds, 30-minute walks are enough. For others, a walk to the mailbox or a quick game of fetch does the trick. Balls are great for fetch, but have you ever tried another type of fetch toy, like the glow-in-the-dark Chuckit!® Flying Disc Dog Toy? No matter what, your pet will love spending time with you and being active.

Maintaining a healthy pet lifestyle goes beyond just physical exercise – mental stimulation is just as important. Treat-dispensing toys keep a pet’s mind active and can be introduced before a meal so your pet will be hungry to learn. Want to keep your pet stimulated even while you’re away from home?

Marshall offers this helpful tip, “Try ‘active feeding’ by hiding several of the classic Kong toys around the house stuffed with the morning kibble, dispersed across the toys. Once your pet discovers the first toy and gets to the food inside, they’re compelled to go searching for others and this makes them actively work for what’s inside.”

Have you been feeding your pet the same food for years? It may be time for you and your veterinarian to assess his or her food and optimize the diet if needed. Only Natural Pet, recently launched at PetSmart, is a paleo-inspired food brand for pets. It blends proteins with all-natural ingredients and minimal processing, resulting in dehydrated, freeze-dried and air-dried raw products. This natural brand eliminates all artificial ingredients such as flavorings or preservatives.

Improving your pet’s health often means eliminating the bad habits already in place. This may come as a surprise to many, but discovering an unhealthy routine in your pet’s day-to-day life is as simple as paying closer attention to his or her behavior. While many humans monitor daily behavior with technical gadgets and apps, there might be an easier, less expensive way. Is your pup demonstrating pent-up energy? More exercise might be necessary. Are they devouring their food too quickly? Maybe an active feeding approach is the right solution. Most often, correcting the behavior is as easy as discovering it in the first place.

Bear in mind, change can be tough on pets, especially when it disrupts diet or day-to-day routines. The important thing to remember is that positive results rarely come without work. These tips are a wonderful way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle for your pet in the New Year.

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