The eSafes Online Store Goes Green with Chubbsafes Elements Home Safes

eSafes are highlighting the benefits of the latest Chubbsafes Elements home safes, as the industry leading safe manufacture continues to work with aid organisations from around the globe.

The Chubbsafes Elements range brings together four high quality safes, built for different levels of home protection:
• Chubbsafes Elements Air – Basic Burglary Protection
• Chubbsafes Elements Water – Medium Burglary Protection
• Chubbsafes Elements Earth – High Burglary Protection
• Chubbsafes Elements Fire – Combined Fire and Burglary Protection

But in addition, the company believes in protection on a wider scale. That’s why every year a donation is made to four environmental projects; each of which is linked to a product from the Elements range.

The Chubbsafes Elements Air safe is the starter safe in the collection with a cash rating of £1,000, or £10,000 for valuables, and choice of locking options. In honour of the Air range, Chubbsafes supports Carbon Clear, a charity dedicated to reduced the emission of harmful greenhouse gases around the world.

Next up is Chubbsafes Elements Water, designed for enhanced protection with a cash rating of £2,000, or £20,000 for valuables. WaterAid works with the world’s poorest communities in order to grant them access to safe water. Chubbsafes has chosen WaterAid as their Water charity.

With an additional lock providing cash rating of £4,000 (£40,000 for valuables), the Chubbsafes Elements Earth safe goes beyond the call of duty for a home safe and guarantees protection from just about anybody. In addition, Chubbsafes donates money to Tree Aid. In doing so, they help to fight poverty in Africa through the planting of trees.

Finally, there is the Chubbsafes Elements Fire safe, which has the distinction of being one of the premier home safes in the market. With a cash rating of £4,000 and a valuables rating of £40,000, the Fire safe will stand up to all unwanted attention, but this safe also provides protection from another danger: that of fire. In honour of their fire resistant safe, Chubbsafes work with Cool Earth, helping to protect the world’s endangered rainforests from destruction.

The entire Chubbsafes Elements Range is now available from the eSafes online store. Customers gain a high quality safe for a competitively low price. But they also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their safe has played a part in essential environmental projects.

Pay a visit to to explore the range of Chubbsafes Elements safes available; in addition to a wide variety of safes by other leading brands, for domestic and commercial use.

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Force 8 Spreading the Word about Composite Doors

Force8, a leading door and window supplier based in Stockport, UK, are doing their bit for security in the UK. Their range of doors and windows has been extensively tested to ensure that all home owners have the most energy efficient and secure doors on the market.

The stats speak for themselves with 58% of burglaries occurring in the evening or night with a further 34% occurring at the weekend. Of all these burglaries, 70% are purely opportunistic where the burglar has seen an opportunity and taken it.

Force 8 Managing Director, Dennis Sumner, wanted to point out how avoidable this was;

“Composite doors are well known for being secure and have been stressed tested with everything from toothpicks to battering rams!

By installing them in your home, you can deter burglars who are just looking for a quick win. Here at Force 8, we pride ourselves on our customer service and we are here to advise all customers if they are unsure which door to choose.”

Force 8 are well versed in providing a range of high quality doors and with styles such as arched doors, French doors, folding doors and many
others available, customers are sure to find the right door when they visit

Security and style are the two boxes that must be ticked when home owners are looking to make some home improvements. Force 8 has a dedicated team of experts that are on hand to advise customers on their best options so that they get the best deal on the highest quality doors and windows.

Like all the best composite doors on the market, Force 8’s range is covered in Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) so customers will never have to varnish or repaint the door so it is feet up time!

With new styles and designs being added on regularly, home owners can see the doors and windows for themselves by visiting Force8’s showrooms in Altrincham and Stockport.

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