Carrefour Taiwan opened 73rd store: Xi Ke store in Hsi Chih science park

TAIWAN, 2015-5-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — On May 8th 2015 , Carrefour Taiwan opened 73rd store : Xi Ke store in Hsi Chih science park. Xi Ke store is a store with 1 level, in total 6864m2 sales area. The building is co-constructed with Taiwan Railway Xi Ke station which have 70 thousand commuters come in and out every day.

The store is especially designed with the integration of 4 dimensions: digital technology, eco-friendly, customer experience and service-oriented.

In Xi Ke store, Carrefour uses digital devices to offer product information and interaction with customers. The video wall in the entrance can attract customer flow from the external mall and deliver lively information.

Carrefour Taiwan also launched the first “Natural and Healthful” area in Grocery to offer more HOPE (Healthy, Organic, Premium and Eco-Nature) product choice while promoting lots of traceability, organic, and our quality line in Fresh.

Customers could enjoy new shopping experience in different universe. In sport area, you can play basketball, testing fitness equipment or cycling. For culture area, children have their playground while parents could enjoy their reading moment.