BESTSELLER announces Ms. Dee Poon as inspirational speaker at UNLEASH

BESTSELLER announces Ms. Dee Poon as inspirational speaker at UNLEASH


BRANDE, Denmark, 2017-Jul-21 — /EPR Retail News/ — 1,000 global talents will gather in Denmark this August to look for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. UNLEASH is the name of the event, and it culminates in a grand award show, where presentation of the best solutions will be garnished with world class speakers – BESTSELLER is proud to be presenting one of them.

BESTSELLER is partner of the UNLEASH track ‘Sustainable Production and Consumption’ where more than 120 talents are allocated to find solutions to issues within industries like the fashion industry. To add to this agenda, and to explain the complexity of turning an entire industry onto a more sustainable path, BESTSELLER is proud to present Ms. Dee Poon as inspirational speaker at UNLEASH.

Dee Poon represents one of the largest suppliers of premium shirts and polos around the world – The Esquel Group. The company has been a key supplier for BESTSELLER for over a decade, and the group has a profound focus on sustainability in its way of conducting business and it operates with values that are easily identifiable for BESTSELLER.

Being the daughter of the Esquel Group Chairman, Dee has practically been raised on the company values, and the will to make a difference in the world is something she has taken with her in her current position as Managing Director of Brands and Distribution of the Esquel Group.

“When we think about building a sustainable future, we are talking about creating an environment where our children – and their children – will thrive. To make this happen, we must reimagine our role as suppliers and make sustainability a top priority. At Esquel, we have been integrating sustainability into every step of our comprehensive supply chain, from the cotton farms to our fabric mills and garment factories,” Dee Poon says when asked to comment on the importance of sustainability and the role of suppliers.

“To really make a difference, sustainability and positive actions must come from all parts of the value chain – including consumers, retailers and producers. We therefore look very much forward to hearing Dee Poon – representing her family company that we respect a lot – present her views on sustainability from a supplier perspective,” says Anders Holch Povlsen, Owner and CEO of BESTSELLER.

Dee Poon will give her speech at the ‘UNLEASH Award Show – Presented by BESTSELLER’ on 21 August in Concert Hall (Musikhuset) in Aarhus.


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