Debenhams Reveals Shopping Gene Exists Through Nurture Not Nature

Debenhams has revealed that the reason why women shop so much is down to nurture as opposed to nature, as women are taught to shop so much by their own mothers.

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Debenhams commissioned a study into the shopping gene following sales figures showing that baby girl’s clothing is out selling clothes for baby boys by a colossal 20%.

Research shows that by the time children reach the age of four, infant girls have a fifth more clothes possessed by a boy of similar age. This figure does not include the likes of Victoria Beckham who will have at least double this amount for her new born baby girl Harper Seven.

David Beckham has recently admitted that he is scared that his house will turn entirely pink following the arrival of his new baby daughter.

Since mothers do most of the clothes shopping for their children, this must mean that they instinctively instill a much greater need for clothes in young girls from a very young age.

This suggests that women are not born with the shopping gene but are brought up that way through years of exposure to high levels of fashion and shopping. Other mums who are sure to already have extensive wardrobes for their daughters include Abbey Clancy, Holly Willoughby and Pink.

The sales results have been interpreted for Debenhams by one of Britain’s leading psychologists.

“Human society puts a great deal of emphasis on female appearance and this will inevitably result in more clothes being purchased for girls than boys,” said Dr. Karen J. Pine, professor of developmental psychology, University of Hertfordshire.

“Parents encourage the importance of clothes through leisure activities such as shopping and play that involves dressing up.

“Whilst Dads are taking their sons out for football matches, women are taking their little girls shopping and encouraging them to take more of an interest in fashion.

“However in the animal world this pattern reverses, for example, in lions, ducks and peacocks, it’s the males who have more adornments, and the females who are plain.”

Ed Watson, Debenhams’ head of PR added: “We aim to cater equally for baby boys and baby girls but it looks like the mums the word on this one and the boys aren’t even getting a look in”.

This clearly proves that the shopping gene is nurture and not nature. Mothers are literally turning their daughters into mini-me’s by providing them with much more clothes than what they give to their sons.

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Children’s Summer Shoe Collection By Start-rite

With summer on the way, children’s footwear company Start-rite have launched their latest collection of kids shoes. Designedwith both child and parent in mind, the collection features styles children will adore with the durability and quality parents look for.

Children’s Summer Shoe Collection

With three core themes incorporated into the collection, their new ‘Jamboree’, ‘Saharan Trail’ and ‘South Bank’ range to their children’s shoe collection are already proving popular. Start-rite have followed key trends for the season in this new range, such as camouflage an

d nautical inspired for the boys shoes, and boho and ethnic inspired designs for the girls shoes.

Their updated collection of canvas plimsoll styles combines practicality with fashion – the new boy’s design features a ‘space man’ theme, and the girl’s design features a ‘pop art’ theme.

Meanwhile, their sandal collection welcomes two new arrivals. ‘Pit Lane’ is a fun, navy sandal perfect for beach wear for boys, while ‘Saffron’ is a sorbet pink leather girls sandal with pretty flower features.

Start-rite have also included new light weight and robust children’s trainers in several colour schemes in the updated collection. New to the girls shoes range is the sporty ‘Go Girl!’ style with turquoise details, while the boys shoe range welcomes in Rubik’s cube inspired ‘Bounce’.

As the only brand that offers six width fittings available in half and whole sizes, Start-rite have become renowned for providing quality fitted children’s shoes. As well as offering more fittings than any other children’s shoe brand, Start-rite was the first children’s fitted shoe brand to launch an e-commerce site.

The brand is as dedicated to providing quality fitted children’s shoes online as they are offline. Their website is also a valuable resource for information about children’s foot care and features a downloadable foot measurement gauge to ensure customers order the correct fitting shoe for their child.

The importance of fitted shoes is clear – many experts blame adult foot problems as a result of wearing ill-fitting children’s shoes. Start-rite’s free downloadable foot measure gaugemeans parents can accurately measure feet at home and purchase online with confidence.

Generations of parents have entrusted Start-rite with looking after their children’s feet in the UK, including the Royal Family. The company has earned its reputation as the nation’s best shoes’ for children, with a history spanning over 200 years. Last year Start-rite was honoured with the annual ‘Best Children’s Brand’ award by the Independent Footwear Retailers Association.

From school shoes and formal shoes to trainers and plimsolls, Start-rite continues to extend their range of kids shoes every season that appeal to the more fashion conscious parent and child, while still maintaining superior quality, fit and durability.

Start-rite’s collection of kids shoes are available across the UK and internationally in over 35 countries through over 400 retailers. Alternatively, their products can be purchased online on their website.

To see the latest collection of start-rite girls shoes, or to find out more about their downloadable foot measurement graph, visit

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