Second LVMH Métiers d’Art artist in residence Amandine Guruceaga to explore leather and color at the Riba Guixà tannery in Spain

Second LVMH Métiers d’Art artist in residence Amandine Guruceaga to explore leather and color at the Riba Guixà tannery in Spain


Paris, 2017-May-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — Young French sculptor and visual artist Amandine Guruceaga has since January been working as an artist in residence at the Riba Guixà tannery in Spain. The second LVMH Métiers d’Art artist in residence, she is experimenting with colors and taking advantage of unique opportunities for collaboration with artisans at the tannery.

For the second chapter in its artist in residence program, LVMH Métiers d’Art invited 27-year-old sculptor and visual artist Amandine Guruceaga, known for her work with fabrics and metal, to explore leather and color at the Riba Guixà tannery in Spain, renowned for its superb Entrefino lambskin.

This collaboration between the artist and the artisans has spawned a range of joint experiments, testing new production processes, combining seemingly disparate colors or migrating different hues and creating plays of transparency. “Amandine’s residency has continually led to great surprises. Her work reveals an explosion of different colors. What’s fascinating for me is how she is able to explore and test possibilities with the artisans to create such harmony from very distinctive pigments,” enthuses art critic Léa Chauvel-Lévy, who oversees the LVMH Métiers d’Art residency program.

Through an empirical process that constantly pushes the limits of production techniques, the project has led to the discovery of novel creative approaches, coupled with the development of pigmentation processes the artisans had never previously employed. Using hides whose surfaces are generally considered too rough for leather goods, colors that change and have uneven intensity, integrating copper, steel and other metals and playing with light, the artist has invited a fresh perspective of these raw materials. “This collaboration has been extremely stimulating in both directions because the artisans at the tannery shared their expertise in working with a material with which they are intimately familiar, while I was able to suggest different ways to use the machines they are accustomed to,” Amandine Guruceaga explains.

Her residency will result in some fifteen creations in leather associated with metal sculptures, as well as the publication of a book featuring her work by RVB Books.


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