Wincor Nixdorf presents new generation of backroom and compacting solutions for reverse vending system

Paderborn, GERMANY, 2016-Feb-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — Wincor Nixdorf presents the Line Module – its new generation of backroom and compacting solutions for reverse vending systems

At EuroCIS 2016, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting its new Line Module in conjunction with the latest version of its Revendo 9020 reverse vending system. The Line Module conveys, sorts, compacts and collects empty beverage containers on a minimal footprint. The new innovative compacting technology almost doubles the previous compaction ratio for PET containers. The longer disposal cycles provided by this module reduce the deployment of staff considerably and make it easier to plan.

In its structure and functioning, the Line Module has been designed to drain off all residual liquid reliably, which greatly reduces soiling of the module. In addition, cleaning is controlled by a single one-touch button, making the process much easier. Cleaning does not require employees to receive long training or use special equipment.

With the Line Module, the backroom structure of a reverse vending system can be scaled to practically any extent and be expanded to up to six modules for each reverse vending machine, depending on the volume of empties concerned. The modular overall concept enables stores to respond flexibly to changed requirements and retrofit additional modules. Users have the option of ordering the Line Module with one or two cutting units that reliably process both cans and PET containers. Each cutting unit can be separately fitted with the new innovative compaction technology.

Using several Line Modules increases availability noticeably. When a full bin of empty containers is removed for disposal, the reverse vending machine remains fully functional as operations switch to the next module.

More space for the sales floor. “Although a Line Module only has a footprint of just about one square meter, we have been able to increase the collection volume considerably and thus extend disposal cycles,” explains Erik Trumpp, who is in charge of global business with reverse vending solutions at Wincor Nixdorf. Using one bin per Line Module provides a capacity of 1,200 PET bottles or 2,500 cans. The bin can be placed next to or beneath the Line Module, depending on the space situation and requirements. As a result, the Line Module lets small and medium-sized supermarkets handle high volumes of empties in a way that has been confined to larger store formats to date. Alternatively, it makes it possible to reduce the reverse vending area and consequently create valuable extra space on the sales floor.

Very flexible conveying and sorting. Bottles and cans travel on a slightly U-shaped, robust and easy-to-clean mono conveyor belt with an additional side guide to ensure stable transport.

To meet special installation requirements, the empty containers can be deflected to the left or right on to a bottle platform or another Line Module.

Designed for ease of use and servicing. Thanks to its compact and service-oriented design, the Line Module can be accessed easily and safely when it comes to both operation and servicing. The one-touch control button means that employees can clean the module without difficulty. All components that need to be cleaned – such as conveyor belts, sorting units and deflection points – can be readily accessed from the service side.

The Line Module is built from high-quality materials that make it robust. For example, all parts that come into contact with residual liquids are made of stainless steel or plastic.

An LED element on the roof of the housing permanently shows the status and can be seen well from all directions. All cleaning operations are acknowledged and logged by the machine and can be output in regular reports.

The bins can be looked into freely however they are installed and can be accessed without having to open a door, so they can be exchanged using a minimum of space.

All parts relevant for servicing, such as the pull-out electronics compartment, can be reached in their entirety from the service side.
To increase system availability and service quality, extensive monitoring and diagnostic facilities have been implemented that give early warning of potential problems and indicate possible solutions.

Compaction ratio almost doubled. This option is of great interest to retail companies of all sizes for capacity and environmental reasons. “The development of our new compaction technology has almost doubled the compaction results of our cutting unit. This is real progress that opens up new possibilities for our customers’ disposal processes,” says Erik Trumpp.

Wincor Nixdorf’s previous cutting technology compacts PET bottles at a ratio of 1 to 2.3, which is normal for the market. The new compaction technology achieves a compaction ratio of 1 to 4.1 for PET bottles. This means that a PET container is reduced to about one quarter of its original size.

Excellent results also in further processing
Processing additionally compacted material proved to be unproblematic in the industrial sorting plants. All plant operators were able to sort and recycle the material without having to adjust their processes or incur losses in production. “That’s an ideal result. It means that plant operators can integrate the new material into their process at any time. And thanks to the high density of our material, we even introduce up to 50% more material per bale into the process, which improves the productivity of many plants significantly,” says Erik Trumpp, showing his satisfaction with the practical results. “The highly compact shape of the cans also helps considerably reduce scrap and the reworking this entails.”

Wincor Nixdorf is presenting its solutions at EuroCIS (Düsseldorf Exhibition Center, Germany, from February 23 through 25, 2016) at booth C 26 in Hall 9.

Wincor Nixdorf will also play an active role in the presentation program accompanying the trade show. Sabine Grün, Head of Retail Industry Marketing at Wincor Nixdorf, will give a talk on the subject of “Creating a new store experience with mobile solutions,” for example. Users will also talk about their experiences with Wincor Nixdorf solutions. Claude Gerber, Head of IT at Calida AG, will present the SAP Order Management solution that Wincor Nixdorf has installed at the global clothing group. In addition, there are plans for a presentation of the omnichannel concepts of an international fashion group.

SOURCE: Wincor Nixdorf

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