Aeon Co and Marne & Finance Europe to establish “Bio c’ Bon Japon” joint venture

CHIBA, JAPAN, 2016-May-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Aeon Co., Ltd. (Location of headquarters: Chiba Prefecture, President and representative executive officer: Motoya Okada, hereinafter, Aeon) and Marne & Finance Europe (Location of headquarters: Brussels, Representative: Thierry Chouraqui) with an affiliated company, Bio c’ Bon which operates organic specialty SM (supermarket) business in Europe, mainly in France (Location of headquarters: Paris, CEO: Thierry Chouraqui), concluded a basic agreement on establishment of Bio c’ Bon Japon, a joint venture company today. The new company is to lead the expansion of organic market in Japan through operating organic specialty SM business, and contribute to the realization of customer’s health, wellness and happiness.

In response to the mounting health-consciousness, the organic market across the world continues to grow at 15 % or more a year. Especially in France, the annual sales of organic products reach approximately 573 billion yen* which is the third biggest market in the world following America and Germany. Furthermore, the French government has adopted “Ambition Bio 2017” aiming to increase the area of organic farmland to double and introducing a healthy meal in which organic food is used 20 % of the entire meal served in a staff cafeteria by 2017. This is one of the efforts of the government in promoting the expansion of the market nationwide.

On the other hand, the organic market in Japan is the seventh biggest with the annual sales of approximately 143.1 billion yen*. Therefore, the Japanese market still has a room to grow. Together with mounting health-consciousness, there is growing interest in safety and sustainability of food among people, especially families with small children, which leads to increasing demand for organic products. Moreover, the market is expected to further grow upon the release of basic principle in procurement code concerning over sustainability in 2020 Tokyo Olympics just as 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio Olympics.

Bio c’ Bon which is established in 2008, has opened 90 organic SM “Bio c’ Bon” in Paris in France, continued to grow focusing on “fresh perishables” and “reasonably priced products.” Bio c’ Bon continues to expand its business in urban areas including Milano in Italy and Madrid in Spain in a rapid pace, leading the expansion of organic market in France.

Since organic JAS system was introduced in 2000, Aeon has actively worked on expanding organic market in Japan in cooperation with public organizations and producers, and offered Japan’s first organic certified products.

With the establishment of “Bio c’ Bon Japon,” a joint venture company of Aeon and Marne & Finance Europe, the new company is determined to take a lead in expansion of organic market in Japan by taking full advantage of the assets and know-how of both companies. Through attractive and abundant lineup of products and services, we strive to realize customer’s health, wellness, and happiness.

■ Company profile
Company name: Bio c’ Bon Japon
President and representative director: Mitsuko Tsuchiya
Location of headquarters: 1-5-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi
Date of establishment: June (date), 2016
Description of business: Organic supermarket business
Ratio of investment: AEON CO., LTD.: 50%
Marne & Finance Europe: 50%

■ President and representative director
Mitsuko Tsuchiya
April, 1986 Joined JUSCO Co., Ltd. (current AEON CO., LTD.)
March, 2001 General Manager of Customer Service Department, Marketing Division, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
May, 2003 Senior Chief Officer of Customer Office, General Manager of Customer Service Department, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
May, 2006 Executive Officer, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
September, 2007 Senior Chief Officer of Customer and Quality Control Office, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
March, 2008 Senior Chief Officer of Environment Office, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
May, 2008 Managing Executive Officer, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
August, 2008 Executive Officer, CEO of Environment Office, JUSCO Co., Ltd.
May, 2010 President and Representative Director, AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd.
March, 2013 Senior Managing Executive Officer, AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Food Product Planning Division, AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
May, 2013 Director, AEON Retail Co., Ltd.


Aeon Co and Marne & Finance Europe to establish “Bio c’ Bon Japon” joint venture

Aeon Co and Marne & Finance Europe to establish “Bio c’ Bon Japon” joint venture