Maxima Grupe announces negotiations for the acquisition of Emperia Holding S.A.

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Nov-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima Grupe, UAB has started negotiations over acquisition of Emperia Holding S.A., the owner of Stokrotka retail chain. Stokrotka network was composed of 410 stores at the end of October, and the consolidated turnover of Emperia Holding S.A. group of the year 2016 was 2451 mill. PLN.

“Expansion in Poland by acquiring operating retail chain is a logical and consistent step that Maxima Grupe takes. We operate in this market since 2012 by owning retail chain Aldik. If negotiations were successful, Maxima Grupe would make a tender offer to acquire shares of Emperia Holding S.A. and all shareholders would be able to respond to it.” – comments Petras Jašinskas, chairman of the board at Maxima Grupe.”

At the moment “Maxima Grupė” controls retail chains under the names “Maxima” (in Baltics states), “Aldik” (in Poland), “T-Market” (in Bulgaria) and an electronic online shop of food and daily consumer goods “Barbora”. In 2016 consolidated turnover of “Maxima Grupė” amounted 2 693 million EUR.

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Maxima Grupė reports EUR 2.693 billion consolidated audited turnover in 2016

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-May-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — In 2016, consolidated audited turnover of “Maxima Grupė” companies in Baltic states, Poland and Bulgaria amounted to EUR 2.693 billion without VAT, consolidated net profit after tax comprised EUR 33 million, while investments in fixed assets exceeded EUR 67 million. More than EUR 179 million of taxes were paid in Lithuania.

The fastest turnover growth was recorded in Bulgaria

Last year, the consolidated turnover of “Maxima Grupė” companies was 0.4% higher than in 2015. In Bulgaria, the turnover increased by 22.1% and reached EUR 88.5 million, in Poland, it increased by 6.2% and amounted to EUR 48.2 million. In Estonia, the turnover increased by 1.1% to EUR 445 million, Latvia’s increase was 0.7% and the turnover amounted to EUR 694 million, in Lithuania, the turnover decreased by 1.4% and was EUR 1,503 billion.

The group operations were profitable; the decrease in profits were caused by unusual one-off costs

The companies of the group earned EUR 33 million of consolidated net profit, 57.4% less than in 2015 (EUR 77 million). The profit drop was mostly caused by one-off costs – assets impairment costs (EUR 22 million), Competition Council fine imposed in Lithuania (EUR 15 million), payments to the families of the victims of Zolitūde tragedy in Latvia (EUR 5 million). Without the mentioned one-off costs, the net profit would have amounted to almost EUR 75 million and it would have been 2.8% lower than in 2015. “Maxima LT” having the largest turnover, trade area and number of shops, earned EUR 54 million of net profits in 2016, 26.1% less than in 2015 (5.7% less without one-off fine imposed by the Competition Council).

The trade area and number of shops increased

In 2016 group companies invested over EUR 67 million in fixed assets. Trade area of “Maxima” in all countries increased by 3.6% and amounted to 548 thousand square metres. At the end of 2016 the group managed 552 Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik and T-Market stores: 237 in Lithuania, 150 in Latvia, 74 in Estonia, 61 in Bulgaria and 30 in Poland. Compared to 535 shops operated in 2015.

Maxima Grupė, UAB is a holding company founded in 2007, which controls retail trade companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. At the end of 2016, “Maxima Grupė” companies employed 30,945 people, with more than a half (16,555) of them working in Lithuania.

Comment of Robertas Čipkus, CEO at Maxima Grupė, UAB

Operating under the increased competition in 2016 “Maxima Grupė” companies were actively transforming their business. Corporate governance structure was reorganized and the management of subsidiary companies in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia was strengthened. The active business development has been implemented in Bulgaria and the reorganisation of business started in Poland.

The turnover of “Maxima Grupė” remained stable, while the decreased profits of the group were mainly influenced by unusual one-off costs.

We see great opportunities for further business growth in 2017. Macroeconomic situation in markets where our business enterprises operate remains stable, consumers’ expectations are improving, and consumption is growing. We will continue to expand business growth in foreign markets and to strengthen existing positions in Lithuania, where the largest part of “Maxima” business is located.

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Maxima Grupė announces management changes

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Feb-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Once Alvydas Šustikas decided to leave Maxima Grupė managing retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria, the Board of the company appointed a new CEO and a Chairman of the Board. Since 8 February, Robertas Čipkus, Director of Finance of the company, will be appointed the CEO of Maxima Grupė and board member of Maxima LT. Petras Jašinskas, a member of the Company’s Board, was elected the Chair of the Board of Maxima Grupė. Legal Director Eugenijus Filonovas was also appointed to the Board of Maxima Grupė.

“We are very grateful to Alvydas Šustikas for his contribution and professionalism in the development of the group’s activities and the launched new stage of its transformation” – said the Chair of the Board of UAB Vilniaus Prekyba Raimonda Kižienė.

According to R. Kižienė, Maxima Grupė will continue its role as a consolidating institution; however, its role in the organization of Maxima business will change, because the company’s activities are moving closer to the business taking place in each country. “After the governance reform, we can coordinate and adopt more decisions in supervisory institutions established in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, where to managers of Maxima Grupė have also been delegated” – said R. Kižienė.

UAB Vilniaus Prekyba started changing the governance of its subsidiaries in December of last year. Boards were formed or renewed in Vilniaus Prekyba Group companies Maxima Grupė, Maxima LT, Maxima Latvia, Maxima Eesti, Euroapotheca, Akropolis Group, Ermitažas and Franmax. The aim of the change is to improve corporate governance by delegating members of the Board and CEOs of parent companies to boards of subsidiaries. This step is also aimed at ensuring sustainable development of companies and increasing their performance efficiency.


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Maxima Grupė appoints Jaunius Špakauskas as Head of Corporate Affairs of Maxima LT

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Jan-25 — /EPR Retail News/ — Jaunius Špakauskas, who is currently Head of Corporate Affairs at Maxima Grupė, starting 24th of January, will assume the position of Head of Corporate Affairs at Maxima LT, subsidiary of Maxima Grupė. The move is part of Maxima LT corporate governance improvement plan.

The Board of Maxima LT has made a decision, to remove position of Head of Retail in the company. The move affect Departments of Purchases, Commercial Analysis and Marketing which will be under direct supervision of Kristina Meidė, CEO and Member of the Board at Maxima LT.

Department of Corporate Affairs at Maxima LT is being rearranged as well. Rosvaldas Gorbačiovas, former Head of Corporate Affairs at Maxima LT, will become Head of Communities Relations Unit within Department of Corporate Affairs. This newly founded unit will be responsible for establishing and strengthening relationships with communities in which Maxima LT currently operate.

J. Špakauskas previous functions will be covered by Arvydas Žilinskas, Head of Corporate Affairs at the parent company of Maxima Grupė – Vilniaus prekyba.

There are no plans to fill an open position at Maxima Grupė.


Arvydas Žilinskas
Head of Corporate Affairs

UAB „Vilniaus prekyba“, Ozo g. 25, LT-07150 Vilnius
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Maxima Grupė acquires Barbora the largest e-commerce company in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Jan-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima Grupė that manages retail chains in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland, has acquired the largest e-commerce company for food and other products in Lithuania – Barbora. This grown-up and developed start-up, delivering Maxima goods in Vilnius, will be integrated with other Maxima Grupė’s e-commerce companies in Latvia and Estonia.

This deal will not affect Barbora’s quality of service, assortment of products or price. Successful management team will continue to lead the company.

“Barbora is a leader in its field. It has developed justifying business model, loyal customers’ base and high consumer trust.  Generally, we believe that e-commerce business is up-and-coming. We see this in Latvia and Estonia where e-commerce channel is consistently growing,” says Alvydas  Šustikas, Maxima Grupė’s Chairman of the Board and CEO.

“Experience of Barbora demonstrates that separately developed e-commerce field grows faster. Thus, Barbora will operate as a separate business unit in Maxima Grupė and we want to continue strengthening it. We are going not only to expand into other cities in Lithuania, but also integrate into Barbora’s activities already working e-Maxima’s companies in Latvia and Estonia,” says A. Šustikas.

According to A. Šustikas, Barbora and Maxima LT have formed a strategic partnership so acquisition of former company is logical solution helping to achieve greater synergy in business.

“Approximately 90% of all startups fail because of self-destruction. This means that the biggest part of startups goes bankrupt not because of market conditions or lack of success, but because of their developers’ lack of preparedness, bad business decisions and improper assessment of the risks. Also, very important factor is proper evaluation of the startup development phase,” – one of the Barbora’s founders Ignas Staškevičius explains decision to sell the company.

“Barbora’s increase over the past few years is impressive. This is a great example of how to develop a small, dynamic company and refine its business model. Currently, Barbora covers only Vilnius area, but it is clear that quality of new development stage has been reached and now there is a need to expand the company’s business geography. At this stage of expansion we need to reach scale effect and for that we need greater capital and full backing. Therefore, the decision to sell the company has been made“, I. Staškevičius says.

Maxima Grupė acquired 100% shares of JSC Radas controlling 100% of company Barbora. These shares were sold for the market price set by independent asset valuation by Nerijus Numavičius controlling JSC Tema Holdings and Ignas Staškevičius, controlling JSC Kalpa. 95% and 5% of shares were owned by the shareholders accordingly.

The value of the transaction is 1.4 million EUR.

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Head of Corporate Affairs
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Maxima grupė announces 2.683 billion euro audited consolidated turnover, exclusive of VAT in 2015

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016-May-31 — /EPR Retail News/ — In 2015, the audited consolidated turnover, exclusive of VAT, of the companies of Maxima grupė in the Baltic States, Poland and Bulgaria amounted to 2.683 billion euro. The consolidated net profit after taxes was 77 million euro, and investments in business development and maintenance exceeded 75 million euro. Over 176 million euro in taxes were paid in Lithuania.

Last year, the consolidated turnover of the companies of the group grew in all the countries and was 3.7 per cent higher than in 2014. In Lithuania, it grew by 2 per cent and was equal to 1.524 billion euro, in Latvia by 2.1 per cent and amounted to 689 million euro, in Estonia by 9.9 per cent with a turnover of 440.8 million euro, in Bulgaria by 10.2 per cent, which was equal to 72.5 million euro, and in Poland by 17.8 per cent, with a figure of 45.4 million euro in the audited turnover.

In 2015, the companies of the group invested 75.2 million euro in business maintenance and development, an increase of 34.3 per cent over 2014. A total of 25 new stores were opened, 16 stores were reconstructed, and a new modern logistics centre was opened near Tallinn in Estonia.

The group earned 77 million euro in consolidated net profit. As in 2014, the companies in Lithuania and Poland were profitable. The companies in Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland finished the year with a loss due to the high investments in business development. Maxima LT, which has the largest trade area and greatest number of stores, had the highest turnover of the group, with a net profit of 72 million euro.

The improved annual financial results of the companies were determined by the lower franchise tax, new improved internal processes, successful development which allowed the companies to grow, significantly changed purchasing habits of the consumers of the Baltic States, as well as the structurally changed basket of goods.

The taxes of the companies of Maxima grupė in Lithuania also grew in 2015. A total of 176 million euro was paid in taxes last year, an increase of 10.7 per cent over the previous year.

This year, the companies of Maxima grupė plan to increase their investment in business development and maintenance by a third more than last year’s amount, with an estimated expenditure of 99.5 million euro. A large proportion of this amount — over 55 million euro — will be allocated for Lithuania.

MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB is a controlling company registered in 2007, which currently consolidates retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. 528 stores of Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik, T-Market operate in them: in Lithuania, 232 stores operate, in Latvia – 148, in Estonia – 74, in Bulgaria – 48, in Poland – 26. More than 31 thousand workers are employed in the Companies of the Group.

More information:
Giedrius Juozapavičius
Corporate Affairs Manager | Maxima Grupė

Alvydas Šustikas to succeed Neringa Janavičiūtė as as CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016-May-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Alvydas Šustikas will take over as CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ controlling retail chain MAXIMA in Lithuania and retail chains in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria from May 21. He will replace current CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ, Neringa Janavičiūtė, who is leaving the group of companies.

‘I have gone a long and interesting way in the companies of MAXIMA, and by completing my work here, I may summarize that the companies of the Group operate steadily, and the foreseen plans and projects are implemented. Over the last few years, I think, we successfully achieved the key goals set by the shareholder. I am leaving the office calmly and with a strong belief in the team which will now hold the helm of MAXIMA’, said N. Janavičiūtė.

‘I thank Neringa Janavičiūtė for her many years of work at MAXIMA GRUPĖ and other associated companies, and wish her good luck in her future work. Many new and continuous challenges lie ahead for the new CEO, the most important of which are to increase the business competitiveness, strengthen the positions in the foreign markets, and continue to implement the contemporary model of business management in all companies of the group’, said Raimonda Kižienė, CEO of Vilniaus prekyba, UAB, which is the shareholder of MAXIMA GRUPĖ.

For the last four years, new CEO Alvydas Šustikas headed the company Azeri Retail established by the Austrian Investment Fund EMSA Capital which controls the Azerbaijani retail store chain Fresco. Before then, for eight years, he had held various leading positions in the retail store chain RIMI Lietuva; and for two years in the trade company Ekovalda.

A. Šustikas graduated in Business Management at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, had an internship at Ahold Retail Academy of the Netherlands.
The changes concern only the holding company, and companies in the local market continue their operations as usual.

MAXIMA GRUPĖ, UAB is a controlling company registered in 2007, which currently consolidates retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. 528 stores of Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik, T-Market operate in them: in Lithuania, 232 stores operate, in Latvia – 148, in Estonia – 74, in Bulgaria – 48, in Poland – 26. More than 31 thousand workers are employed in the Companies of the Group.

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Giedrius Juozapavičius
Corporate Affairs Manager | Maxima Grupė

Maxima Grupė starts operations at the biggest and up-to-date logistics centre in Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia, 2016-Feb-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima Grupė made a substantial step of development in Estonia – the biggest and up-to-date logistics centre in the country started its operations. It will contribute in greater efficiency of Maxima activity in the country and will ensure the highest quality of products.

The logistics centre operating near Tallinn, in Rae Parish, Kurna village occupies approximately 45 thousand sq. Metres. It consists of three warehouses – dry, cooling, and container areas; here are erected 130 transportation platforms. The logistics centre will have a staff of 350 employees.

Maxima Grupė invested in the Estonian logistics centre 35 M. EUR. It is the biggest Maxima Grupė development project of the last year.

“The decision to build the new logistics centre was dictated by business logic and business development conducted in Estonia over the recent years. The new centre will allow development of activity in a significantly more efficient scope. It will ensure efficient commodities supply chain and will facilitate more rapid delivery of goods to the stores. Thus, we will achieve even greater freshness and quality of the goods. I can boldly state that the benefit of the newly arranged supply chain processes will be felt both by our customers in Estonia and, first of all, by our employees” – stated Neringa Janavičiūtė, General Manager of Maxima Grupė.

According to Maxima Eesti manager Vygintas Šapokas, the new logistics centre gives a sense to the development of trade network conducted over the recent years and extends the capacity of Maxima Eesti facilities. “Already today Maxima is one of the biggest retail sales networks in Estonia. Daily we service over 150 thousand Customers and their number continuously increases. From now on we will be able to offer our customers even bigger choice of goods, will expand our collaboration with local manufacturers and will ensure our customers even better access to Estonian products in Maxima stores” – stated Mr. V. Šapokas.

Currently in Estonia already operate 75 Maxima stores. Last year five new stores were opened and one was renovated in Estonia; and its year Maxima Eesti finished opening its first large format Maxima XXX supermarket in Tallinn.

Until now, part of warehousing services in Estonia Maxima was purchasing from local companies, while remaining cargoes would be delivered from Lithuania and Latvia. Own logistics centre will ensure more efficient warehousing, storage and delivery of goods; also will allow more flexible acceptance and setting of the goods in the stores.

Meantime, goods are supplied to the Maxima stores operating in Estonia from dry product warehouse. Gradually their supply from other warehouses installed in the centre will also be commenced; and operation of the logistics centre in full capacity will start in August. From here, over 30 thousand goods will be supplied to the stores and approximately 200 cargo vans will be serviced daily.

The new Maxima logistics centre can be distinguished not only by its impressive size. When building this centre, sophisticated construction materials were used and the most innovative technologies were applied. For instance, white roof of the logistics centre is covered with titanium oxide roofing. It allows absorbing from the air CO2 gas and thus reducing air pollution. Furthermore, sophisticated roof will ensure achieving lower air temperatures inside the building in summer and significantly more efficient usage of ventilation and conditioning systems.

The warehouses are equipped using the newest warehousing technologies. They are implemented in all processes – starting from acceptance of goods, warehousing/storage and loading. High quality of the goods will be ensured storing them in the rooms with different temperatures: depending on the category of goods, room temperature will be maintained from +18 to -24 ºC, and in a special deep freezing chamber it will reach even -30 ºC. The warehouses are equipped with Warehouse Management System (WMS), cross-docking function, transport planning and yard management systems, robotized container sorting, recycling material sorting and automated packaging of these materials and all these systems and equipment will be extensively applied and used. Many of the processes are automated and computerised. For instance, the following systems are fully computerised: hoisting equipment battery charging, impact accounting, complementing, illumination and heating. Employees have comfortable working places, changing rooms are equipped with modern equipment, resting places for smoker and non-smoker staff are provided.

The giant facilities, construction of which began started in September 2014, were built and completed within the shortest ever time. Construction process was organised and project managed by JSC GVP Invest. All works in Estonia performed by local companies. The facilities were designed by Nord Projekt, general contractor of constructions was Rand ja Tuulberg, and supervision of construction works was conducted by Telora-E.

Maxima Grupė is a holding company founded in 2007. It controls retail trade companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. The Group has a total of 535 Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik, and T-Market shops: 233 shops in Lithuania, 148 – in Latvia, 75 – in Estonia, 48 – in Bulgaria, and 31 – in Poland. The Group’s companies have over 31,000 employees.


More information:
Giedrius Juozapavičius
Corporate Affairs Manager | Maxima Grupė


Maxima Grupė starts operations at the biggest and up-to-date logistics centre in Estonia

Maxima Grupė starts operations at the biggest and up-to-date logistics centre in Estonia

Maxima Grupė further expands in Estonia with the opening of its first MAXIMA XXX in Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia, 2015-12-15 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima Grupė continues its development in Estonia. The 75th Maxima Eesti-owned shop was opened in Tallinn, which marks a new stage of development – it is the first MAXIMA XXX in Estonia’s capital Tallinn. The investment of 16.5 million euro had been reserved for acquisition of land, construction and furnishing of the shop.

The new shopping centre is a part of an intense plans of development of Maxima Grupė in Estonia. It is the fifth new shop in Estonia this year. As of the end of this year, Maxima Grupė will have opened 25 new and reconstructed 16 shops in five countries of its operations.

“Opening of the new “Super-size Maxima XXX” in Tallinn is a result of an important qualitative step of development. The development of large-format shops in Tallinn commenced two years ago is fundamentally changing the image of Maxima in Estonia and increasing the competitiveness of the retail chain” – said Managing Director of Maxima Grupė Neringa Janavičiūtė.

The acting Mayor of Tallinn, Deputy Mayor Taavi Aas who has attended the opening of the shop took note of Maxima Eesti’s consistent contribution to the welfare of the residents of Tallinn for many years. “In the last year alone, Maxima Eesti opened 3 new shops in the city’s residential neighbourhoods and created nearly 350 permanent jobs and local infrastructure” – said Taavi Aas.

The new Maxima will be the largest in Tallinn both in floor area and the number of employees. The area of the trade hall is 4 thousand m2, the total area of the shopping centre is 6 thousand m2. The buyers are serviced every day by 260 employees and there will be more products of Estonian companies in the offerings of the shop.

On the opening day the new shop has reached a shopping record among Maxima shops in Estonia – it was visited by 10 thousand buyers.

“This is the first shop of its size in the capital. The buyers will find the best supply of fresh produce, the best goods of Estonian producer and unique novelties from around the world. I am confident that this step will bring us closer to the goal – to offer what the largest number of customers need and take the leading position in Estonia” – said Vygintas Šapoka, Maxima Eesti Executive Director.

16 more Maxima X shops and 7 Maxima XX shops are open in Tallinn, central headquarters of Maxima Eesti are located in the city as well. The retail chain has created 1,500 jobs in the capital in total. There are 51 more shops in other regions of Estonia. Construction of the new Maxima logistics centre is nearing completion at present in Estonia. It will become operational early next year. The investment of approximately 30 million euro is dedicated for the implementation of this project.

“The turnover of Maxima Eesti in the first half of this year was EUR 213 million excluding VAT, an increase of 9.3 per cent compared with the last year.

Maxima Grupė is a holding company incorporated in 2007, which manages the retail trade companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. 532 shops Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik, T-Market are a part of it: 232 of them in Lithuania, 148 in Latvia, 75 in Estonia, 47 in Bulgaria, 30 in Poland.

More information:
Giedrius Juozapavičius
Corporate Affairs Manager | Maxima Grupė


MAXIMA GRUPĖ invested more than one million euros into safety projects this year

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015-11-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — MAXIMA GRUPĖ, controlling the retail companies in the Baltic countries, Poland and Bulgaria, this year continued with the projects that were started in 2014 and aimed at ensuring the safety of the personnel and consumers and making all the necessary changes within companies. MAXIMA GRUPĖ has invested more than one million euros into the safety projects this year.

“The tragedy that had happened in Riga, Zolitūdė two years ago will remain forever in our company’s history. It was a painful lesson which shocked us all but at the same time led us to change. We are continuously implementing the changes within our companies. We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that such a disaster will never happen again”, – noted Neringa Janavičiūtė, CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ.

This year company carried on with the extraordinary inspection of building structures and personnel training on safety, also in all the buildings additional civilian and fire safety measures are being updated and deployed. Over one million euros were dedicated for that.

Support for the victims, changes within the company and co-operation with the authorities were the major tasks for MAXIMA Latvia this year. “As announced by the Latvian Prosecutor-General, two years ago on 21st of November in Zolitūdė tragedy has occurred due to the construction flaws. Construction defect, faulty designs and inadequate organizing of the construction process were the reasons for tragedy. The investigation is completed now, the materials were provided to the court and it is expected that the trial will begin later this year. In turn we take the full moral responsibility for what had happened, and continue to provide support for victims and those, who had lost their relatives”, – said N. Janavičiūtė.

Company continues monthly payments to the children who had lost their parents during this disaster. Payments were started immediately after the disaster and will be provided until they reach adulthood. Right after the disaster the company has donated more than 2.1 million euros to the victims and those who had lost their relatives.

Last year MAXIMA Latvia arranged the plot where the shop stood. It was announced that no commercial activity would be carried out there and SIA TINEO, owned by Company’s shareholders, donated this plot to Riga city municipality. In the future the monument will be installed there for the memory of the victims. According to N. Janavičiūtė, what should be placed of remembrance, should be decided by the relatives of the victims and Zolitūde district’s residents.

“It is also important that MAXIMA Latvia team is recovering after experiencing the shock and emotional challenges. We believe that huge efforts of our personnel and management is also noted by Latvian society. That is the largest and most important appreciation of changes that is happening right now”, highlighted CEO of MAXIMA GRUPĖ.

MAXIMA GRUPĖ is a company, established in 2007, that controls retail stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. It has 532 “MAXIMA X”, “MAXIMA XX”, “MAXIMA XXX”, “ALDIK”, and “T-MARKET” stores: 233 in Lithuania, 148 in Latvia, 75 in Estonia, 47 in Bulgaria, and 29 in Poland.

For more information:
Giedrius Juozapavičius,
Head of Corporate Affairs
Tel.: +370 659 15118
El. p.


MAXIMA GRUPĖ owned MAXIMA Eesti becomes the first retail chain in Estonia to open a store online

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015-3-3 — /EPR Retail News/ — MAXIMA Eesti owned by MAXIMA GRUPĖ became the first retail chain in Estonia to open a store online. Residents of Tallinn and its surroundings are now able to buy more than 6000 different types of everyday food and drinks, vegetables, fruits, perishable and frozen products.

MAXIMA was also the first to offer online shopping possibilities to residents of other Baltic States – in Lithuania online shop was launched in 2011, in Latvia – in 2012.

“We carefully observe customers’ needs and try to use our best experience in other countries where our companies operate. The project of online shopping is one of the examples, when the project, created in Lithuania, was moved to Latvia and, finally, developed in Estonia”, – says General Director of MAXIMA GRUPĖ Neringa Janavičiūtė.

The new E-MAXIMA in Estonia is available since the beginning of February. The most demanded its products turn to be water, diapers and milk products. Prices online are the same as in MAXIMA shopping centers. Besides to this, customers can also use the same discounts as in the stores.

The first E-MAXIMA store was opened in Vilnius, Lithuania, in February 2011. Last March, it was replaced by the new online shop BARBORA, set up by the shareholders, according to a bilateral strategic partnership with MAXIMA LT. Meanwhile, E-MAXIMA was launched in March 2012 in Riga, Latvia. It is currently the only grocery store on the Internet in this country.

MAXIMA GRUPĖ is a holding company, established in 2007, that controls retail stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. It operates 519 stores MAXIMA X, MAXIMA XX, MAXIMA XXX, ALDIK and T-MARKET: 228 of them are located in Lithuania, 147 in Latvia, 73 in Estonia, 44 in Bulgaria and 27 in Poland.

Additional information:
Giedrius Juozapavičius,
Head of Corporate Affairs
Tel.: +370 659 15118

MAXIMA GRUPĖ reports of EUR 2,583 billion Turnover in 2014; 2.5% up compared to 2013

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015-2-5 — /EPR Retail News/ — Last year the consolidated turnover of the company “MAXIMA GRUPĖ” was EUR 2,583 billion without VAT, and grew 2.5 percent as compared with 2013. The retail chains belonging to the company in the Baltics, Poland, and Bulgaria focused on increasing the competitiveness and more effective organization of operations. 17 new stores were opened and 31 reconstructed during the year. The company‘s investment in expansion and chain maintenance in 2014 totaled almost EUR 56 million.

“As in the most countries we further observe rational consumers behavior that predetermines moderate but stable market growth, during the last years we mostly focused on increasing the companies’ competitiveness, first of all taking into account the interests of our consumers. Moreover, we paid significant attention to improving the operational processes of the companies’ in each country, starting from supply, the logistics chain, and management of the assortment of goods and finishing with improving of the working conditions in our stores. These working directions will remain relevant in the future as well”, – says Neringa Janavičiūtė, Director General of “MAXIMA GRUPĖ”, UAB.

N. Janavičiūtė notes that in terms of results by country, the company growth was the highest last year in Poland and Estonia. The turnover of “ALDIK” chain in Poland reached EUR 37.7 million without VAT and, compared to 2013, was 21.6 percent higher. Such swift growth is observed in the country for the second consecutive year. Two “ALDIK” stores were opened in Warsaw last year, and further chain expansion is planned this year as well.

Comparing the results in the Baltic States, for the third year in a row the biggest growth took place in Estonia. Total “MAXIMA Eesti” turnover exceeded EUR 401 million without VAT and was 5.2 percent higher than in 2013. These results were influenced by the increase of company’s competitiveness by expanding the chain of large stores in the Estonian capital: the started expansion of large format (“XX” format) stores proved fruitful and will be continued, and the first “MAXIMA XXX” store will open in Tallinn at the end of this year. Also last year the company started building a new logistics center, worth almost EUR 30 million. The end of its construction is estimated at the end of 2015.

In Lithuania the results reflected the country‘s overall economic growth trends. The turnover of “MAXIMA LT” grew 2.5 percent in 2014 and surpassed EUR 1,417 billion without VAT. One of the company‘s key objectives in 2014 was the proper preparation for the adoption of the Euro, and this went smoothly at the beginning of this year. In 2015 the company will focus mostly on ensuring the competitiveness.

“MAXIMA Latvija” turnover reached EUR 660 million without VAT last year, which is practically the same as the year before, having increased 0.1 percent. The company allocated the biggest attention and resources to implementing the Change Program – it was dedicated for this purpose over EUR 11 million.

The yearly turnover of “MAXIMA Bulgaria” was EUR 65.6 million without VAT and grew 4.2 percent. This year company also has plans to expand its chain by further increasing the number of small format “T-MARKET” stores.

“MAXIMA GRUPĖ” is a holding company, established in 2007, that controls retail stores in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Bulgaria. It has a total of 517 “MAXIMA X”, “MAXIMA XX”, “MAXIMA XXX”, “ALDIK”, and “T-MARKET” stores: 228 in Lithuania, 146 in Latvia, 73 in Estonia, 44 in Bulgaria, and 26 in Poland.


Maxima Eesti owned by MAXIMA GRUPE starts construction of new logistics centre in Harjumma County in Estonia

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014-10-1— /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima Eesti owned by MAXIMA GRUPE started the construction of a new logistics centre in Harjumma County in Estonia. The total area of the centre, the warehouse and the office will be about 45 thousand square meters and will cost over LTL 100 million. About 350 vacancies will be offered after the construction  is complete in the end of  2015.  On Friday the time capsule was buried at the construction site by Manager of Maxima Eesti Vaidotas Pacesa, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Urve Palo and representatives of Rae municipality and the building company.

‘The business logic and business development in Estonia during the last years became the result of the decision to build a new logistics centre. Until now the part of the storage services in Estonia were bought from local companies and the remaining goods were delivered from Lithuania and Latvia. The new  logistics center will lead to more efficient business development and a faster goods delivery to Maxima stores in Estonia, thus ensuring even greater freshness and quality of the products,’  said MAXIMA GRUPE General Director Neringa Janavičiute.

The new logistics center will be located next to Tallinn bypass road. The location is very convenient for both:  goods delivery by the partners and goods distribution to the stores across the country. ‘We are very pleased that the government, local authorities and business co-operate in the project of this scale developing the surrounding infrastructure and totally reconstructing Tallinn bypass road,’ said Maxima Eesti Managing Director Vaidotas Pacesa. According to him, the company will invest more than LTL 1.7 million in the infrastructure of Rae municipality next to the future logistics center. Maxima also supports local social projects.

The new logistics center will become a central warehouse complex in the country, which will serve all Maxima stores in Estonia. The center will consist of dry and frozen food warehouses, including 13 platforms for acceptance of goods, which will be able to serve about 300 trucks a day. Modern solutions will be implemented in the object:  a special warehouse management system and a temperature controlled goods storage. This will be one of the largest logistics centers built in the country at the same time.

The new logistics center was designed by Nord Projekt As, the general contractor of the project is AS Ehitusfirma Rand  ja Tuulberg, author supervision is performed by As Telora-E. Currently there are 71 Maxima stores operating in Estonia and their number is going to be increased up to 73 by the end of the current year.

Retail companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Bulgaria controlled by MAXIMA GRUPE use their own and leased logistics centers. The warehouse area in Lithuania is over 100 thousand square meters, in Latvia – over than 60 thousand square meters. After this logistics project is implemented in Estonia, the warehouse area of the company in this country will increase to 45 thousand square meters.

MAXIMA GRUPE is a holding company set up in 2007, managing retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria. In all the countries MAXIMA GRUPE operates 511 stores: Maxima X, Maxima XX, Maxima XXX, Aldik, T-Market. Lithuania operates 228 stores, Latvia – 145, Estonia – 71, Bulgaria – 42, Poland – 25.  In 2013 the turnover of consolidated MAXIMA GRUPE was LTL 8.699 billion excluding VAT.