Titanium-Jewelry.com’s Ron Yates Speaks at Mobile Commerce Forum

Ron Yates, founder and President of Titanium-Jewelry.com, a premier online retailer of men’s jewelry, was a featured presenter at the 2011 Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce Forum in Houston, Texas earlier this month. Yates, who gave a presentation entitled “You Don’t Have to Be Big to Have a Big Mobile Presence,” was asked to speak at the forum following an Internet Retailer magazine interview regarding Titanium-Jewelry.com’s mobile website performance.

Titanium-Jewelry.com, which was founded in 2002 by Yates, has seen a user conversion rate increase of 250% in the five-weeks following the redesign of its mobile site in September 2011. Originally launched in August 2010, the company’s mobile site saw a spike in traffic from mobile devices by 51%. In addition, the company also saw conversions from mobile visitors increase by 131% and revenues rise by 101% during that time.

Speaking at the convention, Yates stated that he realized a change was needed with the Titanium-Jewelry.com after trying to navigate his e-commerce site with his newly acquired iPhone. After noticing how difficult it was to simply peruse the items on the site, much less go through the arduous task of completing the checkout process on a 2” by 3” screen, he realized that he was leaving money on the table by driving customers away. By creating a mobile version of his website, which allowed shoppers to easily navigate and shop, he found that the shoppers stayed on the mobile site longer and had more engagement, which led to more conversions. Yates also shared some practical tips and pointers that his team learned while building version 1 and version 2 of his mobile site.

Titanium-Jewelry.com has strived to be at the forefront of technology when it intersects with improving the customer shopping experience. The implementation and redesign of its mobile site is the latest iteration this ongoing endeavor.

Titanium-Jewelry.com offers modern jewelry designs from ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Heavy Stone Rings, J.R. Yates, Triton and the Belloria Black Diamond collection for her. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, cobalt rings and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female.

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Shopping for Men’s Jewelry on a Budget

Titanium-Jewelry.com, a premier online retailer specializing in mens jewelry carries the latest and largest selection of the most cutting edge pieces in titanium rings, tungsten rings, and palladium wedding bands. This leader in the jewelry industry simplifies the shopping experience for its users whom are on a budget.

Budgetary shopping for fine jewelry can be difficult. With the economic times causing difficulty for many, and financial situations always seeming to be an issue, finding affordable yet fashionable wedding bands can seem to be an almost impossible feat. Fortunately for financial conscious shoppers, Titanium-Jewelry.com offers to its consumer’s clearance sale jewelry, as well as a specific tab for shopping for rings on a modified budget.

By carrying a large selection on non-designer pieces, this premier retailer can provide stylish, modern wedding bands at a fraction of the cost. With the prices reaching as low as $49, one is sure to find the perfect ring. In addition to this, Titanium-Jewelry.com has a “Clearance Sale” section on their webpage dedicated to their guests whom may still be interested in high-end designer pieces, but at significantly more affordable pricing. These last chance items from previous seasons allow for huge savings, while also providing high-quality merchandise.

Titanium-Jewelry.com operates with the consumer in mind. If one is on a budget there is no issue. Titanium-Jewelry caters to all its clientele. With an easy-to-use website, and categorical shopping, users can enjoy the pleasurable experience, as well as feeling assured in the sophisticated, top-of-the line men’s jewelry pieces.

Titanium-Jewelry.com offers sophisticated designs from ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Adajio Watches, Heavy Stone Rings, J.R. Yates, Triton and the Belloria Black Diamond collection for her. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female.

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Titanium-Jewelry.com Reports Sales Increase

Titanium-Jewelry.com, a premier online retailer of men’s jewelry, tungsten rings and men’s wedding rings announced today that sales of its mens rings and jewelry this month have increased month over month. Traditionally the busiest wedding month, June attracts Father’s Day and graduation gift shoppers.

Titanium-Jewelry.com Reports Sales Increase

“We’re extremely pleased by the increased volume of orders in the last few weeks,” said Ron Yates, founder, Titanium-Jewelry.com. “Men’s jewelry is a popular item on the gift list for graduation and Father’s Day gifts, and we’re proud to offer a variety of styles and designs to suit any personality. Men’s rings in tungsten, black titanium and palladium have been our best sellers, followed by tungsten bracelets.”

Titanium-Jewelry.com reports that some of the new men’s ring purchases were for dads updating their wedding bands to a contemporary metal style. Others have been to commemorate graduation for a son, grandson, nephew or other close male relative or friend.

“With the rise in gold and platinum prices, customers are finding excellent value and cutting edge designs in contemporary metals such as tungsten carbide, black titanium and precious palladium. Tungsten has been the most popular metal of choice for men’s rings. According to a recent survey performed by The Knot, 19% of all men’s wedding band purchases in 2009 were made of tungsten carbide. Many men like the scratch resistant qualities of tungsten carbide wedding bands.

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Titanium-Jewelry.com Offers Discount on Hot Trends in Men’s Wedding Bands

Titanium-Jewelry.com, a premier online retailer of mens jewelry, tungsten rings and men’s wedding bands announces $25 discount and free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Titanium-Jewelry.com is proud to offer customers the finest selection of contemporary mens rings, at affordable prices. In addition, the site offers lifetime ring resizing and a 30-day love it or return it policy.

“A continuing trend in men’s jewelry combines alternative metals, such as tungsten and black diamonds,” said Ron Yates, founder, Titanium-Jewelry.com, returning recently f r o m a jewelry trade show in Las Vegas. “Men like the industrial feel of tungsten carbide and the fact that it will probably never scratch. For those who want a little more bling, black diamonds are hot.”

According to industry leaders, contemporary metals such as tungsten carbide and black titanium, now account for about 50 percent of men’s wedding band sales. With the price of gold and platinum at, or near, all time highs, contemporary metals have been very popular in the last few years. Coupled with this factor is that men like the “industrial” durability of these new metals and their masculine look and feel. New men’s jewelry styles using contemporary metals are unique and attention grabbing and unlike any styles seen in the past.

The FORGE tungsten ring by Benchmark is a popular example of tungsten and black diamonds, featuring three round brilliant black diamonds. Each black diamond is set in a white gold bezel, is about .10ct, for a total weight of .30ctw. The black diamonds are set against satin finished tungsten. A high-polished groove in the center wraps around the entire ring – providing a nice contrast against the smoky colored satined area. The ring’s comfort fit inside profile makes this great-looking ring easy to wear.

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Tayloright Announces Launch Of tungstenrings.com

Today Tayloright announced the opening of their newest online store – tungstenrings.com – providing customers with a wide variety of men’s tungsten rings at substantial discounts. The opening of tungstenrings.com marks the fourth online store by Tayloright dedicated to selling men’s rings.

This new web site offers men’s rings featuring Tungsten Carbide – the hottest selling “alternative metal wedding band” in the world. Tungsten Carbide is virtually indestructible, comes in a wide array of styles including a new diamond line from Triton, and all rings are scratch-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty.

“Our customers are increasingly searching for tungsten rings online due to an increasing upward pricing trend in the retail sector. Our online stores offer substantial discounts off of high retail jewelry prices by reducing or eliminating high overhead costs. We have observed that our customers are becoming more internet savvy and comfortable with purchasing from online retailers, particularly when they are protected using secure credit card payment methods such as PayPay”, said Taylor Johnson president of Tayloright.

Tungstenrings.com will continue to monitor customer buying trends and if demand justifies it, other product lines such as titanium, gold and silver, and cobalt rings will be added beyond just tungsten rings in the near future. In addition to focusing on a quality product line, tungstenrings.com offers a “Customer Satisfaction Guarantee” including a 30-day return policy and a lifetime warranty on all of its rings.

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Titanium-Jewelry.com Introduces New Seranite and Tungsten Rings by Benchmark

Titanium-Jewelry.com, a trusted online resource for men’s wedding bands and matching wedding bands, introduces the new Seranite and tungsten rings by Benchmark. Seranite is a propriety black ceramic based material that is scratch resistant.

“As a company that prides itself on carrying stylish, modern jewelry backed by an equally stellar customer service record, Titanium-Jewelry.com is pleased to introduce the new Seranite collection of men’s rings by Benchmark,” said Ron Yates, founder, Titanium-Jewelry.com. “The smooth elegance of Seranite contrasted against the polish of durable tungsten creates a perfect combination of beauty and functionality.”

Known for introducing the “Comfort Fit” design in wedding bands, Benchmark has 40 years of excellence in the jewelry industry, offering tungsten, titanium and diamond rings and bands, and the new Seranite collection. Titanium-Jewelry.com offers the JULIAN, BRADEN, REISS, GABLE, GREGORY and the striking MANTA ring. All of the rings contain Seranite and feature Benchmark’s comfort fit.

The JULIAN Seranite and sterling silver concave ring by Benchmark measures 8mm wide. In the center of this concaved wedding band is a 3mm inlay of sterling silver. The BRADEN Seranite and tungsten carbide ring measures 7mm wide. Inlaid in the center of the Seranite wedding band is a strip of highly polished tungsten carbide.

The GREGORY Seranite and tungsten is a flat band that features a perfect contrast of black Seranite against polished tungsten carbide, finished with a beveled edge for understated elegance. This is a timeless wedding band whose beauty is designed to last. The REISS and GABLE black Seranite and tungsten carbide rings feature more detailed ridges for a distinctive look and comfort fit.

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Titanium-Jewelry.com Offers An Extensive Collection Of Contemporary Jewelry In Modern Metals And Designs

Titanium-Jewelry.com, a trusted online resource for titanium rings, tungsten rings, matching wedding bands and men’s rings, is pleased to introduce matching rose gold wedding bands from Benchmark. Rose gold rings are the latest addition to Titanium-Jewelry.com’s extensive selection of unique jewelry.

One of the latest trends in wedding bands is that of Rose Gold, also called red gold. “Rose gold wedding bands are hot now for folks looking for a precious metal wedding band that is different and unique,” said Ron Yates, founder, Titanium-Jewelry.com. “Rose gold isn’t new; it was a very popular metal used in Retro period jewelry back in the 1940’s. But it had been forgotten for decades until recently. Modern couples are discovering and appreciating the rich beautiful color of rose gold.”

Most rose gold wedding bands are either 14K (.583 pure) or 18K (.750 pure). Rose gold gets it reddish tint due to copper being used as the primary alloy during the manufacturing process. The unique color of the rose gold against the skin is striking and creates many conversation opportunites.

The new rose gold wedding bands by Benchmark are 18K and available in two widths, 4.5mm and 7.5mm. They are also available in two profiles, flat and domed.

Titanium-Jewelry.com offers sophisticated designs f r o m ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Formotion Watches, J.R. Yates and Triton. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female demographic.


Fabulous Offers On Men’s Rings For The Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season! Time to shop, eat and make merry. And, Just Mens Rings shows you exactly how to make the festive time of the year even more special.

Place your order during the holiday season and get an attractive Holiday Gift Box absolutely FREE! Also, the cost of JMR’s first class shipping has been reduced. Now get your rings delivered at your doorstep or gift them – all dolled up for a cost that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

JMR offers a wide selection of rings in all metals, including tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver and the new Benchmark designer collection of gold, palladium and platinum. In addition, you will find whopping discounts of up to 75%, “30 day guarantee” and same day shipping.

Looking for a comfort fit ring? JMR has upgraded designs so that all rings that can be made with comfort fit are now offered and ALL tungsten rings are comfort fit!

Our Benchmark bands are created by highly talented designers and skilled craftsmen. They come with a lifetime guarantee; replacement in case of damage and resizing if your finger size changes. These finely created branded pieces are definite keepers. And guess what! All Benchmark rings include Free First Class Domestic and International Shipping on orders over $99.00, and usually ship in 3- 4 days.

Built on the foundation of perfection, creativity and class, Just Mens Rings focuses on prime quality rings, availability in all sizes (including large sizes) and most of all making it all affordable.

Just Men’s Rings is your one stop shop for top quality men’s rings. JMR offers the largest assortment of fashion rings for men; whether it’s a classy wedding band that you are looking for, or a hip ring to go with your edgy personality.

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