Milanoo Releases New Products: Toys

Milanoo introduces its new range of products. Now you can get soft toys of your favorite toon characters at From now on, Milanoo is just not another online shopping store where you can get your garments, handbags and accessories or footwear. The appeal of the store has expanded to include the fabulous range of soft toys for kids. You have everything here from Lilo soft toys to the comic monkey faces, dog bones, to the Kawai Plush Flat Pant Sponge Bob, white fuzz toys, rose bear, cuddly dolphin, pink teddy bear, velvet candy and the like.

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The white fuzz kids’ soft toy is something you would definitely love giving your kids. Featuring a beautiful design, the teddy has a softly accented fabric adoption that makes your little one happy and comfortable. This cuddly white teddy bear has a white and red heart in its hands. The white heart is laced with soft transparent red colored lace which stands out distinctively in the entire piece. The ears and feet of the teddy are totally as white as snow and it adds to the overall get up of the product. It is a must have for all the tiny ones.

The Sponge Bob Square Pants is a delight for the little customers of It is a plush toy that any kid will want to have. It is even perfect for gifting on birthdays and special occasions and gatherings for the kids. Sponge Bob Square Pants is a gorgeous soft toy to own and is known for its competitive price and high quality. The soft toy features the elevated nose of Sponge Bob in the squared face. The eyes are huge and round and done in blue. There are 3 eyebrows on either side which makes the toy too much to resist. The thin limbs are definitely rendered out of proportion by the otherwise okay figure.

If it is a doggy bone that you are looking for, check out the beige dog bone for your canine to play with and keep them occupied. This soft toy can even double up as a pillow, other than a plaything. The beige colored bone is soft and at the same time unique. The high quality is matched with a competitive price and the pillow is made of soft velvet. The bone background and small pillow in front with the white doggy bone inscribed into it makes it simply charming, to say the least.

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Save on Bedding Sets at Milanoo

Bedding is an important accessory of every house. It is very natural that if you have the right kind of bedding in the house the whole look of the house changes. If you look at the bedding accessories offered by you will be simply amazed to come across some of the wonderful bed covers and the bed sheets. The materials of which the bed sheets are made of are very comfortable. They also have a very attractive look. If you are searching the elegant looks there is not much problem as there is a wide option. On the other hand if you are trying to find something which has a bright look even then you will not be disappointed if you look into You can get the floral look as well as the classy look. When it comes to the bedding from it can be said that the only limit is your imagination.

The four-piece floral bedding set which is available from is absolutely wonderful. The set is white in color and are made off satin. Due to the material the bed accessories that are the bed sheets and the pillow cases are soft to touch. The decoration in this bedding set is known to have the China style. The things which are included in this set are one bed sheet, one duvet cover and two pillow shams. The fact that the bedding set is white in color enhances the elegance of the setting.

The four piece green floral bedding set is also a unique offering from This set also includes one bed sheet, one duvet cover and two pillow shames. All these are of the standard size. To be accurate it can be said that the green color is actually the army green. The clear design of the bedding set makes the set more comfortable. The beautiful flower prints on the bedding set adds to the beauty of the sheets.

These sheets are available in different colors. For example, when the bedding set comes in red color it gives a warm feeling to the user. Moreover the beautiful floral designs on these sheets make the set different from all the others. Another important factor which needs to be mentioned at this juncture is that all the bedding set from are affordable and so most people can use the bedding set from

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