Starbucks Launches New Digital Platform to Hong Kong and India

Starbucks Launches New Digital Platform to Hong Kong and India


Seattle, 2017-Mar-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Starbucks offers the largest and most robust mobile ecosystem of any retailer in the world, with more than 12 million Starbucks Rewards™ members, eight million mobile paying customers with one out of three now using Mobile Order & Pay, and more than $6 billion loaded onto prepaid Starbucks Cards in North America during the past year alone.

Starbucks has now extended its digital platform to the company’s China and Asia Pacific region with the recent launch of the Mobile Order and Pay program in Hong Kong and today (March 15) offering the mobile app system to customers in India.

A first in India

Tata Starbucks Private Limited introduced the Starbucks® India mobile app across the country giving customers a fast and convenient way to pay for in-store purchases and earn Stars through the loyalty program using their mobile device. The move makes Tata Starbucks the first major retailer in India to offer customers a mobile payment option linked to a loyalty program and further expands Starbucks robust global digital ecosystem.

Available for download on iPhone® and Android™ devices, the Starbucks® India app offers customers the convenience of paying for their favorite Starbucks® beverages with their mobile device by scanning a bar code linked to their registered Starbucks Card. Customers also can register multiple Starbucks Cards onto their account within the Starbucks mobile app.

In addition to mobile payment, the app allows customers to register for the My Starbucks Rewards® program, track their rewards, manage their accounts, and gain access to new product information and promotions, all within one convenient app.

“We are proud to introduce the Starbucks India mobile app to customers in India which will help us meet their needs while serving them seamlessly on our already highly successful My Starbucks Rewards™ program that benefits our loyal customers,” said Mr. Sumitro Ghosh, ceo, Tata Starbucks Private Limited. “This digital innovation underscores our continued commitment to drive innovation and provide an exceptional and convenient customer experience in our stores across the country.”

Meeting the needs of customers in Hong Kong

Starbucks Hong Kong launched Mobile Order & Pay, a new feature of the popular Starbucks Hong Kong mobile app, at participating stores on March 11. Starbucks is the first retailer in Hong Kong to launch mobile ordering feature using its mobile payment technology combined with a deep loyalty program.

The Mobile Order & Pay feature allows customers to choose a store from a map view, browse, select and customize beverage and food items, including the option to modify size, number of espresso shots and dairy selections, view the estimated pick up times, and pre-pay for the order – all within the Starbucks mobile app. Every order is freshly prepared and ready for pick-up in the beverage handoff area. Members can easily collect Stars and earn rewards with Starbucks Rewards™ loyalty program.

“Hong Kong is one of the busiest cities in the world and our customers have a very high expectation of convenience,” said Norbert Tan, executive director, Starbucks Hong Kong and Macau. “Starbucks is committed to exploring digital innovations which deliver meaningful value and convenience that enhance the Starbucks Experience.”

The Mobile Order & Pay feature will be accessible through an update to the Starbucks Hong Kong mobile app. For customers who do not yet have the Starbucks Hong Kong Mobile app, they can download it from the App Store or Google Play. For current customers with the Starbucks Hong Kong app, when the new version is available, the app will prompt an update.


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Starbucks stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong use a mix of historic and new design elements to enhance the coffee experience

SEATTLE, 2016-May-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — Two of the China/Asia Pacific region’s latest store openings showcase Starbucks store design capabilities. These stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong use a mix of historic and new design elements to enhance the coffee experience.

Forging the Past with the Present

The Bangka district is one of the oldest in Taipei and the site of a Starbucks location that opened last month. The store is on the main floor of a traditional-style home built for a local wealthy family – the Lin family clan – in 1932. The Lin residence has a design that combines architectural influences from the east and west. It was recently preserved and is a local landmark that reveals the history of Bangka.

“The concept was to develop a coffee house where the story of the building’s history and the heritage of the Starbucks brand connect to create a harmonious environment,” said Michael Izon, director of Store Design, Starbucks China/Asia Pacific. “We wanted the historical elements of the building to be revealed and discovered by anyone who visits the store.”

The Bangka store’s coffee bar was designed so that the house’s original windows and doors are revealed through protective glass. The experiential bar showcases the ritual of the Siphon and Pour Over brewing methods.

Coffee bean patterns stenciled on columns in the store were inspired by the building’s original wallpaper that still exists in the upper floors of the residence that houses a museum. Delicate embroidery art, on display in the museum, was created by one of the daughters of the Lin family. In honor of this artwork, Starbucks commissioned celebrated Taiwanese embroidery artist, Lily Huang, to craft an anniversary Starbucks Siren that hangs in the store. This artwork celebrates the local history and culture in Taipei and commemorates the 18th Anniversary of Starbucks Taiwan.

“Starbucks is proud to be part of the local communities in which we operate and we have a deep respect for Taiwan’s cultural and historical heritage,” said John Hsu, president of Starbucks Taiwan. “Bangka is one of several stores where we have taken great care to respect the building’s origins while offering customers a beautiful environment where they can enjoy a great cup of coffee.”

The Art of Coffee

Starbucks Cityplaza store in one of Hong Kong’s busiest malls provides customers with an enriched coffee experience. In addition to Starbucks® Reserve coffees, the store is now offering Starbucks® Cold Brew for the first time in Hong Kong. Starbucks Coffee Masters will handcraft coffee using five brewing methods including Cold Brew, Siphon, Pour Over, French Press and Black Eagle.

“Starbucks has been committed to providing customers with an exceptional coffee experience since it first opened its doors 45 years ago in Seattle,” said Norbert Tan, executive director, Starbucks Hong Kong. “Our passion for coffee remains the same, strong passion to this day.”

The interior of the store incorporates artwork created by local artist Niko Leung who designed more than 150 handmade sculptures that pay homage to the coffee brewing methods offered at the Cityplaza store. The sculptures are plaster casts of coffee equipment including tampers, kettles, syphon brewers and espresso portafilters that are mounted on the wall. The effect is a curated yet dynamic installation that shows customers the many ways that coffee can be enjoyed.

“We wanted to create a store that feels open and welcoming for customers and also makes a visually theatrical statement inviting shoppers in to try our premium coffees,” said Izon, director of Starbucks Store Design. “This thinking led us to create the first ‘open kitchen’ Starbucks Reserve Experience Bar concept in Hong Kong, which allows for an intimate connection between partner and customer over coffee.”

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Starbucks stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong use a mix of historic and new design elements to enhance the coffee experience

Starbucks stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong use a mix of historic and new design elements to enhance the coffee experience

Starbucks celebrated its 15th year in Hong Kong with the opening of new Starbucks Reserve™ store

HONG KONG, 2016-1-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — The perfect blend of coffee and creativity can now be found at Starbucks.

Recently, Starbucks commemorated its 15th year in Hong Kong with the opening of a new Starbucks Reserve™ store. The 4,500-square-foot Gala Place store is located in the Kowloon district of Mong Kok and features the work of local artists as the backdrop for brewing coffee from the finest coffee beans.

“Our success relies on the efforts of our partners and the support from our customers,” said Norbert Tan, executive director, Starbucks Hong Kong and Macau. “We are very excited about the opening of the Gala Place Starbucks store, which marks a new chapter for Starbucks Hong Kong.”

Providing Exceptional Options

Inside Gala Place, customers will find a Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Experience Bar with an open layout, designed for a more personal and inclusive customer experience. Twenty coffee masters from Starbucks stores across Hong Kong were selected to work behind the bar, including Suki Lo, Starbucks Hong Kong Barista Champion 2015.

“I am honored to work alongside such talented and experienced partners,” said Lo. “I have the privilege of doing what I love every day – creating coffee and interacting with enthusiastic customers.”

“Gala Place showcases ultra-premium coffees brewed with the rarest and finest Starbucks Reserve™ coffee beans,” said Tan. “The open design of the bar lets customers enjoy first-hand the experience of coffee brewed by our coffee masters.”

The store’s elite group of baristas introduce customers to new brewing methods, including the Siphon, which produces a light, almost tea-like coffee, and the Black Eagle espresso machine, which helps deliver Starbucks signature handcrafted beverages. To pair with the coffee and espresso drinks, the Gala Place store features the new Custard Cream Croissant in three signature flavors: Mango Yogurt, Very Berry and Crispy Chocolate.

A Creative Touch

Interior design at the Gala Place store incorporates the work of local urban street artists Bao Ho and Stern Rockwell. A street artist who specializes in murals and illustration, Ho is also the champion of the Hong Kong Secret Walls Contest, a competition of live art “battles.” Stern’s designs are famous for showcasing emotions, facial expressions and lifestyles in artistic forms.

Other design elements include Mong Kok-inspired stencils and posters that reflect the style of the neighborhood. A beaming neon light crafted in the image of the signature Reserve™ logo is mounted on the store’s wall and is now a hallmark of the Kowloon district.

Local artists and art lovers will have an opportunity to showcase their talents in what’s known as the store’s Community Corner. In this creative space, complete with audio and visual equipment, customers will enjoy live art performances.

“We hope the new, unique store can elevate the local art scene, showcase our pride for the city and become a place that connects our customers to local culture,” said Tan.

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SOURCE: Starbucks Corporation


Starbucks celebrated its 15th year in Hong Kong with the opening of new Starbucks Reserve™ store

Starbucks celebrated its 15th year in Hong Kong with the opening of new Starbucks Reserve™ store