Best-in-Show Couturier Pet Clothing and Pet Supplies Now Available to Online Shoppers at Max & Mittens

Max & Mittens, a newly launched, retail pet supplies site from the experienced Internet marketers at The Shops at 24 Seven, brings boutique-quality pet supplies to consumers searching for designer dog collars, pet beds, couturier cat collars, small-dog dresses and other clothing from the industry’s leading designers.

The company’s site includes an ever-expanding selection of top-tier pet-product creators Fat Cat, Earthbath, I See Spot, Haute Diggity Dog, Wagatha’s, West Paw Designs, SoJo’s, Fab Dog, New York Dog, Gooby Pet Fashions, Baby Bebe, Catswell, Bamboo and many others.

“In a company full of doting pet owners, it was only natural that we create a site focused on pampering pets. The enthusiasm and passion our team brings to the table while we continue to expand the site shows on every page. As pet lovers and consumers, we all wanted an online store that offers unique, high-quality pet items at competitive prices,” says Max & Mittens’ merchandising and site maintenance manager Brooke Plott.

Besides designer dog clothing, Max & Mittens puts pets first with healthful pet treats, natural grooming products, comfortable beds and an array of gifts for cats and dogs. A Resources page offers useful information on topics that include Pet Adoption, Pet Charities, Pet Training, U.S. Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots, Protecting Your Pet, Pet Health and Pet Fun for Kids.

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Rescuing Cats And Kittens Turns Truck Driver To Online Pet Supply And Accessory Store Owner

Jeffrey New made the transition from tractor trailer driver to owner of Pet Lovers Palace online pet supplies and accessories store, thanks to the inspiration of his two cats, Maggie and Misty and the 43 cats that he and his wife Alice rescued from euthanization.


Jeffrey New, The former tractor trailer driver found his real passion and turned it into a practical online pet store, thanks to the inspiration of his 45 cats.

“Maggie and Misty were kittens when we adopted them from the Addison County Humane society after I had suffered a back injury and today I now have 45 kitties. They are the light of my life,” says New.

“When I became their daddy, they helped me through the healing process. I was confined indoors for several months and had a hard time finding quality pet products online. I felt that they deserve the best I can Give them with out paying a high price. It was then I had the “ah-ha” moment and it was then that I realized that other people were also searching the Internet for top quality pet products,” he says.

It was then that New decided to launch Pet Lovers online pet store.

“Through the inspiration of my 45 kitties, I created an extensive online pet accessories and supplies store offering hundreds of quality pet products for easy online shopping and superb customer service,” New says.

Today, his growing online pet store offers a comprehensive selection of practical and luxury pet products, including collars and leads, pet carriers, beds, apparel, feeding dishes and agility items.

Pet Lovers Palace carries brand names including; Kitty-Sill, Mr. Herzher’z Wicker Crates, K9 Optix, Multivet No-Bark Collar, Innotek Training collars and fences, Booster Bath, Breed DNA Identification Kit, D.T. Systems, Baritone Beeper Collar, Drinkwell Fountain, FURminator and more.

Pet Lovers Palace product categories: pet clothing, carriers and tote bags; beds; feeding dishes, bowls, sunglasses, collars, harnesses, and leads; car seats; gift items; books, cool toys; and miscellaneous items. For more information, visit

Born and raised in Vermont, Jeffrey New has worked for more than 18 years as a tractor trailer driver. It was his passion and concern for animals that inspired him to launch Pet Lovers

In addition to his online pet supply store, his wife Alice has launched another entrepreneurial venture Alice Online Treasures, an online collectibles and gifts store. “”

Jeffrey New is a member of several animal rescue groups including; the Humane Society of the United States, A.S.P.C.A. and Addison County Humane Society in Middlebury, Vt.

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