Maxima grupė submits tender offer to acquire 100% of Stokrotka’s shares on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Nov-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima grupė has signed an investment agreement with Emperia Holding and is submitting a tender offer to acquire 100% of company’s shares on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Emperia Holding controls a Polish retail chain Stokrotka.

“Stokrotka is one of the leading food retail chains in the Polish market. We believe that attractive store formats and strong management team provide necessary foundations for successful chain’s development in the future. Emperia group also owns a portfolio of real estate properties that supplements its retail business well. Therefore Maxima Grupė is excited about prospects of acquiring Emperia and the opportunity to increase our exposure to the growing Polish food retail market, – comments Petras Jašinskas, chairman of the board at Maxima Grupė.”

Maxima Grupė offers a price of 100 zloty for one share of Emperia Holding and the total price for all company’s shares amounts up to 1,192 million PLN (approx. 283 million EUR). Tender offer conditions also stipulate that Maxima Grupė may withdraw from the tender offer if less than 66% of shares are submitted or if other pre-agreed conditions are not met.

“The offer to acquire shares is valid till the end of February, 2018. Afterwards, the transaction will be closed if pre-conditions are met and a positive ruling is received from Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. We strongly believe that we will successfully close the tender offer and acquire the control of the Company.” – says Petras Jašinskas.

Stokrotka network in Poland is composed of 410 stores and it has a market share of approx.  20% in the proximity store segment. Emperia group employs 8.2 thousand employees and had consolidated turnover of 2,451 million PLN at the end of year 2016.

At the moment Maxima Grupė controls retail chains under brands Maxima (in Baltics states), Aldik (in Poland), T-Market (in Bulgaria) and an electronic online shop of food and daily consumer goods Barbora. In year 2016 consolidated turnover of Maxima Grupė amounted to 2,693 million EUR.

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Maxima Grupe announces negotiations for the acquisition of Emperia Holding S.A.

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Nov-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maxima Grupe, UAB has started negotiations over acquisition of Emperia Holding S.A., the owner of Stokrotka retail chain. Stokrotka network was composed of 410 stores at the end of October, and the consolidated turnover of Emperia Holding S.A. group of the year 2016 was 2451 mill. PLN.

“Expansion in Poland by acquiring operating retail chain is a logical and consistent step that Maxima Grupe takes. We operate in this market since 2012 by owning retail chain Aldik. If negotiations were successful, Maxima Grupe would make a tender offer to acquire shares of Emperia Holding S.A. and all shareholders would be able to respond to it.” – comments Petras Jašinskas, chairman of the board at Maxima Grupe.”

At the moment “Maxima Grupė” controls retail chains under the names “Maxima” (in Baltics states), “Aldik” (in Poland), “T-Market” (in Bulgaria) and an electronic online shop of food and daily consumer goods “Barbora”. In 2016 consolidated turnover of “Maxima Grupė” amounted 2 693 million EUR.

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Ernesta Dapkienė
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Maxima Grupė announces management changes

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2017-Feb-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Once Alvydas Šustikas decided to leave Maxima Grupė managing retail companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Bulgaria, the Board of the company appointed a new CEO and a Chairman of the Board. Since 8 February, Robertas Čipkus, Director of Finance of the company, will be appointed the CEO of Maxima Grupė and board member of Maxima LT. Petras Jašinskas, a member of the Company’s Board, was elected the Chair of the Board of Maxima Grupė. Legal Director Eugenijus Filonovas was also appointed to the Board of Maxima Grupė.

“We are very grateful to Alvydas Šustikas for his contribution and professionalism in the development of the group’s activities and the launched new stage of its transformation” – said the Chair of the Board of UAB Vilniaus Prekyba Raimonda Kižienė.

According to R. Kižienė, Maxima Grupė will continue its role as a consolidating institution; however, its role in the organization of Maxima business will change, because the company’s activities are moving closer to the business taking place in each country. “After the governance reform, we can coordinate and adopt more decisions in supervisory institutions established in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, where to managers of Maxima Grupė have also been delegated” – said R. Kižienė.

UAB Vilniaus Prekyba started changing the governance of its subsidiaries in December of last year. Boards were formed or renewed in Vilniaus Prekyba Group companies Maxima Grupė, Maxima LT, Maxima Latvia, Maxima Eesti, Euroapotheca, Akropolis Group, Ermitažas and Franmax. The aim of the change is to improve corporate governance by delegating members of the Board and CEOs of parent companies to boards of subsidiaries. This step is also aimed at ensuring sustainable development of companies and increasing their performance efficiency.


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