SPAR Italy partner Maiora opens its newest store in the city of Bari

Italy, 2017-Jul-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — Maiora, SPAR Partner for South-East and Central Italy, is delighted with customer reactions to their newest store, located at the main railway station in the city of Bari.

Catering to the 38,000 commuters each day, this store is the first convenience supermarket located on the main platform of this station. With a target market of 14 million travellers each year, the store’s offer has been designed around convenience grocery shopping, including long opening hours every day.

Developed for the needs of consumers on the go, the new DESPAR store offers high-quality products at every-day-low prices. Within the 250 square metres of retailing selling area, shoppers are offered about 2,000 SKU’s.

The instore layout has been designed to facilitate views across the store, enabling shoppers to quickly orientate themselves. There is a strong fresh assortment including fruit and veg, delicatessen, cheese, fresh meat counter, food-to-go and an instore bakery. The fresh offer is complemented by the DESPAR Own Brand range and typical products sought by travellers.


Focused on consumers, while caring for the environment – this is the philosophy of Maiora. It is no surprise therefore that the store’s cooling and air conditioning systems are the latest generation which are low in energy consumption. Chilled cabinets have doors, ensuring energy usage is reduced by 45%, while LED lighting throughout generates energy consumption savings of more than 50% compared to traditional systems.

First store of its kind

“Four years after initiating this project, we’re pleased to have the store open. The DESPAR store at Bari’s station is a pilot that we intend replicating in other high-footfall locations such as stations, ports and airports. In doing so, we are leveraging the knowledge of SPAR International, which has supported the development by SPAR Partners of leading convenience stores”, declared Pippo Cannillo, President and Managing Director of Maiora proudly at the opening.


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New EUROSPAR store opens in Trani, southern Italy

Italy, 2017-Feb-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — A new EUROSPAR store has opened in Trani, a city in the Apulia region of southern Italy. Situated next to an old olive oil mill, the new modern supermarket is one of the initiatives to rejuvenate the local. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas has Unesco monument status and attracts many visitors to the area.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of the EUROSPAR Supermarket was a great celebration with many visitors present to witness local SPAR Partner, Maiora’s latest success story.

Large assortment

With a sales surface of approximately 1,000m2, the new EUROSPAR in Trani offers a large assortment of around 4,500 food and non-food items, with a strong focus on fresh. It includes a deli, butchery, bakery, and a state-of-the-art fruit and vegetable department with refrigerated wall cabinets.

Local produce from the region is featured prominently, along with health and wellness products, including the free-from range for consumers with food allergies. A selection of prestigious wines from local wineries completes the offer.

Located in the very centre of Trani, the store’s large parking lot can accommodate 80 cars. The old industrial area, which has monument status and forms part of the Italian cultural heritage, used to be neglected. Its re-development has been a complex, but brilliant operation performed by DeSPAR in cooperation with the site owners.

Environmental sustainability

The development process was performed with respect for the environment, an essential part of how DeSPAR supports the communities in which it operates.

The store is equipped with energy-saving cooling and refrigeration systems (all of which have doors that allow for 45% lower energy consumption). The LED lighting system uses 50% less energy than traditional lighting.

Human resources

Maiora has invested strongly in human resources, both in terms of new hires and staff training. The newly opened store has created 35 new jobs and the majority of employees are local Trani residents, showing Maiora’s commitment towards supporting local communities.

Long opening hours

Open seven days a week, the store offers long trading hours: Monday – Saturday (8:00-21:00) and Sunday (9:00-13:30 & 17:00-21:00). There are five checkouts, including an ‘express’ checkout for speedy purchases.

Proud and pleased

“Innovation and service are the key concepts that guide the DeSPAR way of working,” said Pippo Cannillo, President and General Manager of Maiora. “We aim to provide quality, freshness and value, and thanks to our business strategies, we are able to offer low prices every day. We are proud to have opened in the city of Trani, an area of historical value. It has been a stimulating challenge for the whole team and I wish all involved much success and a warm welcome to the SPAR family,” he concluded.


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Source: Spar International

DESPAR support earthquake stricken areas in Italy with €20,000 donation to Italian Red Cross

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 2016-Oct-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — In the aftermath of the earthquake, DESPAR Partner Maiora promoted a fundraising initiative named ‘Our hearts do not tremble, they beat’.

On 27 September, the president and managing director of Maiora, Mr Pippo Cannillo, officially handed the donation to Ms Consiglia Margiotta, president of the Bari Committee of the Italian Red Cross.

The sum was raised by Maiora’s employees and independent SPAR retailers who run stores trading under the DESPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR formats, as well as by employees of another division of the Cannillo Group.

“We do not raise the funds to be seen by the public as we believe that charitable work is best carried out silently,” Mr Cannillo explained. “We have been a channel for this initiative and we have come here to represent all those people who have chosen to donate part of their salaries to this noble cause. We feel that it is our duty to make a public announcement about it” he concluded.

“Keeping in mind that the mission of the Red Cross is a humanitarian one” said president Consiglia Margiotta on the occasion, “we wish to thank DESPAR for their great willingness and sensitivity towards other people’s needs. We hope that this initiative will be the first of a series of common projects undertaken jointly by DESPAR and the Italian Red Cross.”-

DESPAR has always believed in the importance of increasing the value chain, as sharing values generates successful adherence to those values for the company, its people, and the whole community. DESPAR is always an active player of the communities where it operates daily and feels responsible for as a retailer.

DESPAR Italia Partners have become known for their support of earthquake stricken areas in the past few weeks; with recent support being given by DESPAR Nordest (Aspiag Service), our partner in the North-East of Italy.


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Source: Spar International