X-Surveillances introduces the new DS300, PTT-Handheld Body Camera

The Hague, Netherlands, 2017-Jul-07 — /EPR Retail News/ —  Body Cameras will be an indispensable device to encourage and enforce better practices by police forces in addition to increasing accountability for all who use them. They will also add protection and ensure candid interactions with the members of public.

The consequences are all too familiar in those unfortunate instances when public servants such as police officers are being recorded by the public on the job. More often than not, these recordings do not show the full picture as they tend to have started recording too late and can be damaging if taken out of context. Furthermore, research has shown that by introducing body cameras, forces in the UK and US have recorded a 93% drop in complaints made against them by the public.

Evidence suggests that body cameras will be an essential part of future police forces, security and other personnel that would value their introduction. The same research suggests that the cameras act as a preventive mechanism, triggering behavioural changes that “cool down” unpredictable encounters. Professionals operating in the field would welcome a body camera that would improve their jobs.

Through research, X-Systems has developed a product that security professionals and public servants alike will want to use. They have based their design on an already familiar device, the PTT devices that are the norm and has turned them into a body camera. Training is not needed to operate and they are compatible with all major PTT manufacturers.

The X-Surveillance DS300 is a Push to Talk Handheld body camera that doubles as a PTT handheld speaker/ microphone, minimising the need for additional equipment in an already heavy uniform. For the occasional problematic interaction, recording can begin by pressing a simple button on the opposite end of the talk button.

The X-Surveillance has been developed by X-Systems in The Netherlands together with a number of security experts throughout Europe. The devices are compliant to the most fundamental requests of both wearers, civilians, governments and corporations that take privacy seriously. The body camera is compliant with data protection regulations and the data is only accessible by an officer and control centre software. All recording come with Officer ID, date/ time and GPS location stamps that provide comprehensive data on all recordings.

For more information: https://x-systems.com/body-camera/

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Product launch: unique patent-pending PTT-Handheld Speaker + Mic combination body camera

Netherlands, 04-Jan-2017 — /EPR Retail News/ — X-Surveillance launched the new, unique, patent-pending body camera DS300, which is a combination of a PTT-Handheld Speaker + Mic. with an incognito body camera. This sounds a mouthful, yet it is a body camera that is designed to replace an existing Push-To-Talk Mic.

With the X-Surveillance DS300 there is no need to place any new device on a uniform. Within just a few minutes an existing PTT Microphone, can be replaced with the DS300 “PTT Handheld Body Camera”.

Introduction of other features
The team of X-Surveillance together with partners throughout the world have designed the DS300 for over two years with the mission to develop a non-provocative, civilian-friendly body camera that can be used without the need to add additional equipment to the already busy equipped uniform of an officer.

Due good research together with law enforcement professionals, the development team of X-Surveillance developed more features, such as; password-encrypted data storage, built-in LED flashlight, real-time GPS coordinates, and full-shift battery life.

As additional to the most important “must-have” safety features; up-to 30 seconds pre-recording, instant automatic infrared recordings, and 1080p video-/ 16MP photo 32GB recordings.

Pre-recording, this ludicrous. But it is a feature that is needed for indisputable proof of what caused a situation. Too often these recordings are started late, and do not accurately represent what actually happened. With the 30 seconds pre-recording, no more false accusations, misconduct, or abuse against officers. Increasing transparency and accountability of officers.

What’s the importance of a body camera?
We have all seen what happens when civilians record officers with their cell phone. Sometimes even unpleasant and provocative. The internet is flooded with videos about it. But the most videos only start from the moment the agents are in battle with the suspect. What preceded it is never shown.

Sadly enough, there have been situations when an officer has to take their own phone to film a confrontational situation, to proof the accountability of officers in duty.

With smartphones and cameras everywhere today, it’s becoming critical for Law Enforcement to have the ability to record their civilian encounters.

And what is easier than replacing a device which is already on the perfect height, with the right-angle for recording confrontational situations. And effortless to use with the already familiar Push-To-Talk button on one side and the Camera-Recording button on the other.

SOURCE: EuropaWire