Retail 2020 Dashboard: BRC provides baseline measurement of progress to more productive, more rewarding and better paid jobs

Retail 2020 Dashboard: BRC provides baseline measurement of progress to more productive, more rewarding and better paid jobs


London, 2017-Feb-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — The BRC and our members are committed to understanding how developments in retail business can achieve positive change; we anticipate playing a strong partnership role with Government in the development of an Industrial Strategy to make this change happen.

Our work has shown that it is imperative to improve industry productivity, to harness and develop new and different skills for the digital age as well as a clear need to deliver better on the things that people who work in the industry say are most important to them. Working with members, we have defined a shared industry vision of what better jobs look like in the future. (Retail 2020- The Journey to Better Jobs.)

The Retail 2020 Dashboard, launched on 13 February 2017, takes this project further by providing a baseline measurement of progress towards this trajectory of more productive, more rewarding and better paid jobs. The Dashboard will monitor how the retail workplace landscape is responding to these structural changes by tracking progress on four key industry metrics: productivity, pay, engagement and employment.


“Structural change in the industry has significant implications for its workforce. The technological revolution is fundamentally altering the way retail businesses operate and the skills needed for future success. We have a choice between improved productivity driven by better jobs, innovation and new skills for the digital age and improved productivity driven primarily by a shrinking UK retail workforce.

“The Retail 2020 Dashboard will shine a light on the retail industry’s progress in becoming more productive and developing more engaged employees. As our industry co-operates to share data and developments, we will be able to provide Government with valuable information about what transforms productivity.

“At a time when UK retail is having to find 20 per cent of its current profitability to mitigate the impact of uncontrollable increases in its cost base and against a backdrop of inflation and slow growth, the industry’s commitment to improving productivity will require the support of Government policies that allow room to invest in skills and technology for the digital age. This is where we see a retail opportunity in the Government’s recently published Industrial Strategy”


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K-Plussa to be the most personally rewarding customer loyalty programme in Finland

Helsinki, Finland, 2016-Aug-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — The K-Group’s customer loyalty programme Plussa will become increasingly personalized in October 2016. At the same time, Plussa will be digitized and it will reward customers that patronize the K-Group.

The aim of the revised K-Plussa is to improve the customer experience by recognizing customers with personally targeted benefits. The customer gets personally tailored Plussa special offers based on their purchasing habits. More than 3.6 million Finnish people have a Plussa card in nearly 2.3 million households.

– Plussa aims to be the most personally rewarding customer loyalty programme in Finland.  We will offer our customers precisely those products which they would choose anyway, but at more affordable prices. The more often you use the Plussa card, the better and more personalized it becomes, says Anni Ronkainen, SVP, Chief Digital Officer of Kesko.

The K-Plussa customer loyalty programme will be revised in early October. One of the most significant changes is its digitization. As of the beginning of October, customers can use the collected Plussa points as electronic Plussa money conveniently with the Plussa card at the K-Group stores. Plussa points will continue to be calculated in the same way as before the revision. In this context, printed points vouchers and the payment of points to bank accounts can be abandoned. You can monitor your Plussa account using a mobile application or on the web.

A customer programme with personalized product and service benefits will be built jointly with the K-Group chains and the partner network for customers who concentrate their purchases on the K-Group. The programme is targeted to customers whose annual purchases from the K-Group stores exceed €6,500.

K-Plussa is a unifying factor in the K-Group. The entire K is involved in the development of the customer loyalty programme taking account of customer wishes. The new features to be introduced in October are only the beginning of Plussa’s long-term development.

– A personalized approach is the K-Group’s most important differentiation element in Kesko’s strategy. K-Plussa offers the most personalized benefits from Finland’s widest store and partner network, says Ronkainen.

SVP, Chief Digital Officer Anni Ronkainen will present the K-Plussa revision at Kesko’s half year financial report briefing today at 11.30. The briefing will be held at Katajanokka, Helsinki, Ankkurikatu 5, fourth floor.

K-Plussa is the most extensive and diverse customer loyalty programme in Finland, which offers benefits to its customers from over 3,000 shopping places and over 40 business partners. There are over 3.6 million K-Plussa cardholders in nearly 2.3 million households in Finland. Further information at:


Tapio Näveri
tel. +358 105 337 170

Source: Kesko