Kingfisher to invest £50 million in renewable energy to reduce its energy consumption by 10%

LONDON, 2015-12-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Kingfisher, the international home improvement company, has unveiled plans to invest £50 million in renewable energy as part of a plan to reduce its energy consumption from the national grid by 10% in the next two years.

The investment will be spent on a range of renewable technologies. The roll-out of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels will commence immediately in the UK and France on distribution centres and selected stores, and is expected to be rolled-out to the majority of the 10 countries in which Kingfisher operates. Other future renewable energy sources will include air source heat pumps, combined heat and power boilers and new fuel cell generation.

The investment decision was made following the completion of a PV installation at the Screwfix head office and contact centre in Yeovil this summer, which has been performing well. More than a third of the contact centre’s power is now generated by its solar panel installation.

Kingfisher led the Net Positive movement in 2012 when it launched its ambition to do more than minimise its negative impact, redesigning its business to have a positive impact on the world. The organisation has an aspiration for every Kingfisher store and customer’s home to be zero carbon or generate more energy than it consumes by 2050 and has already reduced its property portfolio’s energy intensity by 17% – delivering its 2016 milestone ahead of schedule.

Richard Gillies, Sustainability Director for Kingfisher said: “We hope our renewables investment helps demonstrate to the world’s leaders discussing the climate deal this week that leading businesses want a sustainable future, and to see the right deal in Paris.

“This renewables investment is part of our Net Positive journey to transform our business to be a force for good. There’s plenty more we can do but business needs stability and certainty to make these types of long-term investment decisions. That’s why we need leadership in Paris – it’s the key to enabling the consistent national policies and incentives business needs to invest.”

Notes to Editors

1.    The range of renewable technology deployed will be predominately PV based but will also include a mix of: air source heat pumps; combined solar thermal with gas absorption pumps; combined heat and power boilers; and new fuel cell generation.

2.    The business has reduced its energy intensity by 17% since 2010/11.

3.    Between 4 and 10 December, Kingfisher’s retail brands, Castorama and Brico Dépôt, will have a stand at the ‘Solutions COP21’ exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris during the COP 21 climate talks in December. The free exhibition is open to all, and will showcase the many products, services, processes and innovations either existing or under development throughout the world to fight climate change and its impact. We’ll also be helping people understand what it is they can do to reduce emissions from their homes by providing help and advice, accompanied by eco product offers in our French and UK stores.

4.    Kingfisher is a proud supporter of the We Mean Business coalition, through our membership of the Corporate Leaders Group and BSR, all looking to secure the right deal in Paris.

5.    Kingfisher plc is an international home improvement company which operates nearly 1,200 stores in 10 countries in Europe. Its main brands are B&Q, Castorama, Brico Dépôt and Screwfix. Kingfisher also operates the Koçtaş joint venture in Turkey.  The business exists to help and inspire millions of people to improve their homes and believes that because people’s homes are so central to their lives, improving their homes means improving their lives. The business employs some 79,000 people and serves nearly six million customers in store and online every week. It is dedicated to achieving growth in a sustainable way and is working to integrate sustainability into all it does so that sustainability becomes business as usual.

6.    For more information about Kingfisher and it’s Net Positive ambition visit and

SOURCE: Kingfisher plc



Kingfisher to invest £50 million in renewable energy to reduce its energy consumption by 10%

Work in progress: solar panels going on the roof of the Screwfix Distribution Centre in Trentham

Kingfisher’s Net Positive report wins award for excellence in sustainability reporting at the Building Public Trust Awards

LONDON, 2014-12-5 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Building Public Trust Awards, now in their 12th year are run by PWC who appoint an independent panel of judges to review every FTSE100 sustainability report.  Kingfisher’s was voted the best.

The judges commented on

  • how they could see that sustainability impacts and touches Kingfisher business model and how that was reflected in the business strategy.
  • The long-term view on the company’s direction which they’d like to see more of that from other businesses
  • Kingfisher’s advanced understanding around closed loop and eco product innovation
  • The Advisory Council and the Net Positive conversations the company has been holding with external stakeholders received a special mention, showing that  Kingfisher is taking sustainability seriously.


Richard Gillies, Group Sustainabiity Director said: “We’re delighted to have won this award.   At Kingfisher we help millions of people to improve their homes, creating better homes and better lives for themselves.   We’re driving sustainability into the heart of our business at Kingfisher to show it isn’t a trade-off between commercial success and doing the right thing.  It is more that our continued commercial success is dependent on us doing the right thing. We’ve spent two years working to breathe life into some pretty ambitious sustainability commitments.  We’ve had some success and we’ve had some set-backs and it’s that journey we’ve really tried to lay out in our reported material.  We know there’s still much more we can do to better tell our story, like better integrate Net Positive into our financial annual report which we have aspirations to do this year, but this award is genuinely great recognition for our reporting work to date and is very much appreciated.”

Download Net Positive Report 2013/14 PDF 4.84Mb

About Net Positive
In 2012, Kingfisher launched Net Positive, which it sees as a commitment to work towards making a positive contribution to people and the planet, while growing a stronger and more successful business.  The Group publishes an annual report which sets out its Net Positive approach and reflects the work going on throughout its operating companies to help Kingfisher deliver against its ambitious sustainability commitments.


Kingfisher's Net Positive report wins award for excellence in sustainability reporting at the Building Public Trust Awards

Kingfisher’s Net Positive report wins award for excellence in sustainability reporting at the Building Public Trust Awards

Kingfisher joins some of the biggest companies in the world to launch global digital platform to drive conversation and action on sustainability

LONDON, 2014-10-16— /EPR Retail News/ — A coalition of the world’s biggest companies and non-profits have launched a global digital platform to drive conversation and action on sustainability.

Collectively, will celebrate and connect the people, places and cutting-edge ideas that are shaping the future. It will focus on giving a global stage to audiences who are already starting to make life choices that strengthen society, as well as minimising their environmental impact. Their desire for workplaces, brands and organisations that align with those values helped inspire this collaboration. The ultimate aim is to make sustainable living the new normal.

Collectively brings together global sustainability non-profit Forum of the Future with some of the biggest companies in the world. Kingfisher, Unilever,  BT Group, The Coca-Cola Company, Marks & Spencer, Carlsberg, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, McDonalds, Nike, PepsiCo and Nestlé to name but a few, are already in and are keen to broaden the coalition to NGOs, youth organisations and other brands.

Collectively is designed to enable audiences to act more sustainably in whatever way they can – from buying, investing and campaigning to sharing an idea they believe in. It represents a unique new approach to the way businesses engage consumers on sustainability, which it is hoped will grow the marketplace for sustainable products and services.

Will Gardner, CEO, Collectively, said:

“Encouraging people to choose to live, work and play sustainably on a scale that will genuinely make a difference is one of the world’s biggest challenges. We hope to change that through Collectively. It’s a place to share stories, inspire each other and create the change we need to see in the world. Collectively brings together some of the world’s biggest brands, non-profits and leading social entrepreneurs because we believe that together we can achieve much more, much faster.”

Richard Gillies, Group Sustainability Director, Kingfisher, said:

“People often ask me how you encourage businesses to increase their sustainability offer and the answer is straight forward – increase demand for it.  Sadly, there isn’t a silver bullet to do that or we’d have cracked it by now but making this agenda engaging, desirable and affordable for people is key.  We’re a proud supporter of Collectively and are confident that the editorial independence of the site, which will offer inspiring and engaging content, has the potential to create positive change and make sustainable living the new normal.”

For further information about Kingfisher’s involvement please contact Annabel Ward on 0207 896 3214 or email 

Notes to Editors

About Collectively
Collectively is a non-profit editorial platform, developed alongside VICE Media’s creative services division, VIRTUE, global sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future, and Purpose, leaders in building social movements. The independent editorial team will update the site with stories, information and solutions from the worlds of home, fashion, food, design, architecture, technology and more. The platform’s audience will also be encouraged to submit ideas for the channel around a series of themes that will be regularly refreshed such as healthy homes and the smartest city. Only highly engaging stories with the potential to create positive change will be featured. The original idea for Collectively was sparked by discussions at the World Economic Forum about how to inspire and accelerate the shift towards a more sustainable way of life.

Sponsors to date include:
Audi; BT Group; C&A Foundation; Carlsberg; Diageo; Facebook; General Mills; Google; Havas; IPG;  Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies; Kingfisher; Lenovo; Marks & Spencer; McDonalds; Medialink; Microsoft; Nestlé;  Nike; Omnicom; PepsiCo; Philips; SABMiller; Salesforce; The Coca Cola Company; The Dow Chemical Company; Twitter; Unilever; WPP.

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