s.Oliver launches its new umbrella brand campaign for Fall/Winter 2017 season

Rottendorf, 2017-Aug-02 — /EPR Retail News/ — On 1 August 2017, s.Oliver will launch its new umbrella brand campaign for a colourful, fresh Fall/Winter season. Photographer Nagi Sakai creatively staged the s.Oliver and s.Oliver BLACK LABEL winter styles in a studio in Berlin. He had already worked on the Spring/Summer 2017 campaign as well as the Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign for s.Oliver, setting new visual standards.

With the central concept of ‘COLOR SHOCK/COLOR BLOCK’, s.Oliver is aiming to make a bang: calming natural tones appear in blocks with such as Poppy Red and Cosmic Blue to create a classic and sporty look. Denims and sporty, wide-cut woven pants with contrasting horizontal stripes complement the style. The campaign deliberately picks up the collection colours in strong backgrounds: “For Autumn/Winter, we are consciously focusing on rich colours to give our image a fresh look that creates a definitive desire for the new trends! Our themed specials also match perfectly the new concept, and show customers which favourite pieces  are unmissable for colder days,” says Susanne Schwenger, Product & Marketing Director at s.Oliver. September’s focus will be on AUTHENTIC DENIMS and cosy KNITWEAR. October will see a mix of wool and down jackets with new OUTDOOR pieces to perfectly complement the outfits. Models Inguna Butane, Antonina Petkovic and Harvey Haydon-Newton will present the natural look of the casual brand s.Oliver. Nagi Sakai is also capturing the s.Oliver Junior collection’s simple expression in authentic images using child models.

Karolina Kurkova is again the face of the s.Oliver BLACK LABEL campaign. With her unique looks, the  supermodel underscores the discerning expression of the Dressed Brand collection, one that translates modern influences into wearable designs, and so rests on premium quality. The Fall/Winter tops and sleeves are made mainly from the finest wool and cashmere. For the new campaign, Karolina Kurkova will first present her favourite pieces from the collection, which are sold under the „Karolina Kurkova – My Favorite“ label. Gaspard Meinier will elegantly stage the Autumn/Winter edition of the JOGG-SUIT and the brand-new BOMBER-SUIT in a casual yet elegant way. The s.Oliver BLACK LABEL campaign concept also features the collection colours in the background.

s.Oliver Accessories and the licensed products s.Oliver Bodywear, s.Oliver Shoes, s.Oliver Time, s.Oliver Jewel, s.Oliver Eyewear, s.Oliver Umbrellas and s.Oliver Socks were integrated in the shoot.

The new campaign themes will feature internationally in the s.Oliver marketing mix from August 2017 – in a major media campaign in print and online media, on s.Oliver social media channels, on soliver.com and physically at the POS. The campaign clips that were created during the shoot will also be communicated.

Founded by Bernd Freier in 1969, the s.Oliver Group has developed to become a leading European fashion company within a few decades. The Group reported brand sales of €1.67 billion in 2015, and employed some 7,200 people internationally. In addition to the s.Oliver and s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, Q/S designed by and TRIANGLE brands, the company’s portfolio also includes comma and LIEBESKIND BERLIN.

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s.Oliver launches its new spring/summer 2017 umbrella brands campaign

Rottendorf, Germany, 2017-Feb-08 — /EPR Retail News/ — On 1st February 2017, s.Oliver is launching its new spring/summer 2017 umbrella brands campaign. In a studio in the heart of Berlin, photographer Nagi Sakai captured the new spring looks from s.Oliver RED LABEL and s.Oliver BLACK LABEL in a refreshing atmosphere. The internationally-renowned photographer, who had already realised the 2016 autumn/winter campaign for s.Oliver, continues the authentic concept and, with his natural snapshots, emphasises the self-confident look of the brand. The image language puts a special focus on the product and thus provides an effective setting for the brand’s new looks.

The models, Inguna Butane, Vinnie Woolston, Damaris Goodie and Mark Vanderloo present the casual looks of the s.Oliver RED LABEL brand, mixed with clean styles and outfits with a safari character, in the relaxed s.Oliver spirit. Nagi Sakai also captures the joie-de-vivre and easy-going nature of the uncomplicated collections with the children’s models for s.Oliver RED LABEL Junior. In February, it is ‘BACK TO THE ROOTS’. The s.Oliver AUTHENTIC Capsule Collection guides the customers back into the logo-mania times of our youth. With the 90s logo, a bright and colourful retro collection has been developed which features hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts and jogging trousers – a great way to communicate a good mood! Be bold and authentic!

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova, as a new campaign face, together with Will Chalker, presents the sporty and elegant looks of the s.Oliver BLACK LABEL dressed brand. With her positive charisma and special expressiveness, the international model emphasises the modern influences and high-quality materials, and shows how comfortable the summer collections are. In so doing, she perfectly reflects the great style and the sophisticated, self-assured collection statement of the label. Will Chalker, with his dynamic moves and casual, sporty jumps, sets the scene for the special features of the new Jogg-suits.

“With this shoot, we are clearly continuing the valuable branding of the last campaign. The new looks from s.Oliver RED LABEL show the modern, authentic casual fashion with which s.Oliver is synonymous. The AUTHENTIC Capsule takes up the current retro-logo movement and is thus right up-to-date! Be bold and authentic! In Karolina Kurkova, we have the perfect new campaign face for s.Oliver BLACK LABEL – in the images, you can really feel her power and the fun that we all had at the shoot with her. This is exactly what we want to express with the new collection”, says Susanne Schwenger, Managing Director Product & Marketing at s.Oliver.

s.Oliver RED LABEL Accessories, as well as the licensed products, s.Oliver RED LABEL Shoes, s.Oliver RED LABEL Time, s.Oliver RED LABEL Jewel, s.Oliver RED LABEL Eyewear, s.Oliver RED LABEL Umbrellas and s.Oliver RED LABEL Socks were all integrated into the shoot.

From February 2017 onwards, the new campaign motifs will be used internationally in the s.Oliver marketing mix – in a big, classic and digital media campaign, the campaign clips, which were created in parallel with the shoot, are also communicated on soliver.com and stationary at the POSs.


The s.Oliver Group, which was founded by Bernd Freier in 1969, has developed to become one of the leading European fashion companies, and this in but a few decades. In 2015, the company boasted brand sales of over 1.6 billion euros and now employs about 7,800 people. In addition to the s.Oliver RED LABEL, s.Oliver BLACK LABEL, Q/S designed by, and TRIANGLE labels, comma and LIEBESKIND Berlin are also form part of the company’s portfolio.

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