Walmart Canada to introduce five-cent plastic bag fee on all single-use plastic bags

  • Five-cent plastic bag fee to discourage single use bags and eliminate plastic film from municipal land-fill to be implemented at Walmart stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec during the month of May

Mississauga, ON, 2016-May-03 — /EPR Retail News/ — Walmart Canada today announced the expansion of its plastic bag-reduction initiative, which includes the introduction of a five-cent plastic bag fee on all single-use plastic bags. The initiative began in British Columbia on February 9 and will expand to Walmart stores in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec during the month of May, 2016. Dates for Atlantic Canada will be announced in the coming months.

Working towards zero waste has been a top priority for Walmart Canada for several years. To this end, the company established 12 dedicated waste-diversion programs for products ranging from cardboard to paint, increasing its waste-diversion rate to 80 per cent in 2015. Since launching the initiative in BC, 19 million fewer single-use bags were used compared to the same three month period in 2015, a reduction of 76% or 152,000 kg of plastic, which is the weight of approximately 120 small cars.

“While we’re making strides, we recognize the critical role our customers, suppliers and our partners play in reducing waste,” said Lee Tappenden, chief operations officer at Walmart Canada. “As part of our mission to reduce plastic film waste to create a greener, cleaner Canada, we are asking customers to move away from single-use plastic shopping bags and toward reusable bags.”

Walmart Canada customers will be provided with the option to purchase reusable, discounted bags for 25 cents or plastic bags for five cents. Walmart has improved its five-cent single-use bag to be 25 per cent bigger and 25 per cent thicker, reducing the need to double bag heavier items and lowering the total number of bags used.

Charging a nominal fee for plastic bags has proven to be a highly effective way to reduce the use of plastic bags. Walmart stores in Japan and the UK have reduced distribution of single-use bags by approximately 50 per cent. In Canada, similar programs are reporting comparable reduction rates.

To further reduce plastic waste, the company is creating more efficient in-store recycling and collection programs, working with suppliers to reduce plastic packaging and allocating part of the proceeds from the five-cent fee to plastic film recycling initiatives.

About Walmart Canada
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Sainsbury’s: Legislation in England to introduce a levy on single-use plastic bags for all large retailers

LONDON, 2015-9-29 — /EPR Retail News/ — On 5th October, legislation will come into force in England introducing a levy on single-use plastic bags for all large retailers, including Sainsbury’s. Of course this has been happening for some time in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, so many of our customers are already familiar with how this works.

The government was very clear when it proposed this legislation that its primary objective was to protect the environment and reduce the number of bags we all use. At Sainsbury’s we thought about how we could best support these aims and we therefore decided to create a thicker reusable bag which we will sell for 5p and replace it when it wears out. The current, free, single-use bags will be removed from our English stores altogether. Having already done this in Scotland and Wales, we know it radically reduces bag use and we believe this is the most effective way for us to help our customers use fewer bags. Our bags will be better for the environment too – they will be made from 100% recycled materials and will be reusable, and then recyclable again once they have worn out. For our customers that shop online, we are introducing a ‘bagless’ option, which gives them the choice to opt out of using bags all together or be charged a flat rate of 40p for single-use plastic carrier bags.

Although the introduction of our thicker reusable bag will not be subject to the levy, we will still donate all profits from these bags to good causes, this is alongside the levy charged for the single-use carrier bags distributed through online orders. This will be in addition to what we already raise for charity, which last year was £52 million.

We think this is the best way to do the right thing for the environment, whilst still supporting good causes.

Roger Burnley, Director of Retail and Operations


Sainsbury’s: Legislation in England to introduce a levy on single-use plastic bags for all large retailers

Sainsbury’s: Legislation in England to introduce a levy on single-use plastic bags for all large retailers