Splash And Relax Get Ready For The Snow

The winter is here and the snow is coming in large amounts and Splash and Relax have a full range of sledges ready to go. This looks like being a great year for those that like to make the most of the cold weather and good snow seems to be around for almost all of the country. Snow comes in various amounts and falls can melt as soon as they come but this year the cold weather never seems far away and the possibility of good sledging weather is quite high. Sledging is still one of the great British leisure activities which is only restricted by the weather of the British Isles but this year looks to be a good one and many areas not used to experiencing snow look like getting the opportunity to get out the sledges.

Splash and Relax have a sledge for any person who likes sledging from plastic trays to wooden sleighs. These sledges are all of good quality and the choice is large and the prices are such that there is something to fit every ones pocket. The trick is to get the sledge before the snow comes so that it is ready for the weather when it comes. If purchasing is left too late then either the shops are sold out or the snow makes a trip to the shops a difficult and sometimes dangerous exercise.

There is a super range of wooden sledges which can be supplied by Splash and Relax which cover most requirements, all that is needed is an examination of the Splash and Relax web site and once the decision is made a simple order can be placed and the sledge will generally arrive within 48 hours. The typical wooden sledge is a version of the Austrian type sledge where the runners are supported by double leg system with the rider sitting on the wooden table seat supported by these legs. The sledge is excellent for control going downhill and is extremely fast. The wooden sledge seems to have been around forever but it is still as good as it ever was and is still as popular as ever.

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Splash and Relax Additional Stock Sledge Sales

The past couple of winters in the United Kingdom have been much colder than those of the past decade, thus bringing us a great deal more snow over the whole of the country. Now you either love or hate snow, as it can be a pain trying to travel anywhere when it snows with the whole country grinding to a halt, but people young and old just love sledging!

Indeed it has become very popular over the past two winters with many young children having grown up virtually never having seen snow other than on television.

This has meant that there has been resurgence in sledge sales, but due to previous mild winters, demand has outstripped supply with many people being unable to get hold of sledges when it snows. Often people cannot get to the shops even if they have them in stock due to the snow, or the manufacturers cannot deliver the sledges to retailers due to the snow. So the moral of the story is if you want to buy a sledge then think about doing it now before it snows!

Due to this last year Splash and Relax made sure to have an extra amount of plastic sledges in stock and have continued this year with additional stock ready for a white Christmas.

If you wait until the middle of winter or until it snows then the chances are a £5 sledge will cost you £25-30 on the high street, and that is if you can get hold of one. You could take a risk and buy one via eBay when it snows, but the chances are by the time it arrives the snow will have gone! As often these eBay sellers will either not have stock in and take your money, or deliver it late blaming the snow – either way you miss out on the fun of sledging until the next year.

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