RUSSIA: SPAR Kaliningrad opens four EUROSPAR Supermarkets and four SPAR Neighbourhood stores

Russia, 2017-Nov-20 — /EPR Retail News/ — SPAR Kaliningrad, one of SPAR Russia’s largest partners, has had a busy last few months with the opening of eight new stores – four EUROSPAR Supermarkets and four SPAR Neighbourhood stores.

Kaliningrad is the most European of all Russian regions, situated just 30km from Poland. As a result, shoppers are keen to purchase a variety of western European  cuisines and a diverse product range – something which SPAR Kaliningrad is successfully able to provide – drawing customers and retaining them.

The new SPAR Neighbourhood stores range in size between 646 and 1,469m2. Catering to the needs of a broad customer profile, from students to tourists, the stores have been very well received. All four new SPAR stores have a fresh bakery section as well as deli counters and some also serve freshly made pizza and sushi instore. To date, the average daily turnover is between €7,500 and €15,000 Euros.

Our SPAR Partners in Russia currently operate a combination of SPAR Express, SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR Supermarkets, with each region opening formats most suited to their markets. In Kaliningrad, SPAR has been investing in the development of the EUROSPAR format, alongside its modern SPAR Neighbourhood stores, offering shoppers a wider range of fresh foods, restaurant quality Food-to-Go items and a host of dry groceries and non-food products.

The new EUROSPAR Supermarkets mostly target locals who come to do bulk shopping. They range in size from 1,400 to 2,300m2. The destination departments include a fresh bakery, sushi & pizza counters, a fresh fish section and Food-to-Go items such as breakfast smoothies and sandwiches. The openings were announced through press releases, bill boards, marketing leaflets and advertising in local newspapers & social media platforms. Across the four stores, the average basket size in Euros varies from €6,99 to €8,46 and the average daily turnover is between €13,460 and €21,355.

SPAR Kaliningrad’s focus on modernising and expanding its retail network and broadening the overall instore offer is leading to an increase in customer loyalty and driving continued growth of the business in the region.

About SPAR Russia:

The first SPAR store in Russia was opened in August 2001, following the granting of the licence to operate the brand by SPAR International to a regional partner. A central office is based in Moscow which seeks partners for regional growth and expansion of the brand across the country.

There are now more than 400 SPAR stores across the country. The success enjoyed by SPAR in Russia is driven by the recruitment of new partners, investing in new stores and the continued investment in refurbishing existing stores. Expansion has resulted in greater buying power and improved knowledge sharing as the number of SPAR locations increases.


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SPAR Kaliningrad opened new distribution centre to serve growing network of SPAR stores in Russia

Russia, 2016-Oct-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — SPAR Russia Partner, SPAR Kaliningrad, has opened a new Distribution Centre (DC) of 12,500 m2 in size, with the capacity to deliver to the growing network of SPAR stores in Russia.

The DC has been specifically developed to supply SPAR and EUROSPAR Supermarkets with dry groceries, chilled produce such as eggs, meat and fish, as well as frozen seafood, preserved fish and caviar. Additionally, there is a banana maturing area of 60 m2 with a supporting 145 m2 picking zone. There is also capacity to distribute fruit and vegetables from a dedicated area of 949 m2 in size.

The grand opening on 15 September was attended by key representatives of the local community who expressed great enthusiasm in the on-going growth of the local company, which creates many valuable job opportunities.

Meeting retail needs

SPAR Kaliningrad became a member of the SPAR family in 2013. Owner and Director, Oleg Ponamarev, has supported the rapid development of the retail business, which has opened a total of 17 EUROSPAR and SPAR Supermarkets to date.

The development of the supermarket business complements the existing well established bakery and has seen an expansion of the fresh offer available in SPAR and EUROSPAR Supermarkets. Learnings taken from other SPAR Partners in Russia and other countries have been adapted to meet the needs of local customers and tourists to the region.

Kaliningrad is one of the smallest and most European of all Russian regions, situated just 30 km from Poland. This unique geographical positioning of Kaliningrad has resulted in shoppers having access to a variety of cuisines and a diverse product range.

Benefiting from global supplier expertise

With a ceiling height of 11 metres, the DC has capacity for 2,605 SKU’s with products stored on the Mecalux racking and moved by equipment sourced from BT Toyota. The 17 loading bays are fully utilized during peak periods, with 24 drivers using 16 trucks to collect and distribute the products from the facility to retailers.

The dignitaries in attendance at the opening ceremony, which was led by a local priest include: Mr Sergey Lutarevich, Minister of Agriculture for the Kaliningrad region; Mr Andrey Romanov, President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs; Board Member of the Agro-industrial complex OVA, Mr Andrey But-Gusaim; Partner and Board Member of Semia group, Mr Andrey Shumilin; City Council member, Dmitry Danilov; Chairman of the Board of Evropeysky Bank, Kirill Samarev; Director of Russian Bread-Baking Plant, Alexander Kolodyajny; Principal Contractor, Leonid Stepanyuk; and General Director of DSV-transport, Oleg Urbanyuk.


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Source: Spar International