Asda: Scots expected to consume 75 tonnes of strawberries this summer

Asda: Scots expected to consume 75 tonnes of strawberries this summer


75 tonnes of strawberries consumed by Scots over summer, weighing in at the same amount as twenty hippos!

LEEDS, England, 2017-Jul-17 — /EPR Retail News/ — Scots might not be getting the best of the summer sunshine but they are certainly making the most of the local seasonal fruits, after data from supermarket chain Asda and Scotty Brand revealed that strawberry sales were soaring.

Scotty Brand strawberries, which are grown by Bruce Farms in Perthshire, have become a family favourite over summer, particularly during Wimbledon season, with record numbers being sold across Asda stores.

Last summer Scotty Brand sold nearly 4 million of the juicy red berries, that’s 28.3 berries being sold per minute!

This summer it’s expected Scots will consume 75 tonnes of strawberries during the months of June to August, equating to 800kg of strawberries per day.

Michael Jarvis, Head of marketing at Albert Bartlett and Scotty Brand, said: “Demand for Scottish berries is growing, which is thanks to Scotland’s wonderfully temperate climate contributing to the deliciously sweet taste and quality of our strawberries.

“We work very closely with Bruce Farms to ensure our strawberries are tastier, fresher and keep better for longer. It’s fantastic to see customers continuing to opt for locally sourced Scottish produce, and it’s clear strawberries are the summer fruit of choice, whether being enjoyed simply by themself or with the added treat of cream and meringue!”

June Rose, fresh buyer for Asda Scotland, commented: “Year-on-year, we’ve seen sales of strawberries grow, with an expected peak around Wimbledon and the summer season.

“We are very proud to support local suppliers and in doing so offer our shoppers great tasting regional products at affordable prices, particularly around key seasonal trading times.”

Scotty Brand strawberry punnets are available in Asda stores across Scotland priced at £1.50.

Source: Asda


Asda introduces large punnets of strawberries in response to this year’s impressive harvest

Asda introduces large punnets of strawberries in response to this year’s impressive harvest


  • Asda sees 30% increase in strawberry crop yield versus expected levels due to mild May
  • Supermarket launches 700g punnet of strawberries to ensure UK growers don’t have to waste surplus berries
  • A predicted 3.6 million strawberries will be eaten from Asda’s shelves this month

LEEDS, England, 2017-Jun-14 — /EPR Retail News/ — Asda has seen a spike in strawberry crop growth this last month thanks to May’s mild weather resulting in an increased number of the nation’s favourite red berry.

Growers for the supermarket have seen an increase in crop production of 30% versus the predicted harvest, which they’re attributing to the high number of mild days Britain saw throughout May. As a response to the impressive number of strawberries harvested by Asda’s growers this last month, the supermarket is introducing a new 700g punnet of berries, alongside its existing 300g pack.

The launch of the large punnets will benefit UK growers who have seen a surplus of strawberries in the recent days, making sure as many of the berries end up on the supermarket shelf as possible and do not go to waste.

Barrie Jones, Asda Senior Strawberries Buyer, comments: “The mild weather in May means we’ve the growers we work with have had to harvest much of our strawberry crop a lot earlier than expected. We initially thought there would be a mountain of strawberries on the farm leftover which supermarkets couldn’t sell, so it’s great that we’ve been able to work with our growers to come up with a solution to tackle the results of the Great British weather.”

With almost 100,000 of the new punnets – the equivalent of 70 tonnes – rolling onto Asda shelves from this weekend, the supermarket is championing British-grown berries, which are harvested when at the optimum level of ripeness, ensuring full flavour and juiciness is retained.

Charlie Mills, Fresh Produce Manager at Asda, comments: “This week alone, 3,500 tonnes of strawberries have been picked from their plants. We know our customers love British strawberries, so we want to ensure we’re providing shoppers with a bounty of berries as we head into summer.”

Asda predicts an approximate total of 3.6 million strawberries – the equivalent of 7,500 tonnes – will be eaten over the next few months.

Charlie continues: “We’re continuing our investment into working closely with our growers to ensure we’re reducing food waste as we battle the increasing number of good fruit and veg thrown away each year.”

Asda’s 700g punnet of strawberries will be available in-store from Saturday 10 June for £2.50.

Source: ASDA


Strawberries set to become the bestselling product at Sainsbury’s for four months

LONDON, 2016-Jun-24 — /EPR Retail News/ — Strawberries are set to become the bestselling product* at Sainsbury’s for four months. Yes that’s right, selling more than milk, bread and tea, proving nothing quite hails summer for us Brits like a punnet of juicy strawberries. Last year, British strawberries were the top selling item for a whopping 20 weeks in a row.

British varieties now available in store include; Dream, a variety exclusive to Sainsbury’s which is sweet and aromatic with a delightfully juicy flesh; and Murano, a variety specifically bred to offer the best combination of flavour and vibrant colour.

Five things you need to know about strawberries from Sainsbury’s technical manager for soft fruits and ‘Strawberry Guru’, Peter Czarnobaj:

1. One punnet of strawberries is sold every second at Sainsbury’s – equating to 50,000,000 punnets a year**

2. Sainsbury’s sells over 15 different British varieties across the summer to ensure quality and extend the season

3. The varieties are sourced from 21 UK counties – from Kent to Kincardineshire and Somerset to Suffolk

4. Strawberries don’t always taste as you’d expect – look out for the subtle flavours of peach, apple and blackcurrant in different varieties

5. Strawberries tossed in a drizzle of balsamic vinegar are a perfect summer dessert. It might sound crazy but the sharpness of the balsamic vinegar with the sweet, ripe berries makes a really delicious combination

Peter says: “Once we come into the British strawberry season, we would expect them to remain the top pick in customers’ baskets for around 5 months! You could say, it’s the most important product to get right at this time of year. Our customers agree that we have indeed done this and continue to enjoy the tasty punnets of one of our most prized products”.

Notes to Editors

* by Sainsbury’s British Strawberries 400g are the number 1 product in customers’ baskets

**50 million punnets per year / 138k per day (363 trading days) / 5750 per hour / 95 per minute / over 1 per second

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Strawberries set to become the bestselling product at Sainsbury’s for four months
Strawberries set to become the bestselling product at Sainsbury’s for four months


Source: J Sainsbury plc

Price Chopper Supermarkets Recalls Chocolate Ice Cream

Schenectady, NY, US,  2014-1-10 — /EPR Retail News/ — Price Chopper Supermarkets is issuing a recall on Central Market Classics Chocolate Ice Cream, UPC number 4173507233. The product may contain strawberries. The product is safe for consumption for those not allergic to strawberries.

The ice cream was sold beginning December 15, 2013.

Products should be returned to a local Price Chopper for a full refund. For more information visit or call 800-666-7667, option 3, Monday through Friday, 8:30am -7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

In addition to alerting the media, Price Chopper has initiated its Smart Reply notification program, which uses purchase data and consumer phone numbers on file in connection with the company’s AdvantEdge (loyalty) card to alert those households that may have purchased the product in question. All customers who purchased the product except for one have already been contacted using Smart Reply.


About Price Chopper
Based in Schenectady, NY, the Golub Corporation owns and operates 132 Price Chopper grocery stores in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The American owned, family-managed company prides itself on longstanding traditions of innovative food merchandising, leadership in community service, and cooperative employee relations. Golub’s 22,000 teammates collectively own more than 51% of the company’s privately held stock, making it one of the nation’s largest privately held corporations that is predominantly employee-owned. For additional information, visit .

Mona Golub
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Price Chopper Supermarkets

Price Chopper Supermarkets

Tesco Real Food Reveals Biggest And Best English Strawberry Crop In Twenty Years

Tesco Real Food has announced that Britain’s spring heat wave has led to the biggest and best quality English strawberry crop for 20 years growers have reported.

The glut of English strawberries – considered by experts to be the best in the world– will result in an estimated 50 per cent reduction in UK retailers bringing in imports.

Experts say that Britain’s warmer than usual March and April heat wave produced perfect growing conditions resulting in the crop being at least two weeks earlier than usual and the extra sunshine has also increased sugar levels making the current crop much sweeter and juicier than normal.

Tesco strawberry buyer Paul Jones said: “The unexpected great weather means an abundance of top quality, sweeter than normal English strawberries – of the standard normally associated with Wimbledon fortnight.

“As the quality is so high we’ve taken far more of the English crop than we usually do at this time of year.

“From the start of May we will be predominantly selling just English strawberries and the need not to import Spanish imports allows us to keep the price down.

“This is fantastic news for the English strawberry industry and should see them getting an unexpected windfall from increased orders from UK retailers.”

One of England’s largest strawberry growers, R and V Emery, which is based near Southampton, Hampshire, said it was the earliest start to the English strawberry season for about 20 years.

Vernon Emery, who runs the business with his brother Richard, said: “Our production yield is up by 150 per cent on recent years and if the good weather continues and we get some rain too we could be heading for a record year.

“The extra warmth has helped boost sugar levels but equally important have been good levels of light which have helped the fruit set and encouraged bees to pollinate the plants.

“The great weather has also been consistent without dips in temperature which would have hampered the quality.”

Since the start of the English strawberry season Tesco has sold 50 per cent more home grown strawberries than it did over the same period last year.

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