Fnac signs agreement on Sunday working and evening working with its trade union partners

Ivry, 2017-Mar-06 — /EPR Retail News/ — CFDT, CFTC and CFE-CGC, the three trade union organizations that received 52% of the votes at the latest employee elections, signed an agreement on Sunday working and evening working with Fnac today (January 26, 2017).

Fnac’s Management is delighted by the signing of this agreement, which is the result of constructive negotiations with its trade union partners. The implementation of the agreement will enable Fnac to safeguard its competitiveness, while offering the highest level of rewards to employees who wish to work on Sundays, in terms of both remuneration and volunteering.

Nine additional Fnac stores, which are now located in the International Tourist Zone (ITZ) under the terms of the Macron Law, will now be able to open seven days a week, bringing the total to 21 stores in France. The employees of the 12 stores that already open on Sundays will enjoy the more favorable terms of the new group agreement.

The agreement, which applies to all stores concerned by Sunday working (regardless of whether they are open all year round or only on Sundays “decreed by the local mayor”) provides for triple pay for the 12 Sundays where business volumes are highest, and for double pay during the remainder of the year. Employees will be free to work or not work on Sundays, with several possible options for those who volunteer, e.g. every Sunday, every second Sunday, or on an occasional basis. The company will contribute towards the cost of having children and dependents looked after. Furthermore, under the terms of the latest negotiations, Management has increased its employment commitments, which are expected to result in the creation of around 80 additional permanent jobs at the stores concerned.

Following a volunteer registration period, the first Sunday worked under the terms of the agreement will be March 26.


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Source: Fnac