Carrefour to attend VIVA TECHNOLOGY PARIS, 30 June to 2 July, 2016

PARIS, 2016-Jun-02 — /EPR Retail News/ — VIVA TECHNOLOGY PARIS will bring together all stakeholders in digital transformation in Paris, from 30 June to 2 July, 2016.

This international event, which Carrefour will participate in, will attract 5,000 start-ups, creating a multitude of collaboration opportunities.

Viva Technology sets out to welcome the most innovative start-ups and put them in touch with the world’s major digital transformation players. The challenge is to offer a real time, high-level platform for discussion on the impact of technology on businesses and society. Through its attendance, Carrefour is joining this event as a multi-format, single channel retail leader.

Why is Carrefour attending Vivatech?

Since its beginning, innovation has been a real pillar of Carrefour business development: creativity is encouraged at all levels within the Group with a view to enhancing customer experience across the various store formats and numerous channels via which it operates.

Carrefour is continuously conducts large-scale tests, in store in particular, in order to enhance customer experience and develop solutions and services that meet the needs of new consumption habits in its different formats and countries.

In attending Vivatech, Carrefour is reaffirming its spirit of conquest and setting 11 challenges based on societal problems, all of which are all linked to its retail profession, such as changes in lifestyle, urbanization, new diet trends or the prevention of wastage.

How is Carrefour collaborating with the start-ups?
Carrefour develops new expertise and supports high-potential start-ups as a means of innovating. This is so as to create promising ecosystems and make life easier for the 13 million customers that its stores welcome every day throughout the world.

Carrefour works with start-ups from a range of different sectors. It has entered into partnerships, for example, with Fitle (virtual fitting room), Echy (hybrid lighting systems), ABTasty (A/B testing) and Critizr (gauging customers’ opinions), Bluelog (temperature control in e-Commerce Food delivery trucks), Comprea (home delivery crowdsourcing), Graphext (social network mapping), Paythunder (monitoring in real time trucks), BeMyEye (surveys crowdsourcing stores), SumUp (data analytics), (matchmaking platform athletes and sports coaches), Zero Gachis (reducing shrinkage products for short-before date), Iristrace (checking stores planogram settlements), SoySuper (development services related to food e-Commerce) …

These start-ups are French, Spanish and English, American …

Since 2015, Carrefour has been a member of the Partech Growth investment fund, set up to make it easier to share ideas with technical start-ups in France and at international level; and this year, Carrefour in France will be taking part in the Smart Food innovation platform in Paris.

Finally, the Carrefour Foundation also supports charity-focused start-ups, such as, which allows its users to make donations to organisations.

What does Vivatech offer Carrefour?
11 Challenges
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3 conferences
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