Force 8 Spreading the Word about Composite Doors

Force8, a leading door and window supplier based in Stockport, UK, are doing their bit for security in the UK. Their range of doors and windows has been extensively tested to ensure that all home owners have the most energy efficient and secure doors on the market.

The stats speak for themselves with 58% of burglaries occurring in the evening or night with a further 34% occurring at the weekend. Of all these burglaries, 70% are purely opportunistic where the burglar has seen an opportunity and taken it.

Force 8 Managing Director, Dennis Sumner, wanted to point out how avoidable this was;

“Composite doors are well known for being secure and have been stressed tested with everything from toothpicks to battering rams!

By installing them in your home, you can deter burglars who are just looking for a quick win. Here at Force 8, we pride ourselves on our customer service and we are here to advise all customers if they are unsure which door to choose.”

Force 8 are well versed in providing a range of high quality doors and with styles such as arched doors, French doors, folding doors and many
others available, customers are sure to find the right door when they visit

Security and style are the two boxes that must be ticked when home owners are looking to make some home improvements. Force 8 has a dedicated team of experts that are on hand to advise customers on their best options so that they get the best deal on the highest quality doors and windows.

Like all the best composite doors on the market, Force 8’s range is covered in Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) so customers will never have to varnish or repaint the door so it is feet up time!

With new styles and designs being added on regularly, home owners can see the doors and windows for themselves by visiting Force8’s showrooms in Altrincham and Stockport.

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Force8 Securing our Homes with New Aluminium Bi-Folding Door Range

Stockport based Force8 Windows and Doors is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new range of Bi-folding aluminium doors.

‘We feel justifiably proud of the look and finish of this latest product development for us that compliments our popular aluminium window selection’ says Dennis Sumner, MD of Force8.

Aluminium has for many years been the material of choice for high end architects and discerning home owners and the Force8 range of Bi-folding aluminium doors certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The slim line profile of the new aluminium bi-folds makes these doors very pleasing on the eye as the homeowner can enjoy an outlook that is less hindered unlike many of the thicker PVC or timber profiles so that more of the outside view can be seen.

Bi-folding doors, which is just one type of composite door, are extremely versatile with their concertina style operating system and have capabilities of aperture openings of several metres wide which make them extremely popular with larger properties and the door of choice for house extensions and sun rooms.

The extruded aluminium used in the fabrication of the doors is lightweight which makes it ideally suited for the larger sized doors but it is also exceptionally strong.

A high level of security is ensured across the range of bi-fold doors as standard as all doors are fitted with multi-point locking systems as standard

The beauty of aluminium is also enhanced with its low maintenance requirements. Simple soap and water and a gentle wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to make the doors look good as new for many years to come following their fitting.

Aluminium has received some quite negative publicity in the past and had lagged behind other materials for its thermal efficiencies. Customers are very conscious of the environment and demand the highest possible thermal efficiencies which has also been mirrored with government legislation that has been passed in recent years following the Kyoto Agreement in 2005. However, aluminium is no longer just the pretty face of the door industry and has more than caught up with other materials in terms of its U values and thermal properties.

All doors within the range are expertly fabricated by the highly trained team at Force8 and are finished with double glazed argon gas sealed units with toughened glass to comply with all building legislations.

Force8 is a fully FENSA registered and approved company and has exceptional standards in quality across all its products and levels of customer care, with a range of doors and windows including fire doors and triple glazed windows available, customers can now add aluminium bi foldings to the mix.

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Force8 Launch New Composite Bi-Folding Door Range

Stockport based Force8 Windows and Doors has just announced its brand new range of Bi-folding composite doors.

Dennis Sumner, Managing Director of Force8 made the announcement at the company’s head office on 9th July 2012.

The company already produces a large range of different designs of external composite doors in a choice of eight colours which has proved extremely popular. However, the launch of Bi-folds in a composite option is believed to be unique in the industry.

Composite materials have made great strides in recent years in enhancing the security of homes, this is based a great deal on the unprecedented strength to weight ratios achieved by composites in comparison with traditional door materials.

All Force8 composite doors are manufactured to exacting standards and the high quality locking systems found across the range makes them some of the most secure doors available anywhere in the UK.

Larger door openings have traditionally been a security weak spot in many homes, however this new combination of composite frame, security glass sealed units and high security locks means that homeowners now have added reassurance that their property is well protected from would-be intruders.

Security taken care of, homeowners definitely want an attractive looking door for their property and the Force8 Bi-fold doesn’t disappoint!

The new Bi-folding range also has an available option of integrated blinds. ‘This is a great innovation in the industry’ explains Dennis Sumner, ‘as it not only combines additional privacy but also reduces the already low level after care even further’.

The blinds are contained within the glass sealed unit which gives them the additional benefit of never having to be cleaned or gathering dust as ordinary blinds do. The discreet control mechanism is conveniently located on the side upright and is easy to use.

The range of colours currently available at the time of the launch is blue, green, black, light oak, golden oak, rosewood, white and red. Every colour is made from the same high quality GRP skin and all colours have been rigorously tested for colour stability to guard against the best and worst of the British weather and that includes strong sunshine should any be seen.

The launch price range of the new composite bi-folding doors begins at £800 for doors including the integrated blind options making them a competitive option to existing bi-fold door options already on the market.

To see the full range of products simply visit the Force8 website or visit the welcoming showrooms.

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