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Glowing Non-Slip Material Set to Save Lives and Prevent Injury

Negotiating a flight of stairs in the dark is the stuff of horror movies. Hands grapple for a railing, feet poke tentatively into the invisible abyss for the next step, and the mind struggles to push away the image of a terrible head over heels tumble to the bottom. Add moisture to that scenario and you’ll probably opt for the elevator.

But in a building emergency, the stairwell is the only option. Because of that possibility, the Federal Government has stepped in with strict specifications for photo luminescent usage. In 2008 alone, slip and falls cost the U.S. $36 Billion. Glow in the dark products provide effective illumination when the lights go out, but also provide highly visible indication in the light with their natural bright yellow color. When non-skid properties are added, safety is greatly enhanced.

FotoLum, a leading photo luminescent application developer and manufacturer, has developed non-slip solutions that in many cases exceed those Federal Regulations. Manufactured using 100% recycled materials and proprietary photo luminescent crystals, the FotoLum Glowing Non-Slip is presented in both an aluminum substrate and a tape version. The tape also uses a proprietary adhesive backing providing a superior bond to clean, solid surfaces.

Usage applications include: Public Building and Stadium Steps, Walkways, Boats, Marinas, Industrial Vehicles and more…

FotoLum is currently finalizing the details of an 8,000 step installation in the MidWest United States with other venues to follow in 2009 and 2010. Eventually, by Federal Law, all public venues will be required to utilize to have lighted steps for safety.

In a retro-fit application, the aluminum stair overlays are bonded to the steps with a proprietary, “green”-recognized adhesive; a high performance silyl-terminated, solvent free, UV resistant, moisture curing polyether (tri-polymer). It is a multi-purpose structural sealant designed for difficult bonding and sealing applications. The adhesive bonds aggressively to EPDM, PVC, BUR, coal tar, SBS modified bitumen, granulated APP, asphalt shingles, many types of coated metal, metal flashing details and window glass without emitting harmful fumes while curing.

Features and Benefits of the FotoLum Aluminum Glowing Non-Slip include:

. Photo luminescent epoxy charges in any natural or artificial light source and illuminates for hours
. Exceeds New York City Building Code Local Law 26 Chemical resistant and UV stable
. Meets A.D.A. Standards
. Ideal for new construction as well as replacement stairways
. Stair treads and flat plates can be anchored into cement, steel or wood surfaces during construction

Fotolum Glowing Non-Slip Tape can be applied almost anywhere:

Meets or exceeds the following Federal specifications: OSHA 1920.24 | MIL-L-3891 | MIL-S-17951C | MIL-W-17951C | MIL-W-5044C
. Clearly visible glow-in-the-dark material
. Safely identifies steps during power failure
. Non-toxic / Non-radioactive
. Rechargeable from any light source
. Easy to clean
. Long-wearing, mineral abrasive tread
. Meets OSHA requirements

Fotolum products carry a manufacturer’s warranty ranging from one to four years, with the life of some products exceeding 10 years.

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