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Artificial Christmas Trees In Good Housekeeping and Home Journal Magazines For 2009

Claiming the number one spot in the Artificial Christmas trees industry is nothing new for Balsam Hill®, but its notoriety seems to be spreading far and wide. Artificial Christmas trees made by the company have been featured on numerous TV shows and in prominent magazines. Magazines geared toward women and households are known for featuring seasonal and holiday related stories and themes.Along those lines “Good Housekeeping” magazine did a sort of rating on several Artificial Christmas trees. The short article discussed the advantages of the newer versions of these trees, such as the fact that some look real, and they come pre-lit, and easy to assemble as well as disassemble and store. In the ‘test’ performed by the magazine’s team, the 7.5 ft. Balsam Hill® Fir was the team’s favorite. The sited that because of the true green color and the natural fall of the branches, the tree looked real. Other positives mentioned included the fact that there is an electrical connection for tree toppers, a foot pedal on-off switch for the lights, and two zip up bags for easy storage. “Ladies’ Home Journal” featured the Artificial Christmas Trees Rogue River Spruce. It was decorated with red, green, gold, pine cones, and a strand of popcorn, an All-American Classic. When the Artificial Christmas trees white denali was featured in the “Home Journal” the words dazzling and striking were used to describe the white beauty.

Balsam Hill® offers three signature collections of Artificial Christmas trees: Aspen Christmas, Vermont, and the Napa Christmas collection. In addition, the company offers the Classics collection, which is the largest and is full of Christmas favorites. Within each of these collections are various styles of Artificial Christmas trees.

The driving force behind the innovations and progression of Balsam Hill® is its mission, which essentially is to create luxurious Artificial Christmas trees.

and Christmas wreaths that are realistic and convenient to use and store. Balsam Hill® both respectfully and humbly takes pride in its beautiful creations. And when major magazines and TV shows feature their items it only serves to motivate their efforts to create better products in the future. The Artificial Christmas trees Rogue River Spruce and others will always be well-loved classics and Balsam Hill® will always insure the products are high quality.

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