Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Offers Grow Light Options for Indoor Gardening, the web’s leading online retailer of commercial lighting, grow lights and home lighting, is proud to offer a wide variety of grow light supplies and fixtures for those looking to maximize their indoor gardening potential for summer months. Featuring the newest LED and florescent bulbs and grow light accessories, has everything a person would need to make sure their indoor fruits and vegetables grow plump and fresh. Offers Grow Light Options for Indoor Gardening

“Because of the economy, there is a trend of more and more people choosing to live in apartment or condo buildings instead of paying mortgage on a house,” said Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts. “Because of this, not everyone has access to an outdoor gardening area to plant their own fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks to grow lights, though, people with a love for fresh produce will be able to have their own garden even without needing access to natural light. Perfect for apartments, condos and houses lacking in outdoor gardening space, the grow light bulbs and accessories offered at will help make the dream of fresh picked produce available to anyone with a green thumb.”

Offering the best prices, and stellar customer-service, stocks the highest quality grow systems available for year round, indoor gardening. Customers can choose from a wide range of switchable, metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent and LED systems which offer such top of the line features as multi-volt ballasts by Advance or Magnetek and can operate at a variety of voltages depending on individual needs.

To keep energy costs down and growing conditions optimum, offers a variety of the latest florescent grow light fixtures and LED grow light bars. Producing lower heat then typical HID grow lights, florescent bulbs allow the light fixtures to be placed at closer proximities greatly decreasing the lumens lost from the bulb to the plant. Florescent grow lights are energy efficient and effective especially when used in numbers. LED grow lights are also a favorite tool of the indoor grower due to the fact that they consume less power and produce only a fraction of the heat as typical HID lamps. Relatively cheap, bright and long lasting, LED lights do not require additional ballasts which also saves the grower money long term.

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