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UK Travellers and Tourists’ Holiday Fashions Rated in New Survey

Poll carried out by leading consumer offers site illustrates the trendiest travellers and fashion faux pas

• Holiday Fashion Mistakes in Order –
1 ) Socks and Sandals
2 ) Exposed beer bellies
3 ) Tight small trunks on men
4 ) Thongs on women
5 ) Sunburn
6 ) Football tops on women
7 ) Logo overload on clothes
8 ) Football tops on men
• Tourists from Birmingham and the Midlands have worst fashion sense in the UK, followed by Newcastle & the North East and then Scotland
• Americans voted as having worst fashion sense in world, Italians as best

As lots of Brits head off on holiday for the summer, new research carried out has shown up the holiday fashion faux pas committed by people. The new survey has illustrated that socks and sandals are the worst holiday fashion mistake, and exposed beer bellies are also considered a big mistake. The survey also revealed that people who come from the Midlands have the worst holiday dress sense.

The survey took in the views of 600 people and their views on what British holidaymakers wear on the beach. Men’s skimpy and small swimming trunks, women’s thongs, sunburn and having too many logos on clothing were highlighted as the worst fashion mistakes on holiday. A third of people believe that women wearing football shirts on holiday is a mistake, and 20% of people also reckon men in football shirts on holiday is unfashionable.

The survey reported that people from Birmingham and the Midlands have the worst fashion sense while away on holiday, followed by those travellers and tourists from Newcastle and the North East, Scotland, Essex and then Manchester and the North West. Travellers and tourists from Yorkshire and East England were considered to be the best dressed on holiday in the poll.

The research was carried out by money saving website and one of the questions also focused on tourist nationalities. The Americans are thought to be worst dressed when on holiday, with the poll mentioning their loud shirts as well as socks and sandals. Next up in the worst dressed were the Germans, the Greeks and the British, while the Italians and Spanish were voted best dressed.

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