Top Brand Clothing and More on a Budget from Top Stores with New Deals

Money off leading brands for May and the summer can be had this week thanks to new deals introduced online by voucher codes website The deals specialist offers consumers savings at over 800 of the country’s leading names, with this week’s discount codes on show being for the likes of Marks and Spencer, Matalan, The Body Shop and Virgin Wines.

New clothing and top brand wine for the summer and beyond can be saved on using the latest choice of deals available on the website this week. Marks and Spencer is one of the most popular names in UK retail and shoppers can this week get new Marks and Spencer voucher codes for saving there – deals to be had right now include 50% Off Louis Chaurey Champagne – For a Case of 6, Save 25% When You Buy Any 2 Cases of Australian Wine (Cases of 6) and Mix & Match – 2 Women’s Tops for £8.

More great brands can be had on a budget this month thanks to new deals for stores like Matalan, The Body Shop, Virgin Wines and more. Shoppers can download a choice of new Vouchers this week which includes offers like Women’s Summer Essentials From £3 at Matalan, EXCLUSIVE Buy 6 Bottles of Wine + Get 6 Free plus 2 FREE Crystal Glasses. Now ONLY £47.44 at Virgin Wines and 25% OFF Bath & Body Products at The Body Shop.

Doug Scott, managing director of, says, “Making the most of a budget remains as important as ever for UK consumers, so we’re pleased to be able to help them out right now. Money off at M&S, Matalan, Virgin Wines and The Body Shop can really help people to get more for their money this month.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

For more information visit

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Bargains To Be Had As Shoppers Get Ready For Christmas And Save By Using The Latest Discount Codes And Voucher Codes Online

Consumers are expected to purchase more gifts online than ever before in the run up to Christmas, despite still feeling the pinch as the UK’s faltering economy struggles to pick up.

Sales via the web are set to rise by 16% this year and, the UK ‘s leading voucher codes website, is urging Christmas shoppers to take advantage of the array of discount codes available in order to keep bills down.

“Despite people having less money at their disposal they’ll still look to splash out on gifts at Christmas as they won’t want to disappoint their friends and relatives,” said a spokesperson from Voucher Mole. “Also, young children don’t understand what a recession is and will still be asking for the same expensive toys – it’s difficult for parents to say ‘no’.

“That said, the beauty of online shopping is that discount codes are out there waiting to be snapped up and Voucher Mole can put them in the hands of the consumer. By making the effort to cash in as many discount codes as you can, costs can be kept much lower than expected meaning Christmas 2011 can be a good one.”

Meanwhile, Google has issued an article called ‘e-Retail Recommendations for Christmas 2011′ which offers advice to online retailers on how they can make sales to the bargain hungry user. They give three key tips, namely: businesses should prepare as early as possible (Cyber Sunday and Cyber Monday are on December 4 th and 5 th this year) and research what this Christmas’s ‘must-have’ items are; allay any fears about undelivered goods, particularly if there are severe weather conditions again; and ensure that websites are mobile and tablet friendly as more and more consumers are using such devices to shop.

“It seems that retailers such as, HMV and WHSmith are keen to offer customers some good deals in order to ensure pleasing sales figures for this quarter,” added Voucher Mole. “With shoppers desperate to snap up discounted products in return, there’s every chance that – particularly regarding online retail – there won’t be the doom and gloom that everyone is expecting.”

Voucher Mole is a leading retail promotion company which features voucher codes, deals and offers from a wide variety of online retailers. Our team tracks down the best deals and passes them on to online consumers keen to save money on big brands. Voucher Mole is part of Wilsons Online Retail Ltd. For information visit

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DIY Savings Can Be Made Online By Searching For The Best Voucher Codes & Special Offers Says

A recent survey has suggested that not all men are masters of DIY, with many preferring to bring the experts in than have a go themselves.

According to, four out of ten men would rather employ a tradesman than tackle tasks such as changing a tap, fitting a carpet or replacing a tile. Alarmingly, of those who do undertake such duties, on average they need to fork out an extra £200 to repair the damage.

However,, the UK’s leading voucher codes website, claims that all is not lost as by getting great deals on materials from the outset there’s less chance of being out of pocket.

“Men seem to profess to being adept at DIY in order to impress their other halves, when in fact, the majority don’t have much of a clue,” said a spokesperson from Voucher Mole. “Then they find themselves in an even bigger hole, sometimes literally, when they’ve made matters ten times worse and have to foot the bill for expensive repairs – often by the very tradesman they should have called on in the first place.

“Appreciating that this may long be the case, at the very least DIY enthusiasts should seek out special offers on the materials and tools they require or furniture they have to assemble, by applying some of Voucher Mole’s many voucher codes for retailers such as Homebase, B&Q and Argos.”

The DIY survey also revealed that almost a third of men don’t know how to change a fuse on a plug, three-quarters would be stumped when changing a bath or sink tap, and four out of ten men are left scratching their heads at the prospect of painting the house.

“A sensible tactic would be for men to hold their hands up and admit defeat from the start, use some discount codes to buy whatever is needed, and then hand everything over to the expert. It would certainly cost less in the long run and there won’t be a long list of botched jobs that need fixing.”

Voucher Mole is a leading retail promotion company which features voucher codes, deals and offers from a wide variety of online retailers. Our team tracks down the best deals and passes them on to online consumers keen to save money on big brands. Voucher Mole is part of Wilsons Online Retail Ltd. For information visit

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Boots Treat Street Launches New Trolley Dash App On Android and iPhone OS

Boots Treat Street shoppers can now download the new fun, free Trolley Dash app game, available to download from the Apple Store and the Android Market.

Dave Robinson, Head of Partnership Marketing at Boots UK, commented: “We’re delighted to launch Boots first web app and provide Advantage Card holders with a fun way to find out more about the Boots Treat Street shopping portal. We know our customers enjoy shopping and we’re sure they’ll enjoying playing with our app too.”

Users can take a stroll down the pretty pastel coloured street, passing favourite retailers like eBay, New Look and as they collect prizes and avoid hazards. Gamers try to get as high a score as possible before the time runs out and then share their scores with friends and family on Twitter or Facebook,

Once they’ve shopped till their heart’s content, gamers can visit Boots Treat Street where they can really shop the high street online. With every £1 spent on purchases through Boots Treat Street at other retailers such as French Connection, and Office Shoes, customers collect at least 1 Boots Advantage Card point, and can quickly rack up more points to spend in Boots stores and treat themselves with.

The Treat Street Trolley Dash app can be downloaded from Apple iTunes and the Android Market.

At Boots Treat Street, customers collect at least one point for every £1 they spend, as well as getting exclusive offers vouchers, and discount codes from the high-street’s biggest retailers including Comet, Currys and the Apple Store and also online retailers, such as eBay, Lovefilm and Customers just log in to Boots Treat Street and click through to the retailers site via a special link which means that their purchase can be tracked and their Advantage Card points awarded.

Boots Treat Street also offers vouchers, discount codes and products from the high-street’s biggest retailers including Comet, Currys and the Apple Store and also online retailers, such as eBay, Lovefilm and Customers can also collect insurance discount codes such as Aviva car insurance discount codes, Sheilas Wheels offers, Legal & General home insurance codes and RAC discount codes.

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Computing Turns Nasty, As Manufacturers Compete And Retailers Go Head To Head With The Use Of Voucher Codes Says

Today’s computing industry is fiercely competitive, with big brands battling it out for their market share – sometimes taking their arguments into the courtroom in the case of Apple vs. Samsung.

And, according to leading UK voucher codes website, such aggression breeds through into the consumer end of the spectrum, with members of the public jostling to be the first to get their hands on the latest device.

“The manufacturers of computers, laptops and now tablets, often seem to be at loggerheads with each other as they strive to make products which they intend to be better than the rest,” said a spokesperson from Voucher Mole who feature PC World Voucher Codes on their website. “By their very nature they all end up offering similar features which is why the tensions really run high. In the case of the Apple and Samsung feud for instance, the US company claim that their South Korean counterparts copied their iPads and iPhones in the form of their Galaxy line of products, powered by Google’s Android operating system.

“Similarly, out on the street there are Android consumers and Apple consumers each remaining loyal to their gadget of choice – and with both brands trying to out-do each other by trying to be bigger and better, it’s the consumer who ultimately benefits.”

Rather than camping out in front of the big stores waiting for the latest tablet to go on sale, Voucher Mole recommends that shoppers hold back and hunt out better discount codes and deals.

“We know that some people just love their gadgets and simply want to be the first to try out the next generation of product,” added Voucher Mole. “But for those with a bit more restraint, by searching around for online discount codes to be used at retailers such as Dell, Dixons and Currys, take for instance, using a Dell Voucher Code you’ll find that you won’t have to pay top whack like everyone else.”

The arrival of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet has made the sector even more competitive as it sold 95,000 units on its first day, presenting itself as a value-for-money alternative to the iPad 2.

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Cut-Backs This Christmas – New Survey Reveals Financing Christmas is a Worry For 83% of Brits

Only a month remains before Christmas and new survey finds that Brits are worrying about their money situation.

• 42% of Brits are in debt due to Christmas 2010
• 25% of people are buying second hand gifts from eBay or charity shops
• 15% are selling their jewellery and gold to fund Christmas presents
• 83% are worried about how to pay for everything
• 84% want to spend less than last year

01 December 2010 – Christmas might not be a happy time this year, as money worries around 83% of people; 84% of people in the UK are trying to reduce their spending; and 26% have even thought about cancelling the event altogether.

Out of 1,000 UK respondents to the survey, one third of people will reduce their Christmas expenditure by 25% and one in four will half (50%) their spending on Christmas activities, presents and parties.

12% aren’t buying a tree this year; 30% are going to less parties; 49% of kids won’t get as many presents this year; 57% of people are spending less on their partners; 54% will reduce the amount of festive food down; and 54% will use old clothes instead of new ones for festive parties. contact, Mr Simon Terry said: “Christmas is an expensive time for many and with January’s VAT increase, job security worries and job cuts, people are really scared of how much Christmas is going to cost this year”.

With Christmas costing so much, 42% of people are in debt as a result and although it is a time for giving only 8.5% will get a bonus from their work.

Jewellery and gold are being sold by the UK public (15%) in order to raise some capital to pay for festivities. 35% of people are worried about the interest rates of credit cards (33% of people use them for presents) and short-term loans (3% take them out at Christmas). One in four are resorting to buying used goods from eBay or pre-owned gifts from charity shops to try and save money.

Mr Terry added to his comment: “The UK public can save money on most brands, using our codes and discount vouchers. By being wiser about money and even haggling on the RRP of goods, it should make Christmas more enjoyable this year”.

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ASAP Ventures Expands Range of Online Shopping Savings Properties With Its New Domain

Online commerce experts ASAP Ventures Ltd are the new owner of the valuable top level domain The online biz specialists are adding the domain to its portfolio of existing money-saving properties already provided for shoppers. It has so-far not been revealed how much ASAP Ventures paid to for the .tv domain.

The existing user experience through is going to enjoy a revolution as online television further expands. As a part of its strategic expansion plans, which are ongong, ASAP Ventures acquired the TLD to further bolster the sites it uses to give shoppers a raft of great savings on their purchases online and in high streets at more than 500 big-name retail brands.

“With this latest acquisition of the TLD from our company, ASAP Ventures further underpins its consistent and ongoing proactive approach to helping shoppers achieve maximum savings when they go shopping,” said spokesperson Chris High. He went on to say, “As we look towards the expansion of web-ready televisions and in particular the imminent arrival of Google TV, we will see increasing demand for any domains available in the .tv extension. The value of .tv domains for building connection with the web TV audiences should also continue to rise.” Name trading operation also provides access to many other popular generic domains that include and Great domains like this can help companies to boost value through their online sales strategies.

The exact amount paid for is not as yet being disclosed by either of the parties involved. The real value to consumers, however, is certainly in no doubt. The shoppers using ASAP Ventures Ltd’s existing portfolio of DiscountVoucher domains see them as offering most opportunity to cut their costs and they know they can enjoy the savings on a number of leading brands both via web sites and at the biggest high street outlets.

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For an Undisclosed Price Domain Name Has Been Purchased By ASAP Ventures

The ASAP Ventures Ltd network has acquired another domain to add to its already massive list of websites. The domain was acquired through the domain name trader and will be used alongside – the discount voucher and money saving codes website.

Through the acquisition of the new domain it will help reach more customers and offer more savings in the future, and add to ASAP Ventures’ growing stable of websites. The money saving website is very popular in the UK as there are more than 500 high street retailers which have money off vouchers that are exclusive the With online TV and broadcasting becoming more popular, the new .tv will help the company assess the habits of customers and their behaviour. media spokesperson Simon Terry said: “ has been added to our network of sites and will help us determine customer’s behaviours online, which will ultimately increase our ability to serve our customers even more, and help them continue to save money on items such as electrical goods, clothing and holidays for example”. – the online domain name trader – was the seller of the domain, and has helped ASAP Ventures further its presence. The domain name company believes that generic domains which are product or service-related are a great way to advance in a certain market.

Chris High from commented: “ASAP Ventures has made a timely purchase of a .tv domain, as online TV broadcasting and Google TV are in the news at the moment. Generic terms, that are related to products or services, are a great way to get into the search engine results pages fast, and therefore ‘discount vouchers’ is a good name for a company”.

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Top Restaurants on a Budget Thanks to Latest Dining Codes

People who fancy a meal out this winter but who are watching the family budget can now enjoy a helping hand thanks to leading codes and deals site The online specialist offers consumers deals redeemable at over 500 retailers and restaurants.

All the latest deals can be found online including savings on pizzas. Shoppers are able to log on and find bargain deals on Dominos vouchers such as a budget-stretching 2 for 1 Pizza Offer on a Tuesday.

More leading restaurants are included on the site in its new range of deals, including favourite chain Frankie & Benny’s. People who want to spoil themselves and their families with a meal out at a top venue can log on to the site and download the latest Frankie & Benny’s codes which can be redeemed against a meal.

The popular consumer deals website always aims to help people save money on all manner of consumer items and services and updates its range of discount vouchers at all times to help shoppers.

Simon Terry, spokesperson for, said, “Our deals are always designed to help people save on the best name stores and restaurants, and right now we’ve got some great deals on show. Places like Dominos and Frankie & Benny’s are lovely restaurants to treat the family to a meal in this winter.”

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More Retail press releases Domain Name Purchased By Money Saving Website

As heads into Europe, by acquiring from Pro Domains, the money saving specialist for the UK is expanding its trading to mainland Europe. The company already has more than 500 retailers in the UK on the site with money off vouchers.

Some of the major retailers that offers discounts on, include First Choice, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Boden,, Travelodge and Sainsbury’s. The UK public have been saving with the money saving website for several years, and it now looks to enter Europe with more top retail brands.

Simon Terry, media contact commented on the recent purchase: “With we have commited ourselves to providing the best discount codes for the British public. Now with, we can do the same for our neighbours in Europe and we are looking forward to helping out there too”.

The .eu domain was purchased through the online trader Pro Domains. Pro Domains is a specialist company which deals with niche website URLs and top level domains.

Pro Domains media contact, Lennart Dam said, “Our company has been very pleased with helping tap into the European market with their new .eu domain. Pro Domains not only sells top level domains and second level domains, but we can provide pay per click (PPC) campaign help too”.

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New Codes a Bonus for People to Save on Christmas Shopping

Specialist online consumer codes site has announced new retail deals to help people save on Christmas shopping this year in the shape of deals for laptops, electricals and more. The website is home to deals for over 500 leading stores and retailers.

The latest offers from include savings at top electrical retailer Comet. Shoppers can log on to the site to find deals for Christmas shopping including up to £300 off plasma and LCD TVs as well as savings on Comet laptops through deals like £50 off Netbooks and Laptops if changing up an older model.

Also to be found on the site right now are Currys discount codes which can help shoppers to enjoy savings at the popular store, thanks to deals including 10% off SatNavs with free shipping as well as £25 off orders of £399 or over.

The new offers and discount codes can really help people to save on Christmas presents this year, a real boon as the credit crunch continues to impact people.

Simon Terry, spokesperson for, says, “With UK consumers seeking to make the most of their budgets this year they can treat their kids to laptops, new TVs and more this Christmas thanks to the new codes and deals we have on show.”

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Savings Including 10% Off Kids’ Bikes for Christmas Thanks to

With the Christmas shopping season soon to start, leading consumer bargain codes website is helping mums and dads to save thanks to a new and exclusive 10% discount on all kids’ bikes deal for Halfords. The website is also home to money off deals on wheeled toys like skateboards, scooters and electric cars.

The limited time only deal is on show from November 8th – 14th 2010, and money saving website is the only place to find the deal.

Mums and dads can save on top name bikes like Raleigh, Carrera, Moto-X and Apollo as well as character bikes like Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Barbie and Spiderman. The site is also offering deals on scooters, skateboards, tricycles and go-karts and the exclusive money-off Halfords deal is exclusive to the site.

Simon Terry, spokesperson for, says: “Children always consider new bikes and wheeled toys to be really popular Christmas presents, but they can be expensive. Our new and exclusive deal can help people to save this Christmas to maximise their budgets.” also offers people the chance to win £100 of Halfords vouchers for children’s bikes on the cheap. A full set of terms and conditions can be found on the website. features money saving offers from both major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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With VAT Rise Imminent UK Consumers Have Growing Concerns

A new survey has found people are worried about money, not having babies and stopping going on holiday due to financial concerns.

• In just 12 months, people in the UK have more concerns now than they during the recession
• Until their finances become stronger, people are not going on holiday, getting married or having kids
• People are worse off per month: 66% are £250, 15% are £500 and 10% are £500+
• Christmas costs worries 57% people, energy bills worries 48%, and paying rent or mortgage worries 40%
• Job security is a concern for 45%, for either partner

9 November 2010 – Compared to 2009, 88% have more money worries in the UK. British consumers have less money in their pockets than they did; with one in ten having more than £500 less, 15% have up to £500 less, and 68% have £250 less each month.

It was found by the new survey which asked 1,000 people what they thought of certain commitments and payments over the year. It was found that 57% of people will struggle to find the cash for Christmas this year; 48% will find paying their energy bill difficult; 46% are worried about buying food; 40% have concerns over paying their mortgage or rent each month; and 27% of parents will struggle to pay for activities or school for their children.

Finances are having major effects on life-changing opportunities, such as 20% of people are staying in their jobs instead of moving on; 27% of people aren’t purchasing a new house; 14% are putting off having a child; and 13% have adjourned getting married, until their money worries are over.

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More Retail press releases Buys New Domain Name

The domain name has been bought from Barry Garner, an Internet entrepreneur, in a bid by the UK’s leading money off website to protect its name.

Garner released the name to the UK’s leading money saving website for the large sum of money, as continues to be number one in the market of voucher code websites. media contact, Mr Simon Terry said: “We have a great following on the website, with more than 3 million people using the service to save money. With us buying, we have added to our company’s value and have stopped any confusion between the two names. This will allow us to further our business”.

There are more than 2,000 offers from 500 high street retailers available on the website. This helps bring £3million to the retailers each month. As a result of the website’s promotional activity using social media, there are 19,000 Facebook followers and this shows how important the exclusive deals are to people.

As well as Travlodge, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, First Choice, Marks & Spencer, Boden and, there are hundreds of other retailers which have money saving opportunities from using, as they continue to be the UK’s leading money saving website.

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Pizza Bargains and Ladies Styles on a Budget with New Codes, the popular consumer deals website, is helping people to save at leading name clothing outlets plus also at leading family restaurants this autumn and winter. The website is home to bargain deals for over 500 leading stores.

This latest choice of deals is designed to help women get bargains on new autumn and winter fashions via deals from the likes of BooHoo. Examples of the deals to be had right now are dresses from just £8 at, while ladies can also enjoy 50% off dresses plus also bargain deals on the BooHoo Sister range for girls aged 9 to 14.

On top of the savings to be had on women’s styles, is also at the moment home to new deals for getting savings on eating out. Users of the website can log on to get hold of savings at family restaurant Pizza Hut.

Simon Terry, spokesperson, comments, “Women and families are the big winners through our latest codes and vouchers as there are great bargains to be had on eating out as well as the latest autumn and winter styles for ladies.” is home to money saving offers from both major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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Autumn Styles and Fashions Thanks to New Deals from

Leading names and brands at leading stores to be had from consumer codes and deals specialist website

Popular retail vouchers website is helping people to save on styles from autumn and winter collections at present through a new choice of style deals available online. The site offers people money-saving deals for over 500 leading brand stores.

The site at the moment has available deals on styles from many top UK retailers, with offering discount voucher codes which can be redeemed at leading high street and online retailers to get winter and autumn styles with big savings.

Examples of the leading name fashion retailers which can be saved at on the website at the moment include Boden, where consumers are able to enjoy bargain deals on numerous items. The site currently helps people to save on lots of Men’s and Women’s autumn and winter clothing.

The latest batch of voucher codes available helps people to get hold of great value deals on many items from leading retailers and among the deals to be had at present are offers like as much as 10% off at many leading stores while there is also free delivery available from lots of retailers.

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Special Savings for Your Halloween Celebrations Thanks to

Bargain deal website offers Halloween promotions useable at the popular Alton Towers, the handy First4Hampers, the tasty Pizza Hut and more

Take the dark chill out of your Halloween spending with money-saving website A new range of promotions has kicked off, with savings on everything from masquerade gear to party ornamentation to help maximise your Halloween festivities.

The savings currently features include; 20% saving on the Halloween Scarefest fun at Alton Towers; a killer deal on the Halloween Basket from First4hampers, which is priced at a low of £28; and little ghouls eat for free over Halloween at a Pizza Hut. If you’re up for a cinematic scream, you’ll be grabbed by the new value price selection on tickets from Odeon Cinemas that can be hooked through

And don’t kill the golden goose at Halloween – save money buying party decorations with 15% off the prices for Halloween posters from the great people at; the boo boxes from Hotel Chocolat will provide the perfect party snacks Grab three of them for just £21.

Simon Terry of announced: “Halloween is popular in every year, people just love getting dressed up, themed parties are a real hit and of course the kids love to trick or treat, but Christmas lurks just around the a corner, people need to be careful about their spending and are keen for the best deals. has bargained up some superb promotional offers to make sure customers get the benefit of as many discounts as we can offer, helping to make their spending go further.”

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Families Can Now Visit for Exclusive Half Term Deals

Top money saving site announces many deals for half term from Halfords, LOVEFiLM, Disneyland Paris, bmi and many more.

28 October 2010 – From some of the UK’s famous brands such as Halfords, Red Letter Days, bmi and LOVEFiLM – has just revealed they have a massive selection of exclusive deals on their website so families can enjoy the October half term holidays, despite the damp weather.

The deals that are available on the leading money saving site are entirely exclusive to, due to the fact that staff at the site have worked specially with leading retailers and brands to make this half term more affordable for Brits.

Joining hundreds of amazing discounts and deals at are new additions from popular retailer such as B&Q, Argos, Dorothy Perkins, Marks & Spencer,, La Redoute and plus so many more.

There are many great half term deals which families are able to access at this October. For instance Halfords is offering a 10% discount for those buying bikes and accessories; LOVEFiLM is giving away one month free memberships; is offering a 15% discount; and Marks & Spencer is giving members a free £10 voucher.

Those who want to take a holiday this half term and really make the best of the holiday are not left out as there are also many deals at the money saving website for them. These deals include First Choice offering a selection of last minute deals from only £128; Disneyland Paris providing up to 40% off bookings that are made; and bmi offering a 10% reduction on both UK and European flights.

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Autumn Savings on Dining Out Using

One of the UK’s leading money saving websites has launched a new set of money-off vouchers for people in the UK save their pennies at Ask, the high street restaurant chain. Additionally, the site, can save consumers money at around 300 other retailers.

The latest deal allows the British public to dine at a stylish restaurant this autumn and take advantage of the great savings available at an Ask restaurant. On the website are many deals, one of which is two dinners for £10 using the printable vouchers – this deal also goes towards helping Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Pizza, salad and pasta dishes have offers on them such as the buy one, get another for £1 or two meals for £10. On the website, there are even more Ask vouchers which have even more fantastic deals.

“Eating at Ask, the swanky, chain restaurant is made much easier now with out discount vouchers. Couples, families and groups of friends can all enjoy dining out, but at lower prices. The menus are vast and you’ll always find something on there that takes your fancy”, said Simon Terry from

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All Halfords Bikes Have 10% Off With

All bikes at Halfords now come with a 10% discount using the new offer from the money saving website

The deal is only available through and covers all bikes such as hybrid bikes, children’s bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes – with brands such as Apollo, Carerra, Boardman, Voodoo and GT.

“With our Olympic cycling team doing so well and the many ride to work schemes at the moment as well as people realising the benefits of cycling, climbing on a bike has never been so popular”, said Simon Terry, a spokesperson from He also added, “While bikes can cost a lot of money, this new discount with Halfords makes it easier and more affordable for people to get on a new bike”.

Those who visit the money saving website have the chance to get their hands on a new Boardman Performance Hybrid bike which is worth £700, supplied by Halfords – check for more details of the competition.

With more than 100 years of experience with cycling, Halfords makes sure every bike fits the customer’s needs as well as offering great advice on cycling and bicycle maintenance.

Visit to get hold of the exclusive deal or to enter the competition. The website features even more money saving discounts from specialist retailers and high street brands such as Boden,, First Choice, Travelodge, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

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Guide to Top 10 Shopping Negotiating Tips Launched by

Money-saving codes and vouchers website has announced the launch of a new guide offering tips and hints on negotiating the best value deals when shopping in partnership with Pareto, one of the best-known training companies in the UK.

The guide is called ‘Top 10 Tips – How to Bag a Bargain’ and can be downloaded for free from the website. The guide is designed to specifically to teach shoppers how to bargain for the best retail deals by haggling on things from cars to holidays to clothing.

Simon Terry, managing director of, comments: “Prices continue to rise and budgets remain tight, and with the UK set to see a VAT rise it’s a great time to learn new negotiating skills to help save when shopping”.

“People in Britain aren’t so used to bartering and bargaining, but they’re getting more into the habit. They can though stretch their budgets further by using these skills and hints to get great bargains. Our guide in partnership with Pareto is there to help people learn to negotiate more value deals.”

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UK Travellers and Tourists’ Holiday Fashions Rated in New Survey

Poll carried out by leading consumer offers site illustrates the trendiest travellers and fashion faux pas

• Holiday Fashion Mistakes in Order –
1 ) Socks and Sandals
2 ) Exposed beer bellies
3 ) Tight small trunks on men
4 ) Thongs on women
5 ) Sunburn
6 ) Football tops on women
7 ) Logo overload on clothes
8 ) Football tops on men
• Tourists from Birmingham and the Midlands have worst fashion sense in the UK, followed by Newcastle & the North East and then Scotland
• Americans voted as having worst fashion sense in world, Italians as best

As lots of Brits head off on holiday for the summer, new research carried out has shown up the holiday fashion faux pas committed by people. The new survey has illustrated that socks and sandals are the worst holiday fashion mistake, and exposed beer bellies are also considered a big mistake. The survey also revealed that people who come from the Midlands have the worst holiday dress sense.

The survey took in the views of 600 people and their views on what British holidaymakers wear on the beach. Men’s skimpy and small swimming trunks, women’s thongs, sunburn and having too many logos on clothing were highlighted as the worst fashion mistakes on holiday. A third of people believe that women wearing football shirts on holiday is a mistake, and 20% of people also reckon men in football shirts on holiday is unfashionable.

The survey reported that people from Birmingham and the Midlands have the worst fashion sense while away on holiday, followed by those travellers and tourists from Newcastle and the North East, Scotland, Essex and then Manchester and the North West. Travellers and tourists from Yorkshire and East England were considered to be the best dressed on holiday in the poll.

The research was carried out by money saving website and one of the questions also focused on tourist nationalities. The Americans are thought to be worst dressed when on holiday, with the poll mentioning their loud shirts as well as socks and sandals. Next up in the worst dressed were the Germans, the Greeks and the British, while the Italians and Spanish were voted best dressed.

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Top consumer money-saving codes and vouchers website has this week introduced its latest choice of consumer money-saving deals to help UK shoppers enjoy savings on top names and brands this summer. The consumer website is home to deals for over 300 top name stores.

Featuring on the site now is a choice of new La Senza voucher codes which can help people save on top underwear and more. Deals to be had this week include 5 knickers for £12 and 50% off swimsuits – perfect for those consumers making for a summer beach holiday.

Any consumer who prefers the more active type of holiday can also enjoy big bargains on top names this week. Top outdoor gear store Snow + Rock is on show on the site and new Snow + Rock discount codes offer deals like up to 50% off snowboards and up to 30% off new mid-season reductions.

The site is also home to a new range of Littlewoods discount codes to help all the members of a family save on top brand goods. This week sees offering deals including £15 off first orders at Littlewoods and also 30% off home appliances.

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Huge Range of Bargains are Available Through DiscountVouchers Website on Ferry Journeys, DIY Gear and Summer Clothes

The popular retail discount codes website has just announced a whole range of brand new discounts and vouchers that can be enjoyed in more than 300 stores in the UK. A range of deals are on offer and they vary from DIY gear through to summer clothing.

Families looking to revamp their home can use the Homebase discount codes. The discounts available on home DIY gear are a great way to save money this summer and customers can enjoy up to 50% off some goods in the stores.

People looking to enjoy a trip off the mainland may want to take full advantage of the buy one get one free for foot passengers on the ferry rides running to the Isle of Wight from Lymington, Fishbourne and Yarmouth. Wightlink discount codes are easy to find on the DiscountVouchers website.

Boden are offering a range of deals on clothing for both men and women and these deals look set to be some of the most popular on the entire website. Silk dresses as well as comfortable men’s trousers can be had at great prices with the use of the discounts and deals on offer.

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Summer Shoe and Fashion Deals Acquired by

Top bargain shopping deals website has this week launched a new batch of acquired codes and vouchers aimed at letting UK consumers get new summer clothes and shoes on a budget from leading stores. The offers deals which can be redeemed at more than 300 top stores.

The new choice of deals introduced this week features money-off deals at top high street shops like New Look. The latest New Look voucher codes let people get hold of deals like 20% off all items in the New Look Summer Shop and also 50% off all New Look menswear. The website is also offering 50% off shoes and boots.

More bargain deals are on show on the website including a new choice of deals for popular fashion outlet Karen Millen. Featured online this week are Karen Millen deals such as 50% off in the Karen Millen sale plus also half price denim tailored trousers, down to £49 from £99.

More bargain deals acquired by this week include money off deals for top designer shoe store Kurt Geiger. The site presently offers deals including up to £41 off men’s’ shoes and as much as £61 off court shoes from Kurt Geiger.

Simon Terry, managing director of, comments, “As the summer weather gets better and better we are able to help people enjoy big savings on top names thanks to out new deals acquired this week. Top name fashions for men and women and summer shoes are on show as well.”

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New Summer Fashion Saving Codes Acquired by Bargain Offers Website

Popular consumer money-saving site this week introduces a range of money-saving retail codes to help Brits save on clothing, DIY gear and more this summer. As the UK climate warms up ahead of the summer season shoppers are profiting from the deals to be had at more than 300 leading stores listed on the site.

New Summer Fashion Saving Codes Acquired by Bargain Offers Website

Currently on show on the website are bargains galore for women and men’s summer styles thanks to new vouchers redeemable at White Stuff. has vouchers available this week for £13 off a Gymnasium Zip Hoody, £23 off Buxham Knit Longsleeved Tops and also offers on women’s skirts. regularly updates the money-saving deals on its site to ensure that shoppers get the best merchant voucher codes all the time. For this week and the summer season the website is offering vouchers redeemable against DIY equipment at B&Q and HomeBase, and there are bargains to be had like £15 off camping and caravanning gear from Argos and also £5 off a purchase of £50 or more at TescoDirect.

Simon Terry, managing director of, comments, “With the weather warming up in the UK and people’s thoughts turning to summer this year we can help people to save on top fashions, DIY kit and much more besides with our latest range of bargain deals launched this week.”

Other popular stores and retailers are included in the new range of deals on the site including popular website ASOS, the online service where shoppers can buy clothing and items they’ve seen in movies and on TV. currently has available free delivery from ASOS on all orders over £75.

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New Batch of Summer Savings Announced by

Leading consumer discounted deals and vouchers website this week announced the acquisition of a new batch of codes and deals to allow consumers to save money on shoes, clothing and other items this summer. The website offers shoppers deals which can be used at more than 300 top retailers.

Anyone who wants to refresh their footwear situation ahead of the summer can enjoy the new range of deals and new voucher codes which offer savings at high street favourite Office Shoes. Shoppers can enjoy bargains this week including up to 75% off in the Office online sale and also great summer Gladiator Sandals from just £25.

Ladies who need some new summer clothing this year can enjoy big savings thanks to the new range of discount codes launched this week through great value deals at leading high street store Dorothy Perkins. Women and girls are able to get their hands on floral print skirts from £22 and free delivery on all orders over £75.

For the men in the family this week the site has a great voucher available on which can be used for the football World Cup this summer. The latest choice of discount vouchers offers a free £25 bet at Betfair for any new customers, terms and conditions apply.

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Fashion Bargains Published by Consumer Saving Website

Consumer discounted codes and vouchers website this week makes public a new set of money-saving bargain offers redeemable at many of the nation’s leading stores. The website gives shoppers savings at more than 300 top name stores.

Fashion Bargains Published by Consumer Saving Website

The consumer bargain deals site has this week gathered and made public a new range of money-saving deals designed to help UK consumers save on top fashions at stores like New Look. Ladies fashions are on show with savings to be had thanks to deals like 50% off in the New Look summer sale, 20% off swimwear and also £5 off lingerie and underwear.

There are many top name styles and fashions to be had in the new batch of deals this week, including savings at BooHoo. Consumers can use the codes to visit and get bargains like £20 off a stunning Floral Maxi dress and summer Tye Dye Maxi Dresses for just £20.

Simon Terry, managing director of, comments, “Because our team of staff track and review all the best retail discounted offers available all the time we are always in a position to offer consumers the very latest and best merchant discount codes. This week’s range is no exception with some great value deals on show.” offers a regularly updated range of vouchers and codes for savings at stores such as Boots, Currys, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s,, Dorothy Perkins, New Look and more. The website is searchable by retailer name, latest deal and most popular deal, making it easier for customers to find the best value deals in the shortest time.

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