DivanBeds.org.uk Unveils New Store and Divan Beds Collection

DivanBeds.org.uk is pleased to announce the launch of their newly designed website, with features designed to optimize the shopping experience for customers looking for the best deals on quality divan beds.

Customer Service Manager Tobias Strong describes the updated site as “an alternative to a traditional brick and mortar store that provides customers the convenience of 24 hour at-your-fingertip service and gives them the freedom to choose, allowing choices for ways to browse our large inventory.”

The new site is organized with tabs that allow customers to view products based on size (single, double & kingsize), popular deals, or pricing. Additionally, each bed is pictured with pricing and with links that allow the browsing customer access to detailed product descriptions and information regarding inventory availability.

According to Strong, “By taking advantage of 21st century technology while still valuing the traditions of quality and service, DivanBeds.org.uk has created an online presence that makes shopping for the right divan bed easier and more convenient than ever.”

DivanBeds.org.uk features beds from leading manufacturers like Sealy, Memory Foam, Europa Beds, Hampton Bed Company, Vogue, and many others. The divan beds available through divanbeds.org.uk present customers with a variety of choices both in terms of style and functionality. The result is that customers can choose from beds that fit their comfort needs without having to compromise on style and affordability.

Of course, the many unique space saving options that set divan beds apart from regular beds add to their value. DivanBeds.org.uk features beds that provide storage space in a number of ways, from drawers to a mattress designed to lift with easily, revealing the storage space hidden beneath it.

Strong encourages anyone who sleeps to visit the new site and discover for themselves why DivanBeds.org.uk is the place to find divan beds that go with any lifestyle and fit any budget. Says Strong, “These days, value and versatility are more important to our customers than ever – especially when it comes to the purchase of a bed. When you consider that about a third of your life is spent in bed, you need a place like DivanBeds.org.uk where quality, variety, affordability and comfort are all just a click away.”

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Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes Reveal The Secrets Of Happy Feet

Hotter Comfort Concept Shoes decide to share their five decades of specialist shoe making knowledge by creating a new ‘how to’ guide to healthy happy feet.

As part of efforts to help keep today’s ‘on-the-go’ society on their feet, the experts at Hotter shoes have combined their in-depth knowledge of footwear design and manufacture with foot health advice to reveal top secrets to make happy feet, including:

– Shoe features to consider which actively promote comfort
– Tips for how and when to buy shoes for optimum comfort fit
– Foot health advice and suggestions from leading UK specialists
– Foot exercises to help build a healthier lifestyle
– Shoe tips for orthotics wearers

The handy guide also includes suggestions on which type of shoes to choose for a variety of health conditions including diabetes, painful heels, corns, calluses and bunions.

“There is an obvious synergy between shoes and feet. We’ve been working for decades to create the world’s most comfortable shoes and decided to share some of the knowledge we have accrued to help people make their own feet happy,” commented product design director Paul Sayers.

“Our Guide to Happy Healthy Feet combines insight from our own design team with foot health knowledge from respected professionals which should help anyone who has ever struggled to find a pair of shoes that fit well and feel comfortable”, added Paul.

With an enthusiasm and passion for comfort which runs right across the company’s design and manufacturing teams, every aspect of a Hotter shoe is given individual attention to guarantee the ultimate, lightweight comfort feel. Elements such as extra wide fitting shoes, soft leathers and padded heels can be seen straight away, but even more are discretely hidden within the footwear. Features can include extra space for toes to wiggle and flex, smooth internal seams and soles which are filled with millions of air bubbles to make them both light and shock absorbing. These comfort features are the perfect environment to create happy feet for people who are suffering from a number of foot problems and Hotter’s Happy Feet guide offers valuable, and often life improving, insight.

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Brookes Basks In Heatwave But Urges Caution With The RASH Guide From Outdoor Look

As we begin to enter the primary summer months, many across the UK will ensuring as much free time as possible is spent outside in the sun. Although obvious enjoyment is had across a range of outside leisure activities such as hiking, camping and fishing, unfortunately each summer sees a new wave of casualties who have become victims to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

As emergency services will be called to hiking trails and walking hot spots across the country, Ian Brookes – founder of leading discount outdoor clothing specialists outdoorlook.co.uk – has once again laid the spotlight on the brand’s summer safety guide – RASH.

Established last summer, the guide brings to attention a 4-point-plan which can easily be understood by adults and children alike this summer;

REST – Remember to rest at regular intervals if your activity is in full glare of the summer sun. Take shade under a tree and should you continue your activity, do so at a slower pace, keeping a watchful eye over whoever is suffering

AIR – Ensure any tight clothing is loosened and temporarily remove any clothing items you can. Should there be a breeze, be sure to stand against it as this will help draw heat away from your body and therefore cool down quicker.

SIP – Make sure you and your party drink at regular intervals. Setting regular times– every 15 mins for example – will ensure you stay hydrated. Remember, as tempting as it maybe to gulp a drink off, it is important to sip slowly so your stomach is given enough time to process the fluids efficiently.

Help – If whoever is ill continues to show symptoms of a sufficient recovery, do not delay in calling for additional help. Heat exhaustion subsequently lead to heat-stroke which can be fatal in extreme cases.

“It is an accessible guide to some basic principles when occasionally get overlooked,” explained Brookes.

“It can happen from time to time when you are outside enjoying the good life, so it is important we try and remember some core ways of staying safe and free from health risks such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion.”

Being the founder of the UK’s leading discount outdoor clothing specialists, Brookes also highlighted that having suitable outdoor clothing can also be an effective measure at staying safe in the sun.

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Remember the magic: Fine range of Royal Wedding Memorabilia from Compton and Woodhouse

As we approach exactly a month since the memorable wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, prestige collectables retailer Compton and Woodhouse have laid the spotlight on their fine range of Royal Wedding Memorabilia, to help remember the magic in style.

April 29th 2011 will be a day remembered for love and happiness which will be in our hearts forever. For Catherine Middleton it was a day that every girl shares came true – she married her prince.

Compton and Woodhouse, specialists in prestige collectables and fine jewellery for over 25 years, have chosen to remember the day in stunning fashion by commissioning a range of Royal Wedding commemoratives which capture the elegance and magic of that special day.

Some of the Royal Wedding Memorabilia range is exclusively available at Compton and Woodhouse, including the jewel in the collection’s crown; Catherine: The Royal Bride Figurine.

Carolyn Morton has been selected as the sculptor for the signature figurine and has told gulfnews.com she is, “delighted at the prospect of making a portrait piece of a member of the Royal Family…especially one as beautiful, elegant and charming as Catherine.”

Talking specifically about her process for sculpting, Morton added, “Watching videos are great because you get to see all the angles of the subject’s face and see expressions that might otherwise not be in a photograph. And you also get to see 360 degrees of the person’s face, instead of only from one angle.” (Source – gulfnews.com)

Other collectables which make up the range include Royal Wedding Commemorative Mugs, Trinket Boxes, and China Plates featuring an iconic image from the day that Compton and Woodhouse have specially sourced for these commemorative pieces. There is also a selection of beautiful glass paperweights hand made in Scotland in addition to an elegant range of Royal Wedding jewellery featuring a Royal Wedding Princess Ring.

“It is certainly the most beautiful and elegant speciality range we have offered here at Compton and Woodhouse,” explains Simon Windsor, Marketing Director.

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Choose Brookes for Workwear this Summer

Ian Brookes, founder of discount workwear specialists eBrookes.co.uk, has once again placed focus on appropriate workwear clothing for this summer. With temperatures set to shift, it is time for the workwear wardrobe to shift with it.

Currently operating in their 8th year of trading, eBrookes.co.uk has firmly established themselves as the destination for discounted workwear, catering for workforces around the UK.

During that time they have learnt a thing or two about the importance of proper attire, not just in looking professional or formal, but for safety reasons too.

“Although during the spring and summer months there is more daylight which is great for labourers and construction workers, there a different kind of safety risks posed by the warmer temperatures,” explained Brookes.

“With higher temperatures, there is a tendency not to wear important safety equipment such as hard hats or clothing with extra padding.”

“It’s understandable to a degree because of the heat, but safety should be the number one concern when working on site,” added Brookes

Brookes offers established work wear brands such as CAT, Dickies and Carhartt and everything from workwear shirts to safety hats. Brookes also offers a tailored clothes personalisation and embroidery service which gives your workwear clothing a personal touch.

Popular with industries such as catering, hospitality, and construction the personalisation service is also popular with sports teams and organisations. And as you can add a branded logo or company information from as little as £1.10 per logo it is easy to see why it is so popular.

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