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Remember the magic: Fine range of Royal Wedding Memorabilia from Compton and Woodhouse

As we approach exactly a month since the memorable wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, prestige collectables retailer Compton and Woodhouse have laid the spotlight on their fine range of Royal Wedding Memorabilia, to help remember the magic in style.

April 29th 2011 will be a day remembered for love and happiness which will be in our hearts forever. For Catherine Middleton it was a day that every girl shares came true – she married her prince.

Compton and Woodhouse, specialists in prestige collectables and fine jewellery for over 25 years, have chosen to remember the day in stunning fashion by commissioning a range of Royal Wedding commemoratives which capture the elegance and magic of that special day.

Some of the Royal Wedding Memorabilia range is exclusively available at Compton and Woodhouse, including the jewel in the collection’s crown; Catherine: The Royal Bride Figurine.

Carolyn Morton has been selected as the sculptor for the signature figurine and has told she is, “delighted at the prospect of making a portrait piece of a member of the Royal Family…especially one as beautiful, elegant and charming as Catherine.”

Talking specifically about her process for sculpting, Morton added, “Watching videos are great because you get to see all the angles of the subject’s face and see expressions that might otherwise not be in a photograph. And you also get to see 360 degrees of the person’s face, instead of only from one angle.” (Source –

Other collectables which make up the range include Royal Wedding Commemorative Mugs, Trinket Boxes, and China Plates featuring an iconic image from the day that Compton and Woodhouse have specially sourced for these commemorative pieces. There is also a selection of beautiful glass paperweights hand made in Scotland in addition to an elegant range of Royal Wedding jewellery featuring a Royal Wedding Princess Ring.

“It is certainly the most beautiful and elegant speciality range we have offered here at Compton and Woodhouse,” explains Simon Windsor, Marketing Director.

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