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Simone & Son Offers Alternative Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings

Simone & Son, Southern California’s premier jeweler specializing in custom Orange County jewelry, is proud to offer dozens of men’s custom wedding rings in alternative metals such as tungsten carbide, titanium and cobalt chrome. These bold metals allow men to get an industrial look from their ring without sacrificing the style and design that are needed in something as important as a wedding ring.

“The wedding ring is not something that you ever want to take lightly, even when you are talking about a men’s wedding ring,” said Shant Dakessian, designer and certified Gemologist, Simone & Son. “While the women’s wedding ring may get more attention, a men’s ring will end up spending just as much time on a finger, which means that you need to get something that you are going to be happy seeing every single day for the rest of your life. While some men love the idea of getting a standard gold or silver wedding ring, others want something a bit different. And not

just different for different sake; no, they want something that keeps with the traditional design of a wedding ring, just in a different package, so to say. At Simone & Son, we are proud to offer custom wedding rings featuring a variety of alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium and cobalt. In addition to standard flat and rounded bands, men can also get grooved and etched bands, some of which feature inlaid gems and metallic rope. And with Simone & Son you can get your alternative metal wedding band customized in a wide variety of different ways.”

Simone & Son, an elite and prestigious jeweler, specializes in giving customers dazzling and ornate rings with a personalized touch. Employing gemologists who have trained at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, Simone & Son can create powerful pieces of jewelry that can be matched to each couples personalities and expectations for their perfect wedding ring. With these options for customization, couples can either choose to purchase the ring as is, or incorporate designer touches and or engraved messages onto a ring that they will wear for a lifetime. With dozens of wedding ring options a couple can be sure that they will find the perfect wedding ring to match their pledge of eternal love.

By utilizing the advancement in technology and computer aid, there are virtually no limitations on the exquisite works that the jewelers at Simone & Son can accomplish. By integrating modern prototyping technology models are able to be created in fine detail at a faster pace. With many years of cultivated craftsmanship and skill customers can ensure of receiving nothing but the highest quality work. Through the long passed down family tradition of making jewelry since 1945, customers can rely on the family presence and skill when choosing to customize their engagement ring.

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