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Forza Group Teams Up With Shopzilla

Forza Group, the owners of, has announced the introduction of independent reviews powered by Shopzilla, the UK’s leading independent review service.

For a long time online retailers have been receiving reviews from customers that inform the buying public that the products they purchased were fantastic or not quite up to scratch. Reviews are generally moderated by the website owner and he or she can edit the content of the review before allowing it to be posted on their website or they can simply delete the bad ones.

However, is conscious that customer opinion can drive sales and it is important for the company that its customers know that the reviews are genuine. Customer reviews have become a key source of information for shoppers looking to make the final buying decision, and are now an essential part of all best-in-class online stores.

“We decided to use the services of an independent review service because it shows our customers that we are committed to their needs and that their opinions drive us to improve our products and service. We believe our business is capable of receiving constructive criticism when necessary but also praise when due. Choosing a provider of such a service was simple, we just went to the best in the business,” said Matt Morgan CEO, Forza Group.

There is a myriad of benefits to using such a service. The fresh content that is provided on a daily basis means that the website gets increased search engine optimisation and the content of the site continuously grows.

Shopzilla recently tweeted about its collaboration with Forza and Neil McCarthy, Senior Director B2B, Shopzilla said: “We are pleased to welcome Forza Group as a client for Shopzilla Product Reviews. Forza has engaged with us to support their brand DesireableBody. Product Reviews will be able to provide a key source of information, personal recommendations and consumer opinions posted online for their customers looking to make that final buying decision.

“We look forward to this new relationship and the opportunity to work with them to help them increase conversion rates, build customer relationships, and generate large amounts of unique content by providing everything needed to collect, moderate and display customer reviews on their website.”

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