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Nite Bike Brite

Garrison Kentucky: In response to market request for a compelling Nite Bike concept, Tim LeMaster has developed a cost effective method with his proprietary glow in the dark vinyl. The G.I.D. vinyl strips are available from the Atlanta, GA facility by going to

Glowing Products glow-in-the-dark vinyl has proven to last for years. The highly durable and long lasting vinyl is the same Fotolum materials provided to fireman for their fire equipment. The Nite Bike Brite G.I.D. vinyl is easily applied by just removing the protective film from the 3M industrial-grade adhesive backing and applying to the bike in individual customized designs. The material is charged by exposure to both natural and artificial light.

This material reportedly by customers is the brightest and longest lasting glow vinyl in the world. Glowing Products can apply 3M light-reflective materials to the vinyl providing superior safety for a biker as well as a very cool glow which lasts for hours.

The pricing depends upon how much the bike is customized. GID vinyl comes in sheets and also strips. The company continues to create innovative products specializing in very high grades of photo luminescence products including the U.S. patented After-Lite crystal energy cell at

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