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Swallow Aquatics Now Carrying New Products That Dramatically Simplify Pond And Aquarium Water Care

Water hobbyists have long found their biggest challenge to be keeping algae and cloudy water from ruining ponds, fountains and aquariums. Maintaining clear water traditionally involves an endless cycle of testing, measuring and chemical dispensing in response to green water and unwelcome biological activity. Now, Swallow Aquatics is offering a new eco-friendly, easy to use product which solves many of these problems.

PURE POND is an award-winning formula from Evolution Aqua that has been proven to pack a huge punch in the battle to keep pond water clear and healthy. The product does not rely on dangerous chemical intervention, a comfort to pond owners everywhere. Instead, PURE POND delivers billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes which regulate the ammonia-to-nitrite cycle in order to control algae bloom and water clouding.

The product consists of little biodegradable balls which can be added every month to any pond or water feature, including Koi and ornamental ponds. Beneficial organisms are delivered through the pellets, working along with pond pumps to support the breakdown of organic waste and chemicals. The process prevents cloudy pond water and enhances the water’s health. At the 2010 Aqua Show, the UK ‘s premiere water gardening and trade event, PURE POND was even voted the “Best Water Gardening Product of the Year.”

Evolution Aqua also recently added PURE POND Bomb and PURE POND Aquarium to the product range. PURE POND Bomb is a fast-acting version of PURE POND and PURE Aquarium is a clear water solution for fresh water and tropical fish tanks.

Nick Seaby, Managing Director of Swallow Aquatics UK, had this to say about the little award-winning balls of friendly bacteria: “The PURE range of products from Evolution Aqua are a breakthrough for anyone who owns a pond or aquarium and has gone through the continual agony of trying to keep the water clear and healthy. PURE products are 100% user-friendly and extremely affordable too. The PURE range delivers so much unparalleled value for buyers that they will want to keep the products on hand all year-round.”

PURE products can simply be dropped into the water, and the beneficial organisms go to work to get rid of the peaks and valleys in ammonia and nitrites produced by the aquatic life in any water feature, keeping water shimmering and transparent. The bacteria and enzymes contained in PURE can be added to the biological stage of filtration systems and are safe for fish and aquatic plants. They can also be introduced in higher concentration during start up phases, without worry of overdose.

PURE POND is available in easy to handle delivery sizes, including packs of 500ml, 1000 ml, or 2000 ml. For larger ponds, still water ponds or ponds with traditional filtration systems, the PURE POND Bomb delivers the same fast-acting agents in an expanded size. PURE Aquarium comes in small balls, and adding one to two of the balls per 25 litres of water will help keep aquarium water crystal clear.

Swallow Aquatics is a leading provider of aquatics supplies, including aquariums, pond liners, and a full range of pet and garden products. With specialist stores in Rayleigh, East Harling, Gravesend, Colchester and Tenterden, Swallow Aquatics also covers the rest of the UK via its online store. Visit the professionals at any Swallow Aquatics store or at for expert advice and home deliveries.

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