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iSocket in every home in Europe!

The iSocket® family of intelligent devices was launched by Intellectronics, Finland in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength. These are designed to control electrical equipment remotely and/or provide a remote security system for the premises. The essential benefits of these products are reflected in the slogan: “Control your home, Save energy, Save money”. Intellectronics believe that every householder wants, and in fact needs, this type of device in their home. Hence the company motto: “iSocket in every home”.

“In line with their objective “iSocket in every home” Intellectronics today have made their product available to everyone in Europe.”

Intellectronics believe householders want to control their homes remotely, primarily to save money but also due to the heightened awareness of the need to save energy. iSocket GSM Power Sockets achieve this in a new way.  The GSM power socket is a generation of a new type of device for just this purpose. GSM power socket technology is not yet commonplace and Intellectronics offer this technology in the belief that it will make the GSM socket as popular as today’s GSM mobile telephones.

In line with this concept, Intellectronics has opened iSocket e-Store Europe to supply the countries where distribution has not yet been established. This is Intellectronic’s first e-Store. Their US and rest of the world launch – iSocket e-Store World – is scheduled for January 2013.

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